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  1. Parliament should stop a 'no-deal' Brexit

    Government responded – 5 November 2019

    While legislation cannot “bind” Parliament, we must respect the referendum, our largest ever popular vote. The Government wants to get Brexit done with its deal. An election is the only way forward.

    10,397 signatures

  2. Remain should not be on a second referendum ballot paper

    Government responded – 5 November 2019

    This Government is determined to get Brexit done, and we will not support any legislation that seeks to overturn the result of the 2016 referendum.

    10,428 signatures

  3. No to a "People's Vote" !

    Government responded – 5 November 2019

    This Government is determined to get Brexit done, and we will not support any legislation that seeks to overturn the result of the 2016 referendum.

    10,280 signatures

  4. Ensure any Brexit deal protects the Touring Industry for Musicians and Crew.

    Government responded – 5 November 2019

    The government recognises the huge importance of touring to the live music sector. We will promote ongoing mobility of people and their goods and equipment in negotiations with the EU.

    21,082 signatures

  5. Ban fireworks for general sale to the public.

    Government responded – 5 November 2019

    The Government takes the matter of fireworks safety seriously. This includes protecting consumers and the public. Laws are in place to control firework availability and use.

    305,579 signatures

  6. Convert fossil fuel subsidies into subsidies for renewable energy

    Government responded – 4 November 2019

    The UK does not have fossil fuel subsidies. The Government is committed to achieving net zero carbon emissions by 2050 and provides significant support for renewable and low carbon energy.

    11,985 signatures

  7. Provide Sirius minerals with full Loan Guarantee from HM treasury.

    Government responded – 4 November 2019

    The Government’s interactions with Sirius Minerals are commercially confidential and it is therefore not possible to comment further on the particulars of dealings between Government and Sirius.

    12,002 signatures

  8. Increase the penalty for developers and landowners who remove trees illegally.

    Government responded – 4 November 2019

    We have proposed measures in the Environment Bill to deter illegal felling, provide fines proportionate to potential profits and increase powers to compel restocking of land even if it is sold.

    10,854 signatures

  9. Lower the cost of British Citizenship applications to £372.

    Government responded – 1 November 2019

    It is a choice to naturalise as a British citizen, and therefore pay the specified fee. Those who have settled status within the UK are able to live, work and study without restriction.

    21,598 signatures

  10. Scrap the right to vote in two separate constituencies at local elections

    Government responded – 1 November 2019

    The Government believes that individuals who split their time between residences should be able to vote in local elections in two places, provided they meet the registration criteria.

    11,040 signatures

  11. Do not reduce the voting age to 16, it must remain 18 years of age

    Government responded – 1 November 2019

    The Government has no plans to lower the voting age. The age of 18 is widely recognised as the age at which one becomes an adult. Full citizenship rights should be gained at adulthood.

    12,621 signatures

  12. Revoke article 50 if the EU does not grant an extension past 31 October

    Government responded – 31 October 2019

    The Government is committed to delivering on the result of the referendum and getting Brexit done. The Prime Minister has secured a great new deal, but MPs have forced a further delay.

    29,690 signatures

  13. Reduce foreign aid in favour of increasing pensions with immediate effect

    Government responded – 30 October 2019

    By investing less than a penny in every pound of our national income in aid, the UK is helping to create a safer, healthier and more prosperous world.

    12,308 signatures

  14. Hold a referendum on whether to leave with the deal offered or remain in the EU

    Government responded – 29 October 2019

    The Government is committed to respecting the referendum result and delivering Brexit. The Government has secured a great new deal with the EU that will allow us to leave in an orderly way.

    60,827 signatures

  15. Ban peat compost.

    Government responded – 29 October 2019

    The Government is committed to phasing out the use of horticultural peat by 2030. Further measures will be set out in the England Peat Strategy. We encourage gardeners to switch to peat alternatives.

    12,928 signatures

  16. Halt all efforts to introduce ID checks at polling stations

    Government responded – 29 October 2019

    Voter ID is part of a body of work this Government is delivering to strengthen the integrity of our electoral system and give the public confidence that our elections are secure.

    43,195 signatures

  17. Stop IR35 roll-out in 2020 in private sector - due to uncertainty around Brexit

    Government responded – 28 October 2019

    The Government remains committed to reforming the off-payroll working rules from April 2020. Businesses have had 18 months to prepare. HMRC are providing support and guidance to help them get ready.

