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  1. Brexit, we expect full sovereignty returned in leaving the EU. No collusion...

  2. Stop the deportation of Walid Durani back to Afganistan.

  3. Prevent the use of palm oil in products in the U.K.

  4. Make Gay Conversion "Therpay" illegal in the UK

  5. Stop the MOD scrapping vital electronic letter links to uk's frontline troups!!!

  6. Make the practice of "Gay Conversion Therapy" illegal in the UK

  7. A vote of no confidence in Nicola Sturgeon and the SNP

  8. Do not block or delay the holding of a second Scottish independence referendum.

  9. Vote in no confidence in Nicola sturgeon as first minister of Scotland

  10. A vote of no confidence in Nicola Sturgeons' ability to Govern Scotland.

  11. Provide free sanitary protection for school girls.

  12. Replace RELIGIOUS EDUCATION with LIFE SKILLS in our National Curriculum

  13. Put a return 2/3p on cans/bottles to clean up our glass-ridden streets.

  14. Make Philip Hammond publish his tax return. "Nothing to hide, Nothing to fear"

  15. Should Scottish independence happen?

  16. Make feminine hygiene products free for girls who are under 18 years of age.

  17. Make a skatepark in Appleby, Cumbria

  18. Include a selection on every ballot paper 'None of the above'.

  19. A vote of no confidence for First Minister Nicola Sturgeon.

  20. Stop the Congo Child Miners Crisis - Help find viable solution to this problem

  21. Hold a referendum across the whole UK on Scottish Independence

  22. make bus pass age in England the same as in other parts of the UK

  23. Prevent Walid Durani from being deported back to Afghanistan.

  24. Agree to a second independence referendum without attempts to delay.

  25. Allow a Scottish independence referendum, to Nicola Sturgeon's desired timeline.

  26. Another Scottish independence referendum should be allowed to happen

  27. MP Salaries and expenses to be linked to performance.

  28. Change the law to set a legal minimum size for all car parking bays

  29. The government shouldn't try to block a second Scottish independence referendum

  30. Make pitbulls legal to own in the UK

  31. Allow Scottish Parliament to decide the terms of an Independence Referendum

  32. All girls under the age of 18 should have access to sanitary products for free.

  33. Stop Luton Council putting community projects rent too high that they fail.

  34. No Confidence in First Minister of Scotland, Nicola Sturgeon MSP

  35. Supply free sanitary products to girls under 18

  36. Theressa May start article 50 soon as

  37. England deserves a referendum on whether it wants to leave the UK.

  38. Provide access to free sanitary products to young women in full time education

  39. Allow Scotland to hold 2ND independence referendum

  40. Mandatory lessons in schools that teach students the life skills they need.

  41. Allow Scotland to choose their own future

  42. Make cyclists registered/insured/competent in road laws/use like motorists.

  43. Make the free Travel , free for everyone at 60

  44. Vote for the reunification of Northern Ireland with the Republic of Ireland

  45. If there is a Scottish referendum, ALL UK citizens should have the right to vote

  46. Call a snap election as Theresa May is unelected!

  47. Stop moy park changing the shifts and call for a strike with all the changes

  48. Another Scottish independence referendum should be allowed to happen

  49. Revise grounds for divorce in respect to the legal definition of adultery.

  50. Put a return 2/3p on cans/bottles to clean up our glass-ridden streets.

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