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  1. Amend the Births and Deaths Registration Act 1953 to include all pregnancy loss.

    Government responded – 10 August 2017

    HMG has no plans to change the law so that every woman who has given birth to a stillborn baby, no matter the period of gestation, has a right to register the event and receive a certificate.

    10,850 signatures

  2. Cut all public funding to Tony Blair - this to include protection & expenses

    Government responded – 9 August 2017

    We do not comment upon matters of personal protective security and their associated costs.

    10,484 signatures

  3. Stop business rate rises before they wreck independent high street retailers

    Government responded – 9 August 2017

    The government values the contribution made by our diverse high streets and has put in place a package worth £8.9billion of support over the next five years for businesses with their business rates.

    10,015 signatures

  4. Keep open the 'Dubs scheme' to resettle 3000 unaccompanied refugee children.

    Government responded – 9 August 2017

    This Government has and will continue to contribute significantly to hosting, supporting and protecting the most vulnerable children affected by the migration crisis.

    10,040 signatures

  5. Allow Walid Durani to stay in the UK.

    Government responded – 9 August 2017

    The Government and its Ministers cannot comment on individual cases.

    10,824 signatures

  6. Create allocated overnight parking areas for motorhomes & campers across the uk

    Government responded – 3 August 2017

    Local authorities are responsible for determining local parking provision and they should take account of existing and projected levels of parking demand when developing local parking policies.

    10,386 signatures

  7. Call Government Committee on UKAD

    Government responded – 19 July 2017

    The Government remains committed to ensuring athletes can compete on a clean and level playing field at home and abroad. UKAD plays an important role as the UK’s National Anti-Doping Organisation.

    10,504 signatures

  8. Develop a GCSE in Natural History.

    Government responded – 18 July 2017

    There are existing opportunities in the curriculum to study natural history. Schools need time to adjust to the recent qualifications reforms, and there are no plans to introduce new GCSE subjects.

    10,718 signatures

  9. Denounce the Venezuelan government's violent suppression of protests in Caracas

    Government responded – 12 July 2017

    The UK shares the deep international concern at the protests and the tragic deaths that have occurred in Venezuela. Fundamental freedoms and the right to peaceful demonstration must be respected.

    10,476 signatures

  10. Publicly confirm that gay men from Chechnya can seek asylum in the UK

    Government responded – 12 July 2017

    HMG is working closely with NGOs who are supporting victims. People must be in the UK in order to seek asylum in the UK. We consider all asylum claims in line with our international obligations.

    20,460 signatures

  11. Teresa May to recognise endometriosis under the equality act 2010

    Government responded – 10 July 2017

    The Equality Act protects anyone with a physical or mental impairment causing substantial, long-term effect on daily activities from discrimination, avoiding the need to list specific conditions.

    10,221 signatures

  12. Stop Cuts To Rail Services between Tonbridge and Ashford

    Government responded – 5 July 2017

    We are seeking passengers’ views on reducing stops at lesser-used stations to improve journey times between key destinations. We are not proposing to stop services to or from any station.

    11,576 signatures

  13. Stop plans to close the congenital heart disease (CHD) service at Royal Brompton

    Government responded – 3 July 2017

    NHS England has taken care to ensure that its consultation meets the relevant requirements. Understanding differing viewpoints is important and should not be prevented by stopping the consultation.

    12,807 signatures

  14. Debate in Parliament the absence of an effective policy for the treatment of M.E

    Government responded – 27 June 2017

    The Government accepts the World Health Organisation’s classification of CFS/ME as a neurological condition of unknown origin.

    10,992 signatures

  15. Stop the Illegal Slaughter of Migrating Songbirds on MoD land in Cyprus.

    Government responded – 2 May 2017

    The UK Government is confident the Sovereign Base Areas (SBA) Administration is making considerable efforts to prevent bird trapping in the SBAs.

    24,035 signatures

  16. Clearly Mark halal food products on the front of all packaging

    Government responded – 2 May 2017

    Consumers should have the necessary information available to them to make an informed choice about their food and encourages the highest standards of welfare at slaughter.

    11,027 signatures

  17. Make political claims subject to advertising standards laws.

    Government responded – 2 May 2017

    There are already laws prohibiting false statements about candidates. Beyond this, it is for rival campaigners to challenge inaccurate arguments as part of the normal course of political debate.

