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  1. Seek to rejoin the EU

    Government responded – 18 May 2022

    The UK has left the EU, fulfilling the Government’s manifesto commitment to take back control of our money, borders and laws. This was the democratically-expressed wish of the British public.

    11,756 signatures

  2. Do not reduce staff-child ratios in early years childcare

    Government responded – 17 May 2022

    We will consult in the summer on moving to the Scottish ratios for two-year-olds, from a ratio of 1:4 to 1:5. We will engage fully with the sector and parents/carers on this proposed change.

    59,921 signatures

  3. Make Graduate visa extendable and count towards permanent residency

    Government responded – 16 May 2022

    The Government does not support this proposal. The Graduate route allows eligible graduates to remain in the UK for up to 3 years, with the opportunity to switch into a route to permanent settlement.

    15,457 signatures

  4. Ensure Trans people are fully protected under any conversion therapy ban

    Government responded – 12 May 2022

    We will introduce a ban protecting everyone from attempts to change their sexual orientation. Recognising the complexity of issues we will consider the issue of transgender conversion therapy further.

    144,844 signatures

  5. Fund research into Topical Steroid Withdrawal (TSW)

    Government responded – 12 May 2022

    Adverse reactions from topical steroid withdrawal can occur following long-term or incorrect use of these medicines. The Government welcomes high-quality research to further understand this issue.

    13,565 signatures

  6. Give U.K. pensioners living abroad increases with parity as those in the U.K.

    Government responded – 10 May 2022

    There are no plans to change the policy. The Government continues to up-rate the State Pension where there is a legal requirement to do so.

    11,209 signatures

  7. Provide an energy grant to people with a disability or serious medical condition

    Government responded – 9 May 2022

    Certain services do include provision for patients to receive energy cost rebates, but these are unique to specific conditions. Clinical Commissioning Groups are best placed to support their populace.

    14,936 signatures

  8. Require all public rights of way be accessible to pedestrians, horses & bicycles

    Government responded – 4 May 2022

    The Countryside and Rights of Way Act 2000 compels local highway authorities to prepare and publish rights of way improvement plans for an improved network of local rights of way for public benefit.

    17,754 signatures

  9. Make parking at work permanently free for all NHS workers

    Government responded – 27 April 2022

    Free hospital parking for NHS staff was a time-limited measure during the pandemic. It is right to end this now as we learn to live with the virus. Free parking for staff working overnight remains.

    13,524 signatures

  10. Require schools provide a vegan meal option every day

    Government responded – 25 April 2022

    Head teachers and governors set their schools’ food policies. We expect them to act reasonably and to work with parents to provide choices that meet dietary and cultural needs, including veganism.

    19,569 signatures

  11. Make it unlawful for shops to refuse cash payments.

    Government responded – 25 April 2022

    The government does not plan to mandate cash acceptance. Businesses are able to choose the forms of payment they accept. The government’s proposals for legislation support cash acceptance.

    29,359 signatures

  12. Pledge any necessary military support to defend Ukraine

    Government responded – 22 April 2022

    The UK continues to respond decisively to Russia’s unprovoked and sustained attack of Ukraine. We will continue to supply military and humanitarian support to help Ukraine defend its sovereignty.

    49,997 signatures

  13. Review management of ADHD assessments and increase funding

    Government responded – 21 April 2022

    It is vital to have timely assessments for ADHD so people can get the right support. The National Institute for Health and Care Excellence have clear guidelines on improving assessments and diagnosis.

    10,573 signatures

  14. Require schools to make Friday a part of the school weekend

    Government responded – 21 April 2022

    The government has no plans to require schools to make Friday part of the weekend. Regular attendance at school is vital for children’s education, well-being and long term development.

    148,136 signatures

  15. Make it a specific criminal offence to supply drugs to children under 16

    Government responded – 21 April 2022

    Protecting children from harm is a priority for government. However as existing offences already apply for drug supply, we have no plans to make it a specific offence to supply a child with drugs.

    10,276 signatures

  16. Suspend Section 25 of the Landlord and Tenant Act (Grounds C to G)

    Government responded – 21 April 2022

    The Government has no plans to suspend Section 25 of the Landlord and Tenant Act. Further intervention in the commercial property market should be made only after the upcoming review has reported.

    34,225 signatures

  17. Increase the state pension to £19,760 a year (£380 a week)

    Government responded – 14 April 2022

    The Government has no plans to match State Pension and the NLW, which serve different purposes. We have never paid our pensioners more, spending over £134 billion on pensioner benefits this year.

