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6 petitions

  1. Break all ties with EU institutions and policies completely

    14,119 signatures

    Waiting for 29 days

  2. Pay carers an allowance equivalent to a fulltime job at the National Living wage

    13,093 signatures

    Waiting for 23 days

  3. Action an effective NHS care pathway for patients with Ehlers Danlos Syndrome

    13,741 signatures

    Waiting for 21 days

  4. The UK government should ban Steve Bannon from entering the UK

    12,798 signatures

    Waiting for 16 days

  5. Require local authorities to adopt all Public Open Space and roads on estates

    11,189 signatures

    Waiting for 4 days

  6. Award a medal to British personnel involved in any nuclear testing program

    10,127 signatures

    Waiting for less than a day

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