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  1. To debate a vote of no confidence in Health Secretary the Right Hon Jeremy Hunt

    210,942 signatures

  2. Make the production, sale and use of cannabis legal.

    187,693 signatures

  3. Don't kill our bees! Immediately halt the use of Neonicotinoids on crops

    67,839 signatures

  4. Allow transgender people to self-define their legal gender

    24,659 signatures

  5. Scrap Fracking UK Wide & Invest in Green Energy

    21,289 signatures

  6. Introduce mental health education to the national curriculum

    15,085 signatures

  7. To debate a vote of no confidence in DWP secretary Ian Duncan Smith

    14,984 signatures

  8. Vote no confidence in David Cameron

    13,285 signatures

  9. Extend Harvey's Mandate To All Council Roads ensuring all animals are scanned.

    11,330 signatures

  10. Introduce Compulsory Scanning for microchips by vets, rescues and authorities.

    10,776 signatures

  11. Recall Parliament if a Petition reaches 100,000 signatures - its what we pay for

    10,722 signatures

  12. Disallow puppy farms in the UK in which beagles are bred for animal testing

    9,084 signatures

  13. Ban driven grouse shooting

    8,546 signatures

  14. Legislate to introduce minimum sentences for assaulting police officers.

    6,997 signatures

  15. Keep A&E at Royal Shrewsbury Hospital

    6,630 signatures

  16. Introduce an independent pay review of public sector workers

    6,415 signatures

  17. Introduce a UK National Day to celebrate our United Kingdom.

    6,360 signatures

  18. Reverse the planned tax relief restriction on ‘individual’ landlords

    6,081 signatures

  19. Statutory regulate the profession of sports therapy, as recommended by the HPC

    4,693 signatures

  20. Cut foreign aid. Why should foreign aid be exempt from austerity cuts?

    4,447 signatures

  21. Save the Hunting Act

    4,442 signatures

  22. Abolish the TV licence

    4,248 signatures

  23. Re-Nationalise the entire railway network and rail operating companies.

    4,067 signatures

  24. Abolish the AFPRB and give the military a truly independent body to award pay.

    3,701 signatures

  25. Save Vulcan XH558. Persuade technical authorities to reconsider ending support.

    3,620 signatures

  26. Hold a referendum on electoral reform with the format used in New Zealand.

    3,375 signatures

  27. To give veterans that have lost limbs the service they are promised and deserve

    3,079 signatures

  28. Give better pay and support for us carers

    2,984 signatures

  29. Ban Breed Specific Legislation

    2,515 signatures

  30. We need Jeremy Hunt MP to get NHS England to fund Vimizin for Morquio Sufferers

    2,461 signatures

  31. Ban youth rates and have a blanket minimum wage for all age groups.

    2,346 signatures

  32. Recognise kidney failure for the purposes of PIP and ESA.

    2,157 signatures

  33. Introduce minimum prices that milk buyers purchase their milk for from Farmers

    2,154 signatures

  34. Requirement of 5 years NHS employment for the position of Health Secretary

    2,092 signatures

  35. Put the symptoms of Type 1 diabetes in the red book given to new parents.

    2,053 signatures

  36. To remove the choice of 'Abstaining' in the Houses of Parliament

    1,948 signatures

  37. Remove the 1% public sector pay cap. Teachers, nurses etc deserve a pay rise too

    1,925 signatures

  38. Cancel Sisi's invitation to the UK

    1,774 signatures

  39. Abandon plans to force women to prove they were raped before they get benefits

    1,758 signatures

  40. Amend the Road Traffic Act (1998) - cats killed on the road must be reported.

    1,731 signatures

  41. Stop the bedroom tax and social housing changes

    1,533 signatures

  42. Create a Proportional Representation system for UK General Elections.

    1,529 signatures

  43. Minimum wage for carers £9 per hour we buy our own cars ,petrol,tyres etc

    1,429 signatures

  44. Force a general election. 36% is not a majority!

    1,413 signatures

  45. Demand an end to Halal and Kosher slaughter in the UK

    1,381 signatures

  46. Give all Disabled People and WCA a fair assessment by Atos, Capita and Maximus.

    1,365 signatures

  47. Make Drivers have a fixed period of tuition with an ADI before a driving test.

    1,351 signatures

  48. Business employees toilets accessible to sufferers of chronic medical conditions

    1,330 signatures

  49. To stop fixed penalty notices for unauthorised absence from school

    1,321 signatures

  50. Campaigning for the age limit of cervical screening to be abolished.

    1,144 signatures