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  1. Amnesty for anyone who was a minor that arrived In Britain between 1948 to 1971

    Government responded – 23 May 2018

    The Government is clear that an amnesty for this group is not required because these people do not require amnesty: they already have the right to remain here.

    179,614 signatures

  2. Ban balloon and sky / chinese lantern releases.

    Government responded – 22 May 2018

    The Government considers the current regulatory regime, supported by existing information and guidance, is effective and proportionate.

    26,998 signatures

  3. UK Government to raise the murder of Carl Davies with the Government of France

    Government responded – 18 May 2018

    Carl Davies’ murderer was found guilty in June 2017 and sentenced to 15 years imprisonment. He has appealed. Therefore, it is not appropriate to raise this case with the French authorities

    10,815 signatures

  4. Make everyone with a life time disability mental or physical have life time pip

    Government responded – 17 May 2018

    PIP is based on needs not condition. Reviews are a key part of the benefit and ensure awards remain correct where needs may change, and that claimants continue to receive the correct level of support.

    36,522 signatures

  5. Give the electorate a referendum on the abolition of the House of Lords

    Government responded – 15 May 2018

    The Government is committed to ensuring that the House of Lords continues to fulfil its constitutional role as a revising and scrutinising chamber which respects the primacy of the House of Commons.

    167,037 signatures

  6. Set up a public inquiry into the National problem of Paedophile grooming gangs

    Government responded – 15 May 2018

    The Government takes child sexual abuse very seriously. It has set up the Independent Inquiry into Child Sexual Abuse which is investigating the sexual exploitation of children by organised networks.

    23,111 signatures

  7. Reduce the age of Breast Screening to 25-30

    Government responded – 15 May 2018

    The Government is committed to helping detect, treat and reduce the number of lives lost to invasive breast cancer. Evidence for the effectiveness of screening women under 50 is limited.

    27,076 signatures

  8. Fund free BSL lessons for every parent or carer of a Deaf child in the UK

    Government responded – 14 May 2018

    Government has funded the development of a family sign language programme, through the I-sign programme, which is freely available at the National Deaf Children’s Society family sign language website.

    14,857 signatures

  9. Require hospitals to reinstate life support if a patient survives for 15 mins.

    Government responded – 9 May 2018

    It is for clinicians to decide the best course of action following withdrawal of life support.

    11,845 signatures

  10. Ensure that the U.K. leaves the EU Single Market & Customs Union.

    Government responded – 9 May 2018

    The UK is leaving the EU’s Single Market and Customs Union. We are seeking to establish a deep and special partnership with the EU and a new customs arrangement outside the EU’s Customs Union.

    22,779 signatures

  11. Repeal the 1939 Cancer Act so that doctors can offer alternatives to chemo

    Government responded – 9 May 2018

    In prescribing treatments, a clinician should take account of an individual’s circumstances, medical history and National Institute for Health and Care Excellence guidance and available evidence.

    10,267 signatures

  12. Allow Premier League and Championship football clubs to introduce safe standing

    Government responded – 3 May 2018

    The Government believes that all-seater stadia are currently the best means to ensure the safety and security of fans at designated football matches in England and Wales.

    111,739 signatures

  13. Place stoma signs on disabled toilets and add stoma changing facilities within.

    Government responded – 3 May 2018

    Clean safe and suitable environments for stoma patients are important. Statutory guidance on new facilities includes the needs of stoma patients and advises on the use of well recognized signage.

    10,508 signatures

  14. Introduce super visa category for parents of British citizens similar to Canada

    Government responded – 3 May 2018

    The Government has no plans to change the Immigration Rules for visitors to introduce a super visa for parents of British citizens.

    11,154 signatures

  15. Allow undiagnosed children to travel to different countries to treat & diagnose

    Government responded – 3 May 2018

    Clinicians and the courts are obliged to act in the best interests of patients, including in determining the viability of pursuing alternative diagnosis and treatment options.

    24,059 signatures

  16. Manufacture the new blue passport in GB not Germany or France.

    Government responded – 1 May 2018

    With no lawful basis to put the procurement of services to design, manufacture, and personalise UK passports out to tender to UK-based suppliers only, a fair and open competition was run.

    36,182 signatures

  17. Hold a referendum for the legalisation of cannabis

    Government responded – 30 April 2018

    This Government has no plans to legalise cannabis.

