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  1. Regulate the Tech Industry

  2. Install a pedestrian crossing outside Hallow Primary School in Worcestershire

  3. Reward LH (F1) with a knighthood.

  4. Grant Alan Turing a posthumous knighthood.

  5. Give Ben Stokes and Jos Buttler a Knighthood


  7. Prevent a 3-storey storage and distribution warehouse being built in Silvertown

  8. Remove the Dangerous Dog Act 1991, Not all dogs are dangerous

  9. Introduce a law to ban the sale of knives via a viewable display in stores

  10. Make McDonald’s halal all across the uk

  11. Permits required for parent/child parking spaces, or risk fine.

  12. Make McDonald’s have kinder bueno McFlurrys

  13. Save Hillingdon Music Service from staff redundancies and restructuring

  14. Make bicycle helmets compulsory when riding a bike on a public highway.

  15. Ban plastic ring holders around cans & replace with biodegradable alternatives

  16. Stop homes being built on phase 6 of the Pennington Wharf development in Leigh.

  17. Call a General Election as soon as the new Conservative Party Leader is declared

  18. Ban single use plastic at major UK sporting events

  19. Allow Ovie be the first single on love island to win the 50k

  20. Parliament must not circumvent laws of the land to erode our rights to the EU

  21. Only tax the working person on there contracted hours make overtime tax free

  22. Sadiq Khan to be next UK ambassador to the United States

  23. Reinstate Sir Kim Darroch as US ambassador.

  24. Make only back number plates a necessary requirement

  25. Stop Boris Johnson from becoming British Prime Minister

  26. Mike Ashley to leave Newcastle United football club.

  27. Appoint Sadiq Khan as the new UK ambassador to the United States of America.

  28. Stop removing Drill songs from YouTube & mainstream services

  29. Make the wearing of cycle helmets whilst cycling, mandatory by law.

  30. Love Island - a new law that restricts socially harmful television programmes

  31. Label foods with environmenal cost so consumers can easily choose

  32. Ban Love Island

  33. Put our police forces budget up so they can bring this violence under control

  34. Stop TfL building rental properties on Underground station Car Parks!

  35. Free town centre parking for all staff working in town centres, uk

  36. Scrap TV licensing and force the BBC to advertise like every other station

  37. General Election triggered if a sitting Prime Minister is no longer in post.

  38. Keep admiralty pier open to recreational fisherman

  39. No Summer Recess for MPs when we are meant to be leaving the EU on 31 October.

  40. Protect Greenbelt in the Borough of Tonbridge & Malling from over development

  41. Better infrastructure before more building of houses/flats in Tiptree Essex.

  42. Make using single use plastic a criminal offence

  43. Remove and Replace Sadiq Khan as Mayor of London.

  44. Passengers book airline tickets option to add donation to carbon offset flight

  45. Remove the BBC's licence and until they support themselves by commercilisation

  46. Strict regulation of increased transport prices for holidays out of school term

  47. Increase the Motorway Speed Limit to 80mph

  48. Revoke the 1824 Vagrancy Act

  49. Make CPR a compulsory part of the secondary school curriculum

  50. Make the sale and use of glue traps for pest control illegal

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