    15,560 signatures

  18. Give British Citizenship to all EU citizens currently living in UK if no deal

    Government responded – 28 October 2019

    There are no plans to amend the law in this respect.

    11,330 signatures

  19. Stamp Out Tool Theft with the introduction of tighter regulation & greater fines

    Government responded – 28 October 2019

    The Government has no plans to amend existing legislation. However, we will continue to work with the police to explore what more can be done to tackle the stolen goods market.

    31,993 signatures

  20. Ban super trawlers from fishing in UK waters.

    Government responded – 25 October 2019

    While we are in the Common Fisheries Policy, the Margiris is legally entitled to fish in our waters. The Marine Management Organisation has inspected the vessel and found it compliant with the CFP.

    25,614 signatures

  21. Defend the Kurds and stop the Turkish military invasion of northern Syria!

    Government responded – 23 October 2019

    The UK opposes Turkey’s military intervention in Syria and has called on Turkey to end it. We welcome the halt in fighting following agreement on 17 October between the US and Turkey.

    39,052 signatures

  22. Repeal the archaic Weeds Act 1959 to benefit pollinators and wider biodiversity.

    Government responded – 17 October 2019

    The Government has no plans to repeal the Weeds Act 1959 at this time. The Weeds Act 1959 does not seek to eliminate or eradicate the five injurious weeds named in that Act.

    11,879 signatures

  23. Halt the badger cull & investigate alternative, humane options for bTB control.

    Government responded – 17 October 2019

    Bovine TB is one of the greatest animal health challenges facing England today. We are committed to eradicating this disease by deploying a range of measures, founded in science.

    12,713 signatures

  24. Official observers from OSCE ODIHR to monitor the next Scottish referendum.

    Government responded – 16 October 2019

    In 2014 people in Scotland voted decisively to remain part of the United Kingdom. The UK Government is committed to upholding and respecting the result of the 2014 referendum.

    11,138 signatures

  25. Consult with focus groups of young people when creating climate change policy

    Government responded – 15 October 2019

    This year a group of young people were brought together by the Department for Digital, Culture, Media and Sport, led by the British Youth Council, to review Government’s environment and climate policy

    11,923 signatures

  26. Compensation for women born in 1950s, due to state pension age change

    Government responded – 15 October 2019

    People are living longer. We needed to equalise and raise the State Pension age for men and women to secure the sustainability of the State Pensions system and fairness between generations and genders

    17,656 signatures

  27. Allergy provision in school: Introduce Statutory Allergy Care legislation

    Government responded – 10 October 2019

    The existing legislation plus statutory guidance is sufficient without need to legislate further. We will be working with allergy organisations on updating the current statutory guidance.

    10,558 signatures

  28. Make vet best practice measures mandatory & honour dual microchip registration.

    Government responded – 9 October 2019

    We agree that no dog should be put down unless there are extenuating reasons. The British Veterinary Association re-issued its best practice advice to vets to scan dogs brought to their practices.

    12,234 signatures

  29. Abolish imprisonment as a penalty for non-payment of Council Tax.

    Government responded – 8 October 2019

    Committal to prison for non-payment of council tax can only occur where the court is satisfied that the debt is due to the wilful refusal or culpable neglect of the liable individual.

    12,718 signatures

  30. Bring the date for the post-study work visa closer to help current students

    Government responded – 8 October 2019

    The Government will implement the Graduate route in summer 2021. This route will benefit hundreds of thousands of students and boost the UK’s global offer to the best and brightest.

    30,388 signatures

  31. Politicians who changes parties should have to go through a new By Election.

    Government responded – 8 October 2019

    Formally, electors cast their vote for individual candidates, and not the political party they represent. The Government does not plan to change this position.

    36,074 signatures

  32. Stop counselling notes of rape survivors being used in court.

    Government responded – 7 October 2019

    The best interests of victims are paramount and they should not be stopped from having counselling if their case goes to court. Notes should never be automatically given to defence lawyers on request.

    13,380 signatures

  33. Link the state pension to the adult minimum wage £328.40p per week.

    Government responded – 4 October 2019

    Government has no plans to link State Pension with National Minimum Wage. We want a decent, secure income for people in retirement, and will spend over £120 billion on pensioner benefits in 2019/20.

    38,674 signatures

  34. Outlaw planning applications that include removal of mature trees or hedgerows.

    Government responded – 3 October 2019

    Trees and hedges provide vital beauty, wildlife, health and wellbeing benefits. Acute housing need means we cannot save every tree or hedge, but we will make net gains for biodiversity mandatory.