    15,575 signatures

  18. Add Multiple Sclerosis to the Medical Exemption list

    Government responded – 26 April 2018

    The Government has no plans to review the list of medical exemptions from prescription charges. Extensive arrangements are already in place to ensure that people can access affordable prescriptions.

    14,874 signatures

  19. Make it illegal for any MP to lie in parliament or knowingly deceive the public.

    Government responded – 25 April 2018

    An important principle of the UK Parliament is that MPs are accountable to those who elect them. Responsibility for privilege is a matter for the House of Commons itself, rather than the Government.

    19,833 signatures

  20. The UK Government to introduce a ban on all non-recyclable packaging from 2022.

    Government responded – 20 April 2018

    There are no current plans to ban all non-recyclable packaging from 2022. However, our 25 Year Environment Plan sets out measures to eliminate all avoidable plastic waste.

    28,728 signatures

  21. Provide free flash glucose monitoring systems to type 1 diabetics on the NHS.

    Government responded – 20 April 2018

    The Government has no plans to provide flash glucose monitoring systems free of charge to all Type 1 diabetic NHS patients.

    10,788 signatures

  22. Anyone convicted of involvement in dog-fighting to receive a custodial sentence.

    Government responded – 19 April 2018

    The Government has already announced their intention to increase the maximum penalty for offences related to dog fighting from 6 months’ imprisonment to 5 years’ imprisonment.

    12,194 signatures

  23. An urgent debate on strategies for effectively combating gun and knife crime

    Government responded – 19 April 2018

    This tragic loss of life is not acceptable. In response to the recent increases in knife crime, gun crime and homicide the Government published on 9 April the Serious Violence Strategy.

    12,657 signatures

  24. Declare the 2016 referendum vote null and void due to foreign interference

    Government responded – 18 April 2018

    The Referendum was one of the biggest democratic exercises in our history. The Government is clear that the result should be respected. There has been no evidence of successful interference.

    29,136 signatures

  25. Give all women the choice of an Induction at 41 weeks of Pregnancy.

    Government responded – 17 April 2018

    In line with NICE clinical guidance [CG70], women with uncomplicated pregnancies should usually be offered induction of labour between 41+0 and 42+0 weeks to avoid the risks of prolonged pregnancy.

    41,569 signatures

  26. PIP should be administered and decided by the NHS, not the DWP/contracting firms

    Government responded – 16 April 2018

    DWP is committed to ensuring those with health conditions are assessed fairly for ESA and PIP. They provide tailored support for individuals based on assessed functional needs rather than a diagnosis.

    17,050 signatures

  27. Allow Brittany Pettibone, Lauren Southern, and Martin Sellner entry to the UK.

    Government responded – 16 April 2018

    Border Force has the power to refuse entry to an individual if it is considered that his or her presence in the UK is not conducive to the public good.

    12,517 signatures

  28. Make Universities UK subject to the Freedom of Information Act.

    Government responded – 16 April 2018

    Universities UK does not meet the criteria for being added to the scope of the Freedom of Information Act as set out in sections 4 and 5 of the legislation, and there are no plans to alter these.

    12,981 signatures

  29. All jurors in rape trials to complete compulsory training about rape myths

    Government responded – 12 April 2018

    The Ministry of Justice takes rape offences very seriously. The Senior Judiciary are working to consider the most effective way to provide sufficient information to jurors sitting on a rape trial.

    16,096 signatures

  30. Ensure the UK leaves all EU defence rules, policies and structures on 29/03/19.

    Government responded – 10 April 2018

    The British people voted to leave the EU, and the Government will respect that decision. We want to develop a new partnership with the EU that builds on our existing security relationship.

    14,636 signatures

  31. Abolish the subsidy on food and drink in the Palace of Westminster restaurants.

    Government responded – 6 April 2018

    Responsibility for catering in the House of Commons is a matter for the House of Commons Commission, not for the Government. The House of Commons Commission is working to reduce catering costs.

    105,741 signatures

  32. Allow Martial Arts to be on the GCSE/A Level syllabus.

    Government responded – 3 April 2018

    Activities assessed in GCSE, AS and A level physical education must meet regulations set by Ofqual, to ensure reliable assessment. The government will review the activity list in autumn 2018.

    11,009 signatures

  33. Don't leave the EU

    Government responded – 3 April 2018

    The British people voted to leave the EU, and the Government will respect their decision. Real progress has been made to deliver a smooth and orderly exit.

