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Petition Hold a referendum to decide whether this country wants a nuclear deterrent.

Trident, the nation's nuclear deterrent, which costs up to £2.4 billion per year to operate is due for renewal. It has been said that the replacement of this system and operation over its projected 40 year lifespan will cost the UK £100 billion. The nation needs to decide whether it wants this.

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The nuclear deterrent adds nothing of value to the United Kingdom, apart from the ability to annihilate vast populations. The overwhelming majority of nations in the world do not have nuclear weapons and manage to exist quite happily.
The money spent on maintaining the nuclear deterrent could be much better spent on our health and education systems to support our future prosperity or strengthen our conventional armed forces.
This issue needs addressing outside of party politics by referendum.

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House of Commons debates Trident renewal

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The House of Commons debated the renewal of Trident on 24 November 2015.

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