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  1. Hold a referendum on the final Brexit deal

    109,296 signatures

  2. Pay Up Now! – Scrap the pay cap and give public servants a meaningful pay rise

    75,387 signatures

  3. Make fair transitional state pension arrangements for 1950’s women

    56,300 signatures

  4. Leave the EU immediately

    28,321 signatures

  5. Impose Financial sanctions on the State of Myanmar (Burma).

    22,946 signatures

  6. Reduce the age of Mandatory Mammograms to age 25-30

    17,269 signatures

  7. Fund research into pediatric brain cancer & earlier access to experimental drugs

    12,007 signatures

  8. The Government must publish its own Brexit Impact/Risk Assessments

    11,690 signatures

  9. End the animal cruelty laws exemptions for halal and shechita slaughter houses

    11,335 signatures

  10. Make British Sign Language part of the National Curriculum

    8,378 signatures

  11. Stop NHS England from removing herbal and homeopathic medicines

    8,346 signatures

  12. Abolish the TV Licence

    8,214 signatures

  13. Layla's Law Vaccinate all UK children against Meningitis B strain (MenB).

    6,008 signatures

  14. Make Hydraulic Fracturing (Fracking) illegal in the UK

    5,505 signatures

  15. Cancel HS2 immediately and repeal the 2013 and 2017 High Speed Rail Acts.

    4,498 signatures

  16. No referendum on the final deal for the UK to remain in the European Union.

    4,292 signatures

  17. Require meat to be marked according to its slaughter method

    3,997 signatures

  18. Ban balloon and sky lantern releases.

    3,841 signatures

  19. Lobster Pots and Small Craft Safety – time to change the rules!

    3,810 signatures

  20. Reduce and end unnecessary single-use plastics

    3,467 signatures

  21. Impose 5% levy on the Premier League’s broadcasting rights back into grassroots

    3,153 signatures

  22. Give all British citizens living abroad the right to vote and dedicated MPs

    2,939 signatures

  23. Resolve the inequity/inconsistency refunding for NHS trainees under WAT schemes

    2,791 signatures

  24. End the export of live farm animals after Brexit.

    2,538 signatures

  25. Debate in Parliament the lack of an effective policy for the treatment of M.E.

    2,492 signatures

  26. After Brexit, EU dialysis provision through EHIC to remain for UK residents.

    2,143 signatures

  27. Make it illegal for any UK politician to lie or mislead the public.

    1,799 signatures

  28. Legalise cannabis for medical and recreational use.

    1,756 signatures

  29. Stop killing badgers

    1,619 signatures

  30. To allow Christopher Maurice Brown (singer) to be allowed into the UK

    1,602 signatures

  31. All halal and kosher meat to be labelled with method of production and slaughter

    1,551 signatures

  32. Abolish the 0.7% GDP target for Foreign Aid

    1,526 signatures

  33. To condemn the repression of democracy and freedom of speech in Catalonia

    1,332 signatures

  34. Bring Royal Mail back into public ownership

    1,250 signatures

  35. Improve Availability of NHS Services for FND Sufferers

    1,207 signatures

  36. Change business rates for child care providers and make them zero VAT rated.

    1,099 signatures

  37. Stop The Genocide In Myanmar - UK Government Please Help!

    1,067 signatures

  38. Ban attendance awards in schools

    924 signatures

  39. Video record all PIP, ESA and DLA medical assessments with patient consent

    906 signatures

  40. Return Scottish devolved powers to UK Government and Parliament

    866 signatures

  41. Put General Practitioners on the Home Office's 'Shortage Occupation List'

    810 signatures

  42. Require HMRC to separate out the cost of Brexit on personal tax statements.

    806 signatures

  43. Keep Childcare Vouchers open beyond April 2018

    741 signatures

  44. To have a second referendum on Brexit once a final agreement with the EU agreed.

    687 signatures

  45. Lift the ban on hand guns and allow everyone to own any firearm.

    682 signatures

  46. Introduce an unconditional, Universal Basic Income

    640 signatures

  47. I want our country to increase our defence budget to 5% GDP to protect us better

    637 signatures

  48. Rule out UK government joining the US in future involvement against North Korea.

    576 signatures

  49. End the Help to Buy scheme and instead direct this funding into social housing

    555 signatures

  50. Stop electoral fraud by creating a national database of voters

    533 signatures

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