    10,640 signatures

  35. Introduce a minimum sentence for carrying a knife, equal to carrying a firearm

    Government responded – 1 October 2019

    Conviction of a knife or offensive weapon offence – threatening or possession - is now more likely to result in some form of custodial sentence, and for longer than at any point in the last ten years.

    75,163 signatures

  36. Stop Brexit

    Government responded – 30 September 2019

    This Government is clear that we won’t be deterred from getting on and delivering on the will of the people to come out of the EU on 31 October. We are taking steps to be ready for every eventuality.

    39,408 signatures

  37. Demand the EU & UN sanction Brazil to halt increased deforestation of the Amazon

    Government responded – 30 September 2019

    The United Kingdom shares concerns about deforestation in the Amazon. The Government believes these issues can be addressed most effectively through dialogue and our bilateral programmes.

    123,309 signatures

  38. Fund an NHS Lyme Disease Centre of Excellence

    Government responded – 27 September 2019

    There are no plans to establish a Centre of Excellence for Lyme disease. NICE has issued a clinical guideline (2018) and a quality standard (2019) to support diagnosis and treatment of this disease.

    10,397 signatures

  39. Rule out any prospect of granting an amnesty on illegal immigration

    Government responded – 4 November 2019

    We cannot rule out any means of implementing the Prime Minister’s proposal to look at our arrangements for undocumented individuals that have been here for a long time.

    35,577 signatures

  40. Hold online trolls accountable for their online abuse via their IP address

    Government responded – 24 September 2019

    Unacceptable behaviour and content is far too prevalent online. The Online Harms White Paper sets out our plans for world-leading legislation to make the UK the safest place in the world to be online.

    133,680 signatures

  41. Leave the EU with No Deal in October 2019

    Government responded – 24 September 2019

    The Prime Minister has been clear: we will leave the EU on 31 October. We’d prefer to do so with a deal, but if there isn’t movement from the EU on the backstop we will have to leave without one.

    207,673 signatures

  42. British National (Overseas) Citizens should be given full British Citizenship.

    Government responded – 24 September 2019

    There are no plans to amend the law in this respect.

    101,954 signatures

  43. Fund research for childhood cancers with the worst survival rates

    Government responded – 19 September 2019

    Research is crucial in the fight against cancer. Research expenditure has risen from £101 million in 2010/11 to £136 million in 2017/18. This constitutes the largest investment in a disease area.

    37,664 signatures

  44. Stop increases in road tax for motorhomes.

    Government responded – 16 September 2019

    Previously the tax system did not account for the CO2 emissions of most motorhomes. The government wants Vehicle Excise Duty to encourage the take-up of lower CO2 emissions vehicles.

    14,907 signatures

  45. Public areas & Food places to have Epi Pens for food allergies

    Government responded – 9 September 2019

    Adrenaline pens should be carried at all times. Back-up pens in public places could be a safety net but significant safeguards would be required. The government will look into the feasibility of this.

    13,098 signatures

  46. Do not prorogue Parliament

    Government responded – 9 September 2019

    Prorogation is a prerogative Act of the Crown, exercised on the advice of Ministers. We must respect the referendum result and the UK will be leaving the EU on 31 October whatever the circumstances.

    1,725,631 signatures

  47. To halt any future increases to the retirement age for the uk State Pension.

    Government responded – 6 September 2019

    Under current law State Pension age (SPa) will reach 66 by October 2020, increases to 67 by 2028 and 68 by 2046. Government reviews SPa regularly to ensure State Pension remains fair and affordable.

    17,190 signatures

  48. Make qualified Dental Nurse wage a minimum of £12 per hour.

    Government responded – 4 September 2019

    Dental nurses are usually employed directly by dental practice owners. Dental practice owners are responsible for decisions about dental nurses' terms and conditions of employment, including pay.

    17,236 signatures

  49. Raise awareness and make Pathological Demand Avoidance a recognisable diagnosis

    Government responded – 15 October 2019

    Every autistic child or adult should be able to get a timely diagnosis and we are committed to improving the diagnostic pathway to enable this.

    11,093 signatures

  50. Stop the passing of the Abortion Law in Northern Ireland

    Government responded – 4 September 2019

    In the absence of a restored Northern Ireland Executive and functioning Assembly, Parliament has placed a legal duty on the Government to reform Northern Ireland’s abortion law.

    16,032 signatures

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