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  1. Allow BN(O) holders to use e-gates at passport control

    Government responded – 21 September 2023

    We are constantly reviewing eGate eligibility for all groups, including BN(O) holders, however immediate change to eGate eligibility is not possible due to legislative and logistical constraints.

    10,851 signatures

  2. Fund menopause awareness training for Practice Nurses

    Government responded – 21 September 2023

    Whilst Government has no plans to fund menopause awareness training for Practice Nurses specifically, the NHS England menopause programme is improving menopause education for healthcare professionals.

    10,540 signatures

  3. Provide Ukrainian refugees with settled status to enable a stable life in the UK

    Government responded – 20 September 2023

    Our schemes provide Ukrainians with three years’ temporary sanctuary in the UK, until it is safe to return to Ukraine, as we believe it will be. We keep these temporary routes under constant review.

    20,595 signatures

  4. Create a new regulatory body to hold NHS managers accountable

    Government responded – 18 September 2023

    The Government is currently considering whether further mechanisms are needed to hold senior NHS managers accountable.

    24,833 signatures

  5. Ensure all GCSE students are issued equation sheets

    Government responded – 14 September 2023

    The Department for Education and Ofqual will confirm arrangements for 2024 exams early in the autumn term.

    14,733 signatures

  6. Create income replacement scheme for crew affected by writers and actors strikes

    Government responded – 13 September 2023

    The government understands that US industrial action is impacting UK crew. Whilst we have no plans to introduce an income replacement scheme, help is available through HMRC’s Time to Pay scheme.

    30,113 signatures

  7. Introduce 'Grow Your Own' Laws for Legal Medical Cannabis Patients (CBPM)

    Government responded – 7 September 2023

    Cannabis cannot be cultivated except under a Home Office licence. The Home Office does not grant licences to grow cannabis for personal consumption and there are no plans to introduce this.

    12,396 signatures

  8. Make MPs who are absent from their constituency and Parliament subject to recall

    Government responded – 6 September 2023

    The Government does not intend to amend the circumstances in which the Recall of MPs Act 2015 applies; it is for voters to judge their MP's record and work on local issues at a General Election.

    12,904 signatures

  9. Create new requirements for dogs held under dangerous dogs legislation

    Government responded – 5 September 2023

    We currently have no plans to introduce new legal requirements in relation to seized dogs. All kennels that operate as a commercial business must be licensed and meet set health and welfare standards.

    10,873 signatures

  10. Make a UK law requiring all establishments to accept cash

    Government responded – 5 September 2023

    The government has no plans to mandate cash acceptance. It is right that businesses choose the forms of payment they accept. The government has recently legislated to protect access to cash.

    19,820 signatures

  11. Make pet abduction a specific criminal offence

    Government responded – 4 September 2023

    Whilst the theft of pets is already a crime, we would be supportive of legislation on pet abduction when parliamentary time allows.

    33,944 signatures

  12. Allow Healthcare Workers on skilled worker visas to work for any employer

    Government responded – 31 August 2023

    Skilled Workers can already change employers as long as they apply to do so. We have no plans to change this. Removing employer sponsorship could worsen modern slavery risks, not reduce them.

    11,676 signatures

  13. Stop all new oil and gas developments

    Government responded – 25 August 2023

    The UK decarbonised more than any other G7 country between 1990 and 2021, but oil and gas are essential resources that still supply around three quarters of the UK’s overall energy use today.

    14,117 signatures

  14. Make dogs attacking other pets a specific criminal offence

    Government responded – 24 August 2023

    Section 3 of the Dangerous Dogs Act 1991 already provides for offences to be dealt with. We do not consider it necessary to introduce another offence.

    15,091 signatures

  15. Recognize period underwear as a menstrual product and remove the 20%VAT on them

    Government responded – 24 August 2023

    The Government introduced a VAT zero rate on 1 January 2021, on sanitary products previously subject to a rate of 5 per cent. Period pants are not in this group, but we keep all taxes under review.

    34,653 signatures

  16. Introduce new requirements to protect students with allergies in school

    Government responded – 23 August 2023

    The Department understands concerns about allergies in school. We feel that existing guidance is appropriate. Schools/governing bodies are best placed to make decisions about individual pupils.

    13,027 signatures

  17. Extend the older person's bus pass to cover free train travel

    Government responded – 23 August 2023

    To help make train journeys more affordable, individuals aged 60 and over are eligible for the Senior Railcard which offers a third off rail travel.

