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  1. Cancel HS2 and use the money for the NHS and local economies, post Covid-19.

    58,046 signatures

  2. Commit to a public review of HS2 project and suspend all on-going work now

    56,467 signatures

  3. Save the 250 year old Cubbington pear tree from HS2.

    21,619 signatures

  4. Hold a public vote on HS2 project as it is being paid for by the public

    7,304 signatures

  5. Incorporate wildlife tunnels in the HS2 plans to mitigate ecological damage

    3,022 signatures

  6. Reallocate funds for Roads & HS2 to shared pedestrian & cycle paths

    327 signatures

  7. Review the route and construction plans for HS2 for environmental reasons

    76 signatures

  8. Cancel HS2 and use the £100bn to provide superfast fibre broadband to EVERY home

    45 signatures

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