    49,247 signatures

  18. Allow consumers the right to refuse the £200 energy rebate

    Government responded – 14 April 2022

    The £200 reduction on consumers’ bills will be recouped over five years from 2023. Policy details are in development and will be reviewed following the conclusion of the public consultation.

    13,059 signatures

  19. Offer fast track asylum to any Ukrainians displaced due to the invasion

    Government responded – 12 April 2022

    We delivered a generous response for Ukrainians, with 3 schemes to help them come to the UK, the first of their kind in the world. They offer greater security than asylum, and have no cap on numbers.

    10,879 signatures

  20. Make provisions for telemedicine for early abortions permanent in England

    Government responded – 12 April 2022

    On 30 March 2022, Parliament voted in favour of making home use for early medical abortion permanent. Further detail on the measure permanently coming into force will be set out in due course.

    14,907 signatures

  21. Ensure global and equitable access to vaccines, tests, treatments, and PPE.

    Government responded – 8 April 2022

    The UK’s G7 Presidency committed to ending the pandemic in 2022. The UK has committed up to £1.4 billion to support this, including funding for access to vaccines, tests, treatments, and PPE.

    11,570 signatures

  22. Waive visa requirement for Ukrainian refugees.

    Government responded – 6 April 2022

    Visas provide clarity and stability to an individual having moved from another country following horrific events. They also act to prevent incidents of adult and child human trafficking.

    188,004 signatures

  23. End the ban on fracking

    Government responded – 4 April 2022

    Shale gas could be part of our future energy mix, but we need to be led by the science. Any development of shale must be safe and cause minimal disruption and damage to those living and working nearby

    16,559 signatures

  24. Delay removal of red diesel entitlement from the construction industry

    Government responded – 30 March 2022

    The Government has no plans to delay the removal of the entitlement to use red diesel from the construction industry from April 2022.

    16,173 signatures

  25. Require universities to refund students during any strike action

    Government responded – 30 March 2022

    The Government encourages universities to deliver the high-quality teaching that students have paid for and to consider mitigating the impact of lost teaching.

    12,236 signatures

  26. Fund OPTUNE brain cancer treatment for NHS patients

    Government responded – 30 March 2022

    Guidelines recommend tumour-treating fields, such as OPTUNE, should not be offered for NHS patients. However, the Government recognises the importance of research and new treatments for brain tumours.

    33,907 signatures

  27. Create a ‘National Sleep Strategy’ to end child bed poverty

    Government responded – 23 March 2022

    Sleep is vital to children’s health, development and wellbeing. The government is tackling the underlying causes that lead to children being deprived of sleep.

    18,363 signatures

  28. Publish daily updates on the number of Channel crossings

    Government responded – 22 March 2022

    The Government publishes quarterly statistics on small boats and provides data to media on days when there are arrivals. No decision has been made on the approach to daily data going forward.

    10,757 signatures

  29. Hold a public inquiry into Russian interference in UK politics

    Government responded – 21 March 2022

    The UK has a robust process to protect against foreign interference, led by the intelligence and security agencies. There are no plans to alter this approach or initiate a public inquiry.

    42,746 signatures

  30. Don't offer covid-19 vaccine to 5-11 year olds until phase 3 trials complete

    Government responded – 18 March 2022

    Based on regulatory approval by our independent regulator the MHRA, and subsequent prioritisation advice from JCVI, the Government directed the NHS to offer COVID-19 vaccines to children aged 5-11.

    11,092 signatures

  31. Do not reform the Human Rights Act

    Government responded – 17 March 2022

    This Government was elected with a manifesto commitment to update the Human Rights Act. We have published a consultation on our proposals, which closes on 8 March 2022.

    45,838 signatures

  32. Do not end legal obligations to self-isolate if people test positive for covid

    Government responded – 9 March 2022

    People are no longer legally required to self-isolate if they test positive. Guidance provided to those who test positive or have Covid-19 symptoms is to stay at home and avoid contact with others.

    13,936 signatures

  33. Make SEND training mandatory for all teaching staff

    Government responded – 9 March 2022

    To achieve Qualified Teacher Status, all teachers must already demonstrate that they have a clear understanding of the needs of all pupils, including those with special educational needs.