    21,872 signatures

  18. Increase the state pension to equal 35 hours a week at the National Living Wage

    Government responded – 21 August 2023

    The Government has no plans to increase the State Pension to equal 35 hours a week at the National Living Wage.

    37,281 signatures

  19. Fund research for a cure, support and to raise awareness of Lichen Sclerosus

    Government responded – 21 August 2023

    The government is committed to supporting all those living with dermatology conditions including Lichen sclerosus and welcomes funding applications for research into this condition.

    10,302 signatures

  20. Introduce new laws to force offenders to be present in court for sentencing

    Government responded – 18 August 2023

    The Government is carefully considering changing the law so that offenders are required to face up to their actions and victims can see justice being served.

    39,349 signatures

  21. Extend date for existing students to switch to Skilled Worker visa

    Government responded – 15 August 2023

    The Government has no plans to change the implementation date of the rule ending switching early from the student route to the skilled worker route. The student visa is for study.

    15,275 signatures

  22. Remove the 28-day time limit from the lenient sentence scheme in cases of murder

    Government responded – 14 August 2023

    The government currently has no plans to remove the ULS scheme’s time limit. Victims and families are informed about the limit by the CPS, and we are working to improve their awareness of the scheme.

    14,894 signatures

  23. Do not increase visa fees and the Immigration Health Surcharge

    Government responded – 11 August 2023

    The contribution migrants make is recognised, but the Government believes those that use health and immigration services should help fund the cost of delivering them. Increases will be progressed.

    18,528 signatures

  24. Set up a Public Inquiry into age discrimination and ageism in the UK

    Government responded – 10 August 2023

    Most forms of age discrimination are unlawful across a range of fields under the Equality Act 2010. The Act enables individuals to challenge such unlawful behaviour and seek redress in the courts.

    11,165 signatures

  25. Sanction individuals responsible for Sino-British Joint Declaration breaches

    Government responded – 2 August 2023

    We keep all sanctions designations under close and regular review. We do not speculate about future sanctions designations, as to do so could reduce their impact.

    21,117 signatures

  26. Stop UK pensioners paying income tax on their state pension

    Government responded – 31 July 2023

    The Personal Allowance is high enough that pensioners whose sole income is the new or basic State Pension do not pay income tax. The State Pension is designed to replace income and so is taxable.

    22,667 signatures

  27. Allow disabled people to keep all their benefits if they move in with a partner

    Government responded – 27 July 2023

    Income-related benefits have always taken household income and capital into account when determining entitlement. However, PIP and DLA are not taken into account when determining benefit entitlement.

    11,462 signatures

  28. Require employers to offer career breaks for parents with a seriously ill child

    Government responded – 20 July 2023

    The Government understands the difficulties and worry faced by parents of seriously ill children. We have no plans to introduce a right to take a career break in these circumstances.

    66,011 signatures

  29. Condemn burning of the Holy Qur’an in Sweden

    Government responded – 20 July 2023

    The UK Government strongly condemns the burning of the Holy Qur’an. The UK Government is committed to freedom of expression and freedom of religion or belief, and denounces hatred.

    64,735 signatures

  30. Stop deep-sea mining

    Government responded – 18 July 2023

    Engaging fully with international negotiations is the most effective approach, so that no deep-sea mining takes place in the absence of strong and enforceable environmental regulations and standards.

    34,449 signatures

  31. Create a new regulator of doctors to replace the General Medical Council (GMC)

    Government responded – 17 July 2023

    The Government considers the General Medical Council (GMC) fit for purpose and has no plans to replace it by creating a new regulator of doctors.

    13,091 signatures

  32. Require train operators keep ticket offices and platform staff at train stations

    Government responded – 14 July 2023

    The rail industry must modernise to provide the service passengers deserve, moving staff from behind the ticket office screens. Train operators are consulting passengers on the proposed changes.

    104,398 signatures

  33. Referendum on ending government's economically costly Ukraine/Russia policies

    Government responded – 13 July 2023

    Russia’s attempts to destroy Ukraine threaten security and prosperity across the world. Three-quarters of UN members condemned Russia’s invasion. The Government does not support holding a referendum.

    13,773 signatures

  34. Reverse the decision not to proceed with the Animal Welfare (Kept Animals) Bill

    Government responded – 12 July 2023

    We will be taking forward measures from the Animal Welfare (Kept Animals) Bill individually through other means during the remainder of this Parliament.