    10,989 signatures

  34. The Government must introduce an independent regulator for English football

    Government responded – 29 March 2018

    HMG believes sports are best governed by modern, transparent, accountable and representative governing bodies, able to act decisively in the long-term interest of each sport and its participants.

    14,256 signatures

  35. Accept a role as guarantor to the USS pension scheme

    Government responded – 29 March 2018

    Government has no plans to underwrite the Universities Superannuation Scheme (USS). It is the responsibility of autonomous higher education providers to ensure appropriate pension provision for staff.

    12,674 signatures

  36. Proscribe Antifa and other left wing anarchist groups as domestic terrorists

    Government responded – 26 March 2018

    While we keep the list of proscribed organisations under review, we do not routinely comment on whether an organisation is or is not under consideration for proscription.

    15,009 signatures

  37. Require DEFRA to fund research into the cause/s of Alabama Rot (CRGV) in dogs

    Government responded – 21 March 2018

    Defra is monitoring the investigation by private vets into the cause of CRGV and do not propose to intervene further while this work is carried out.

    17,507 signatures

  38. Ban the sale of puppies by pet shops & all commercial 3rd party dealers.

    Government responded – 20 March 2018

    The Government has published wide reaching reforms of the controls on pet selling which includes a call for evidence on a ban on all commercial third party sales of puppies and kittens in England.

    144,783 signatures

  39. Take all efforts to push for a ceasefire in Syria.

    Government responded – 20 March 2018

    The UK played a leading role in the adoption of UN Security Council resolution 2401, which calls for a 30-day ceasefire in Syria, and is calling on all parties to ensure its full implementation.

    15,911 signatures

  40. Prevent disability discrimination in organ transplants

    Government responded – 20 March 2018

    In the UK, people with disabilities who need an organ transplant are assessed according to their needs in the same way as any other potential recipient.

    16,292 signatures

  41. Bus passes for Over Sixties in England

    Government responded – 20 March 2018

    There are no current plans to review the arrangements for eligibility, however, all local authorities can implement scheme enhancements based upon their assessment of local need and budgets.

    10,755 signatures

  42. Lobster Pots and Small Craft Safety – time to change the rules!

    Government responded – 19 March 2018

    The Government takes safety at sea seriously. The UK has regulations in place regarding the marking of fishing gear. We are looking at areas in which the enforcement of regulations can be enhanced.

    10,770 signatures

  43. Create a new independent welfare body to protect racehorses from abuse and death

    Government responded – 19 March 2018

    The Government does not consider that it is necessary to create a new body to protect racehorse welfare.

    68,061 signatures

  44. Raise awareness and understanding of PDA among health care professionals

    Government responded – 16 March 2018

    The Government takes the issue of autism, under which PDA is categorised, very seriously. We want to make sure that clinicians have the best resources available to make recommendations on autism.

    11,188 signatures

  45. Give all British citizens living abroad the right to vote and dedicated MPs

    Government responded – 15 March 2018

    The Government remains committed to introducing ‘votes for life’ ahead of the next scheduled General Election in 2022 but has no plans to create overseas constituencies.

    10,314 signatures

  46. Drop any proposals to licence airguns in England & Wales

    Government responded – 14 March 2018

    The Government is reviewing the regulation of air weapons in England and Wales. The review is looking at relevant issues such as access by young people, safe storage and manufacturing standards.

    11,350 signatures

  47. Introduce a 5p charge on single-use plastic straws.

    Government responded – 9 March 2018

    Our 25 Year Environment Plan outlines how we will leave our environment in a better state than we inherited it. We have a call for evidence on taxes and charges on single use plastics.

    13,711 signatures

  48. License driven grouse shooting

    Government responded – 8 March 2018

    Grouse shooting is a legitimate activity providing economic benefits, investment in remote areas and benefits for wildlife and habitat conservation. The Government has no plans to introduce licensing.

    16,739 signatures

  49. Make Hedgehogs a Protected Species

    Government responded – 5 March 2018

    Hedgehogs are already broadly protected under the Wildlife and Countryside Act 1981.

    19,825 signatures

  50. Call on DEFRA to withdraw UK approval of A24 trap, sold in NZ to kill hedgehogs.

    Government responded – 1 March 2018

    The Goodnature A24 trap is not approved for use against hedgehogs in England. Where traps are used for other species, the trapper must ensure that offences against protected species are not committed.

    35,740 signatures

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