    27,671 signatures

  34. Backpay the £20 covid uplift to people on Legacy Benefits

    Government responded – 8 March 2022

    The Government introduced a temporary £20 uplift to Universal Credit, to ensure that vital support was given to those facing the most financial disruption due to the pandemic.

    24,641 signatures

  35. Make St David's day a bank holiday in Wales

    Government responded – 8 March 2022

    The Government appreciates the significance of St David’s Day to the people of Wales. However, there are no plans for an extra bank holiday. The current pattern of bank holidays is well established.

    13,035 signatures

  36. Make people who enter the UK illegally ineligible for legal aid

    Government responded – 3 March 2022

    In England and Wales, eligibility for legal aid is governed by the Legal Aid, Sentencing and Punishment of Offenders Act 2012, which targets support at those who need it most.

    10,594 signatures

  37. Free prescriptions for those with a long term and/or chronic condition.

    Government responded – 2 March 2022

    We recognise the impact of chronic illness. 89% of prescription items dispensed in the community in England have no charge. Those not exempt may save money with a prescription prepayment certificate.

    19,442 signatures

  38. End ‘ghost' flights: reform historic rights to landing slots.

    Government responded – 28 February 2022

    The Government continues to provide alleviation from normal airport slot rules to prevent airlines from operating environmentally damaging ‘ghost’ flights during the COVID-19 pandemic.

    16,711 signatures

  39. Make it a legal requirement for drivers to stop & report collisions with cats

    Government responded – 22 February 2022

    The Government has no plans to make it an offence to drive off after hitting a cat. A focus for this Government is to make roads safer for all users, which will in turn reduce the risk to all animals.

    46,646 signatures

  40. Fund research into any relationship between microclots and long Covid and ME

    Government responded – 17 February 2022

    Since 2018 the Government has committed over £53m to research on ME and Long COVID. Robust research and scientific evidence is pivotal in improving our understanding and treatment of both conditions.

    11,534 signatures

  41. Increase sentences for one punch assaults that kill to equal those for murder

    Government responded – 16 February 2022

    Manslaughter has a maximum penalty of life imprisonment. It is important that judges are able to sentence appropriately according to all the factors in each case.

    24,753 signatures

  42. Extend rules for UK travel for vaccinated travellers to unvaccinated travellers

    Government responded – 15 February 2022

    The Government has eased international travel rules, resulting in the UK now having one of the most open and streamlined COVID-19 border regimes in the world.

    10,547 signatures

  43. Do not make COVID vaccination a requirement for health and social care workers

    Government responded – 14 February 2022

    On 31 Jan 2022, Government announced it intends to revoke vaccination as a condition of deployment in health and social care settings regulations, subject to consultation and Parliamentary process.

    13,378 signatures

  44. Replace the real bearskins used for the Queen’s Guard’s caps with faux fur

    Government responded – 11 February 2022

    Currently we have no plans to end the use of bearskins. Bear pelts that are used are the by-products of a licensed cull by the Canadian authorities to manage the wild bear population.

    87,122 signatures

  45. Recognise Somaliland as an independent state

    Government responded – 10 February 2022

    The UK - in line with the rest of the international community - does not recognise Somaliland as an independent state.

    12,683 signatures

  46. Close schools and bring back online learning until the end of Jan 2022

    Government responded – 9 February 2022

    We are clear on the critical importance of face to face education for children and young people and we will do everything in our power to keep education and childcare settings open.

    15,119 signatures

  47. Extend the new dog abduction theft offence to cover cats and all kept animals

    Government responded – 8 February 2022

    The draft pet abduction offence applies to dogs with powers to extend to cats and other pets via regulations, and the Government is considering views on this expressed at Commons Committee.

    15,736 signatures

  48. Increase the basic state pensions by £500 a year as an emergency measure

    Government responded – 7 February 2022

    The Government wants all pensioners to have a secure income in retirement. From April, the full yearly amount of the basic State Pension will be over £2,300 higher than in 2010.

    21,875 signatures

  49. Remove all COVID requirements for international travel to the UK

    Government responded – 7 February 2022

    From 4am on 11 February, the Government’s easing of international travel rules will result in the UK having one of the most open and streamlined COVID border regimes in the world.

    22,462 signatures

  50. Legalise assisted dying for terminally ill, mentally competent adults

    Government responded – 3 February 2022

    The Government’s position is that any change to the law in this area is a matter for Parliament and an issue of conscience for individual parliamentarians rather than one for Government policy.

    103,191 signatures

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