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  1. To launch a public inquiry into the failings in the Poppi Worthington case

    Government responded – 20 July 2018

    The circumstances of this tragic case have been considered by a number of agencies and lessons have been learned. Therefore the Government considers that a public inquiry is not necessary.

    11,481 signatures

  2. If England win the world cup, the Monday should be made a bank holiday for 2018

    Government responded – 19 July 2018

    The Government would like to congratulate the England team on its sterling performance in the World Cup. The Government has no plans for a bank holiday.

    237,108 signatures

  3. Make entering and occupying land without consent a criminal offence

    Government responded – 19 July 2018

    The Government is currently considering the responses to the consultation on the effectiveness of powers to deal with unauthorised development and encampments, before deciding on any further action.

    13,746 signatures

  4. Repeal the April 2017 changes to Bereavement Support

    Government responded – 18 July 2018

    Bereavement benefits have been refocused to help with the immediate costs of losing a spouse or civil partner. Longer term financial needs can be met through other parts of the welfare system.

    11,335 signatures

  5. Remove article 15 of the Offensive Weapons Bill (HC Bill 232)

    Government responded – 18 July 2018

    The Bill prevents knives which cause serious harm from being delivered to residential addresses but does not stop delivery of bladed items and knives to business premises or businesses run from home.

    20,364 signatures

  6. Bring in laws to protect horses being ridden on roads

    Government responded – 17 July 2018

    The Government has no plans to create new laws to protect riders and horses on public roads. Road users are required to comply with road traffic law, in the interests of the safety of all road users.

    10,845 signatures

  7. Legalise cannabis oil for medicinal usage.

    Government responded – 12 July 2018

    On 19 June, the Home Secretary announced a two-part review into the scheduling of cannabis.

    14,345 signatures

  8. Ban the sale of high caffeine energy drinks to under 16s

    Government responded – 11 July 2018

    In Chapter 2 of its Childhood Obesity Plan, published in June, the Government announced that it would consult before the end of 2018 on its intention to ban sales of energy drinks to children.

    10,101 signatures

  9. Increase the sentence for failure to stop after a fatal road traffic collision

    Government responded – 6 July 2018

    The offence of failing to stop should not be used to punish an offender for a serious, but not proven, offence. Other offences can be used if there is evidence of other criminal behaviour.

    10,495 signatures

  10. Reverse government decision that will increase State Pension Age for millions

    Government responded – 6 July 2018

    The government review of State Pension age followed two independent reports, one by the former CBI Chair, John Cridland. Changes to the law will not be made before another State Pension age review.

    12,354 signatures

  11. Reject calls to add Staffordshire Bull Terriers to the Dangerous Dogs Act

    Government responded – 5 July 2018

    The Government has no intention of prohibiting the keeping of Staffordshire Bull Terriers.

    183,096 signatures

  12. UK Government to implement the Bercow: Ten Years On recommendations

    Government responded – 3 July 2018

    We are considering the report’s recommendations and will respond appropriately in due course. We will keep I CAN and the Royal College of Speech and Language Therapists updated on progress.

    10,963 signatures

  13. PublicHoliday on Hindus special two religious occasions in a year:Diwali&Dussera

    Government responded – 3 July 2018

    The Government has no plans to create a public holiday to commemorate religious festivals such as Diwali. The costs are considerable. The cost of the 2012 Diamond Jubilee holiday was around £1.2bn.

    10,812 signatures

  14. Make scoliosis screening compulsory in all UK schools

    Government responded – 28 June 2018

    The Government accepts the UK National Screening Committee recommendation not to introduce a screening programme for scoliosis at this time. This recommendation will be reviewed in 2019/20.

    14,249 signatures

  15. Scrap car parking charges at NHS Hospitals in England

    Government responded – 27 June 2018

    Hospitals’ car parking policies must put patients first, but removing charges would mean losing over £200m from patient care budgets, and result in fewer spaces being available for genuine users.

    22,891 signatures

  16. Public Holiday on Muslims religious occasions in the UK(Eid ul Fitr&Eid ul Adha)

    Government responded – 26 June 2018

    The Government has no plans to create a public holiday to commemorate religious festivals such as Eid. The costs would be considerable. The cost of the 2012 Diamond Jubilee holiday was around £1.2bn.

    44,807 signatures

  17. Govia Thameslink Railway should have its contract immediately removed

    Government responded – 21 June 2018

    Passengers have faced totally unsatisfactory levels of service in recent weeks. Ministers share the frustration of passengers about the situation and they intervened as soon as the problems arose.