    18,024 signatures

  35. Launch a Public Inquiry into excess mortality in England and Wales

    Government responded – 11 July 2023

    The Government has no plans for a further public inquiry. It is taking steps to reduce excess deaths. There is no evidence linking excess deaths to the COVID-19 vaccine.

    13,287 signatures

  36. Require education staff to be trained on learning disabilities and autism

    Government responded – 11 July 2023

    The Department recognises the needs of all pupils with special educational needs and disabilities (SEND) and considers all education staff as supporting SEND pupils.

    58,315 signatures

  37. Require Universities to Train Staff on Neurodiversity

    Government responded – 10 July 2023

    Universities are autonomous institutions, responsible for their own decisions on staff training. They should provide a safe and inclusive environment, including for neurodivergent students.

    16,803 signatures

  38. Provide dedicated funding for diagnosis/treatment of hypermobile EDS and HSD

    Government responded – 5 July 2023

    There are no plans for a national service for diagnosis or treatment of hEDS and HSD. Our plans for musculoskeletal conditions will be outlined in the major conditions strategy.

    21,384 signatures

  39. Athena’s Law: Introduce new requirements for drivers who hit a cat

    Government responded – 27 June 2023

    We recognize the deep upset caused by losing a pet, but a legal obligation to report road traffic incidents involving cats would be very challenging to enforce. We have no plans to change the law.

    13,081 signatures

  40. Fund non-consolidated payments for organisations providing NHS funded services

    Government responded – 26 June 2023

    Independent providers may choose to utilise the Agenda for Change contract. Where they do so, they should review their commissioning contracts to consider the recovery of additional cost pressures.

    18,413 signatures

  41. Ensure all NHS bank staff in England receive non-consolidated payments

    Government responded – 21 June 2023

    Bank staff are employed on locally managed contracts, the terms of which differ by individual trust. They are not employed on the national contract (commonly referred to as Agenda for Change).

    29,260 signatures

  42. Do Not Leave the European Convention on Human Rights

    Government responded – 16 June 2023

    It is not currently government policy to seek withdrawal from the European Convention on Human Rights (ECHR).

    19,698 signatures

  43. Urgent funding for research into Long Covid and ME/CFS treatments and cures

    Government responded – 14 June 2023

    The Government is committed to funding high-quality research to improve treatment of Myalgic encephalomyelitis/chronic fatigue syndrome (ME/CFS) and Long Covid.

    12,154 signatures

  44. Seek visa-free travel to Europe for BRP holders

    Government responded – 14 June 2023

    There are no plans to lobby the EU to remove the need for all non-EU/EEA citizens, including UK citizens, to carry a valid passport when visiting the Schengen area. This is not a visa issue.

    25,611 signatures

  45. Create a Government exam board to make new language GCSEs based on census data

    Government responded – 13 June 2023

    GCSEs in England are offered by several private sector and not-for-profit exam boards. They are not established or funded by government. There are no plans to create a government owned exam board.

    13,388 signatures

  46. Allow people to pay their mortgage through salary sacrifice

    Government responded – 7 June 2023

    The government currently has no plans to allow tax-advantaged salary-sacrifice schemes for mortgage costs as this is not the most effective way to target support to those who need it most.

    26,802 signatures

  47. Ban the sale of all non-organic pesticides to the general public

    Government responded – 18 August 2023

    The Government will not ban the sale of non-organic pesticides to amateur gardeners. Authorised pesticides, used carefully, are an acceptable way of managing the natural environment.

    10,689 signatures

  48. Make Eid al-Fitr and Eid al-Adha public holidays

    Government responded – 26 May 2023

    While the Government recognises the importance of Eid al-Fitr and Eid al-Adha and the valuable contribution Muslims make to this country, it has no plans to make these festivals bank holidays.

    61,450 signatures

  49. Overturn the decision to allow use of neonicotinoid pesticides on sugar crops

    Government responded – 24 May 2023

    The Government is committed to implementing policies to encourage sustainable farming and minimise the use of chemical pesticides, while monitoring the development of alternative solutions.

    22,339 signatures

  50. End the use of animals for toxicity tests & prioritise non-animal methods (NAMs)

    Government responded – 24 May 2023

    The Government is already supporting technologies to reduce reliance on the use of animals in research and we will continue to review funding for non-animal methods as part of our normal processes.

    109,378 signatures

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