    10,762 signatures

  18. Stop the proposed downgrading of Southend Hospital A&E Department.

    Government responded – 28 April 2017

    To ensure sustainability, the local NHS is reviewing services across the Basildon, Southend and Chelmsford sites, including urgent and emergency care. There will be a full public consultation.

    13,206 signatures

  19. Allow 16/17 year olds to vote.

    Government responded – 27 April 2017

    The Government has no plans to change the voting age in elections.

    14,656 signatures

  20. Stop making Nurses have to pay a Registration Fee of £ 120 per year.

    Government responded – 27 April 2017

    The NMC, as an independent body, sets a registration fee at the level required to fund its regulatory activity including registration and revalidation, education and standards and fitness to practise.

    16,232 signatures

  21. Scrap the "rape clause" and the "family cap" on social security payments.

    Government responded – 27 April 2017

    By limiting certain benefits and tax credits to two children, all families now face similar choices about how many children they can afford to support. In certain circumstances, exceptions can apply.

    25,307 signatures

  22. CONDEMN Art 25(b) of Indian Constitution Which Violates Sikhs' Religious Freedom

    Government responded – 25 April 2017

    The overarching principles of Article 25 of India’s constitution guarantee the freedom of conscience and the right to freely process, practice and propagate religion to all citizens, including Sikhs.

    10,506 signatures

  23. Make it easier to remove bullies from schools, at any age and fine the parents

    Government responded – 25 April 2017

    Government continues to make tackling bullying a priority and has sent a clear message to schools that bullying, for whatever reason, is absolutely unacceptable and should not be tolerated.

    14,532 signatures

  24. Provide much needed Truck Stops across the UK with modern facilities.

    Government responded – 25 April 2017

    The Department recognises the importance of the road haulage industry to the UK economy and that its drivers are its most valuable and unfortunately scare resource.

    10,359 signatures

  25. Give more funding to brain tumour research.

    Government responded – 25 April 2017

    We have set up a working group on Brain Tumour Research to discuss how we can increase the level and impact of research into brain tumours.

    15,293 signatures

  26. Give British commonwealth citizens in the UK for 5 years British nationality.

    Government responded – 24 April 2017

    Those who live in the UK for more than five years can already apply for British citizenship.

    18,021 signatures

  27. UK must apologise for the Balfour Declaration & lead peace efforts in Palestine

    Government responded – 21 April 2017

    The Balfour Declaration is an historic statement for which HMG does not intend to apologise. We are proud of our role in creating the State of Israel. The task now is to encourage moves towards peace.

    13,637 signatures

  28. Exempt Non-EU NHS professionals from £35,000 salary threshold

    Government responded – 21 April 2017

    Access to staff by our hospitals and care homes is a Government priority. All nurses currently sponsored in Tier 2 will be exempt from the £35,000 threshold when they apply for settlement.

    13,346 signatures

  29. Make 'Nutritionist' a legally protected title

    Government responded – 20 April 2017

    The Government is committed to proportionate and appropriate regulation of health and care professions, where significant risks to users of services cannot be mitigated in other ways.

    10,833 signatures

  30. Stop all benefit payments to non U.K. residents

    Government responded – 18 April 2017

    Future arrangements on welfare are a matter for the negotiations on exiting the European Union.

    22,360 signatures

  31. Make online abuse a specific criminal offence and create a register of offenders

    Government responded – 18 April 2017

    We recognise that behaviour that is not tolerated offline is now common online. DCMS is working on an Internet Safety Strategy which aims to make the UK a safer place for young people to be online.

    221,914 signatures

  32. No sex education for under 10 years old

    Government responded – 13 April 2017

    We are introducing Relationships Education in primary and Relationships and Sex Education in secondary school to support children with age-appropriate education to develop safe, healthy relationships.

    16,047 signatures

  33. A total outright ban of fox hunting

    Government responded – 13 April 2017

    The Government has a manifesto commitment to give Parliament the opportunity to repeal the Hunting Act 2004 on a free vote with a government bill in government time.

    16,723 signatures

  34. Immediately stop plans to cut Southeastern services to Charing Cross & Victoria

    Government responded – 10 April 2017

    We are seeking passengers’ views on the principle of reducing the choice of London termini to provide a more regular timetable and reliable service. We are not proposing to cut specific services.