    19,321 signatures

  18. Put pressure on Donald Trump to end the separation of migrant families.

    Government responded – 21 June 2018

    As the Prime Minister said on 20 June, we believe that US child separation policy is wrong and not something that we agree with. We are pleased that the Administration has changed their position.

    18,111 signatures

  19. New law that cats injured/killed by a vehicle are checked for a chip: Round 2

    Government responded – 19 June 2018

    It is already good practice for local authorities and Highways England to scan any dog or cat found on our streets so that the owner can be informed.

    13,671 signatures

  20. Ban combustible materials on residential tower blocks, schools and hospitals

    Government responded – 18 June 2018

    The Government intends to ban the use of combustible materials on the external walls of high-rise residential buildings, subject to the consultation published today.

    14,605 signatures

  21. End the animal cruelty laws exemptions given to UK halal and shechita abattoirs

    Government responded – 18 June 2018

    The Government encourages the highest standards of welfare at slaughter but respects the rights of Jewish and Muslim people to eat meat prepared according to their religion.

    13,730 signatures

  22. Mandate re-homing of suitable beagles and other species used for animal research

    Government responded – 18 June 2018

    This Government encourages all scientific establishments that are licensed under the Animals (Scientific Procedures) Act (1986) to consider the re-homing of animals used in scientific research.

    11,903 signatures

  23. The Government should end experiments on dogs.

    Government responded – 15 June 2018

    The Animals (Scientific Procedures) Act 1986 gives dogs special status whereby they can only be used in experiments if there is no alternative research model and if their use can be fully justified.

    20,991 signatures

  24. Proscribe Hizballah in its entirety under the Terrorism Act 2000

    Government responded – 15 June 2018

    While we keep the list of proscribed organisations under review, we do not routinely comment on whether an organisation is or is not under consideration for proscription.

    14,749 signatures

  25. Make it illegal for Historic Vehicles to be processed through scrappage schemes.

    Government responded – 14 June 2018

    The Government is not proposing to take forward a national scrappage scheme at this time in light of response to concerns regarding the deliverability and value for money of scrappage schemes.

    14,040 signatures

  26. British Soldiers who served in N. Ireland must have immunity from prosecution.

    Government responded – 11 June 2018

    This Government is unequivocal in our admiration for the Armed Forces whose sacrifices ensured terrorism would never succeed. However, our approach to the past must be consistent with the rule of law.

    48,181 signatures

  27. Make BRCA testing a choice for females over 30 on the NHS and more info given

    Government responded – 11 June 2018

    Current BRCA testing is provided in accordance with a published clinical commissioning policy which is in line with NICE clinical guidelines. The policy has no age criteria.

    10,542 signatures

  28. Make anti-GD2 treatment available on the NHS

    Government responded – 7 June 2018

    The National Institute for Health and Care Excellence is developing guidance for the NHS on dinutuximab beta, an anti GD2 therapy, for high-risk neuroblastoma and recently consulted on draft guidance.

    30,245 signatures

  29. Amnesty for illegal immigrants who have been in UK for 10 years

    Government responded – 6 June 2018

    There are no plans to grant an amnesty to illegal migrants. Our immigration policies are based on principles of fairness to legal migrants and not rewarding those who do not abide by the Rules.

    40,763 signatures

  30. Provide additional funding to councils to protect Children's Centres

    Government responded – 5 June 2018

    The attainment gap is narrowing and there has been a massive expansion of childcare support for 2, 3 and 4 year olds. Parents on Universal Credit can also now claim back up to 85% of childcare costs.

    10,728 signatures

  31. Consult with women on proposals to enshrine 'gender identity' in law

    Government responded – 5 June 2018

    The Government has not yet decided whether or not to introduce a self-declaration model, and will not change the Equality Act 2010 provisions which support organisations to run single sex services.

    12,623 signatures

  32. Build a new A&E Hospital CENTRAL to St Albans, Watford and Dacorum.

    Government responded – 4 June 2018

    The Government appreciates that there is local concern about the location for a new A&E hospital proposed by West Herts Hospital Trust. This is a matter for local determination.

    10,566 signatures

  33. To make the Military Covenant legal and into Law

    Government responded – 31 May 2018

    The Armed Forces Covenant is enshrined in the 2011 Armed Forces Act. The Government has a statutory requirement to report annually to Parliament on its progress in delivering against the Covenant.