    28,678 signatures

  35. As soon as the UK exits the EU legislate to end the export of live farm animals.

    Government responded – 6 April 2017

    The Government would prefer animals to be slaughtered close to the point of production. Once the UK has left the EU, there will be the possibility to consider further measures in this area.

    45,413 signatures

  36. Everyone in the UK must have a vote on who is elected Mayor of London.

    Government responded – 6 April 2017

    The Mayor of London has a right to put forward his views on national issues in the same way as those holding other elected office throughout the Country.

    10,215 signatures

  37. To reconsider the proposed significant and unreasonable increase in probate fees

    Government responded – 5 April 2017

    The Government is reforming fees for grants of probate by replacing flat fees with a new fairer and proportionate tiered structure, where the fee payable relates to the value of the estate.

    38,425 signatures

  38. Ensure a new hospital is built central to all West Hertfordshire communities

    Government responded – 5 April 2017

    The reconfiguration of health services is a matter for the NHS locally and should be led by clinicians and patients. However, they must demonstrate all four reconfiguration tests have been met.

    10,493 signatures

  39. Make it a specific criminal offence to assault an HM Prison Officer.

    Government responded – 4 April 2017

    Assaults on Prison Officers are unacceptable, and already criminalised. If the victim serves the public, an assault is treated more seriously. A new offence would not provide additional protection.

    10,272 signatures

  40. Call on DEFRA to withdraw UK approval of A24 trap, sold in NZ to kill hedgehogs.

    Government responded – 3 April 2017

    The Goodnature A24 trap is not approved for use against hedgehogs in England. Where traps are used for other species, the trapper must ensure that offences against protected species are not committed.

    29,613 signatures

  41. MPs' salary rises to be restricted to the same as public sector workers by law

    Government responded – 31 March 2017

    MPs’ pay is set by the Independent Parliamentary Standards Authority.

    18,984 signatures

  42. Another Scottish independence referendum should not be allowed to happen

    Government responded – 30 March 2017

    The UK Government is clear that now is not the time for a second independence referendum.

    221,514 signatures

  43. Agree to a second referendum on Scottish Independence

    Government responded – 30 March 2017

    The UK Government is clear that now is not the time for a second independence referendum.

    38,515 signatures

  44. The Legalization of all forms of cannabis for recreational and medicinal use.

    Government responded – 30 March 2017

    The Government has no intention of legalising cannabis. Any product containing cannabis would remain subject to the same regulatory framework that applies to all medicines.

    12,368 signatures

  45. Ensure the British fishing waters are returned to the UK post Brexit

    Government responded – 24 March 2017

    On leaving the EU, the UK will control fisheries access in its Exclusive Economic Zone and manage those waters in accordance with international law, including the UN Convention on the Law of the Sea.

    56,983 signatures

  46. Raise the Speed limit on Motorways in the UK from 70mph to 90mph.

    Government responded – 23 March 2017

    The Department for Transport has not carried out detailed investigations of the potential economic, safety and environmental impacts of raising the maximum speed limit on motorways to 90mph.

    22,968 signatures

  47. Stop Northern Rail from introducing Driver-Only operation.

    Government responded – 23 March 2017

    This is a matter for Northern Rail. Trains with doors operated by drivers have been operating safely across the UK for over 30 years, and have been safety approved by the independent rail regulator.

    12,046 signatures

  48. If House of Lords frustrates Article 50 then hold referendum on future of Lords

    Government responded – 23 March 2017

    The House of Lords plays an important role in scrutinising and checking legislation and holding the Government to account.The Prime Minister has confirmed that Article 50 will be triggered on 29 March

    10,971 signatures

  49. Properly fund the NHS and scrap the proposed STP programme.

    Government responded – 23 March 2017

    The Government is investing an extra £10 billion to the NHS by 2020-21, supporting it in delivering the necessary changes needed to ensure the longer term sustainability of the health and care system.

    10,462 signatures

  50. I would like non-halal meat in all chain restaurants & for halal to be labelled.

    Government responded – 22 March 2017

    The Government believes that consumers should have the necessary information available to them to make an informed choice about their food.

    17,734 signatures

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