    13,912 signatures

  34. Reintroduce full mortgage interest relief and drop the 3% stamp duty surcharge

    Government responded – 25 May 2018

    Higher SDLT on additional dwellings and restricting finance cost relief seeks to support first-time buyers and level the playing field for homeowners. Neither measure is expected to impact rent levels

    17,858 signatures

  35. Help fund the cost of redistributing more edible surplus food to charity.

    Government responded – 25 May 2018

    The Government does not want to see food go to waste but recognises that surplus food, even in an efficient food system, does arise and has work underway to get surplus edible food to those in need.

    16,299 signatures

  36. Amnesty for anyone who was a minor that arrived In Britain between 1948 to 1971

    Government responded – 23 May 2018

    The Government is clear that an amnesty for this group is not required because these people do not require amnesty: they already have the right to remain here.

    180,165 signatures

  37. Ban balloon and sky / chinese lantern releases.

    Government responded – 22 May 2018

    The Government considers the current regulatory regime, supported by existing information and guidance, is effective and proportionate.

    33,097 signatures

  38. UK Government to raise the murder of Carl Davies with the Government of France

    Government responded – 18 May 2018

    Carl Davies’ murderer was found guilty in June 2017 and sentenced to 15 years imprisonment. He has appealed. Therefore, it is not appropriate to raise this case with the French authorities

    11,472 signatures

  39. Make everyone with a life time disability mental or physical have life time pip

    Government responded – 17 May 2018

    PIP is based on needs not condition. Reviews are a key part of the benefit and ensure awards remain correct where needs may change, and that claimants continue to receive the correct level of support.

    38,830 signatures

  40. Give the electorate a referendum on the abolition of the House of Lords

    Government responded – 15 May 2018

    As stated in our manifesto, comprehensive reform of the House of Lords is not a priority for this parliament.

    170,982 signatures

  41. Set up a public inquiry into the National problem of Paedophile grooming gangs

    Government responded – 15 May 2018

    The Government takes child sexual abuse very seriously. It has set up the Independent Inquiry into Child Sexual Abuse which is investigating the sexual exploitation of children by organised networks.

    25,154 signatures

  42. Reduce the age of Breast Screening to 25-30

    Government responded – 15 May 2018

    The Government is committed to helping detect, treat and reduce the number of lives lost to invasive breast cancer. Evidence for the effectiveness of screening women under 50 is limited.

    28,197 signatures

  43. Fund free BSL lessons for every parent or carer of a Deaf child in the UK

    Government responded – 14 May 2018

    Government has funded the development of a family sign language programme, through the I-sign programme, which is freely available at the National Deaf Children’s Society family sign language website.

    15,142 signatures

  44. Require hospitals to reinstate life support if a patient survives for 15 mins.

    Government responded – 9 May 2018

    It is for clinicians to decide the best course of action following withdrawal of life support.

    11,922 signatures

  45. Ensure that the U.K. leaves the EU Single Market & Customs Union.

    Government responded – 9 May 2018

    The UK is leaving the EU’s Single Market and Customs Union. We are seeking to establish a deep and special partnership with the EU and a new customs arrangement outside the EU’s Customs Union.

    77,736 signatures

  46. Repeal the 1939 Cancer Act so that doctors can offer alternatives to chemo

    Government responded – 9 May 2018

    In prescribing treatments, a clinician should take account of an individual’s circumstances, medical history and National Institute for Health and Care Excellence guidance and available evidence.

    10,267 signatures

  47. Allow Premier League and Championship football clubs to introduce safe standing

    Government responded – 3 May 2018

    We are looking at the current all-seater policy and any changes that may be needed. We are keen to carefully review all the evidence on the matter and are grateful for the engagement from fans.

    112,026 signatures

  48. Place stoma signs on disabled toilets and add stoma changing facilities within.

    Government responded – 3 May 2018

    Clean safe and suitable environments for stoma patients are important. Statutory guidance on new facilities includes the needs of stoma patients and advises on the use of well recognized signage.

    10,508 signatures

  49. Introduce super visa category for parents of British citizens similar to Canada

    Government responded – 3 May 2018

    The Government has no plans to change the Immigration Rules for visitors to introduce a super visa for parents of British citizens.

    14,075 signatures

  50. Allow undiagnosed children to travel to different countries to treat & diagnose

    Government responded – 3 May 2018

    Clinicians and the courts are obliged to act in the best interests of patients, including in determining the viability of pursuing alternative diagnosis and treatment options.

    24,317 signatures

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