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  1. Deport/Confine all suspected terrorists by abolishing The Human Rights Act 1998

  2. Demand the Spanish Govt respect the rights of Catalonians to self-determination.

  3. Use the overseas aid budget to help British territories in the Caribean

  4. Hold a referendum on whether to remain in the EU or leave, before end of 2018.

  5. Zero Hour Contracts recognised as a modern form of Slavery

  6. scrap the house of lords - Police and Crime Commissioners & mayor

  7. Increase sentincing for animal cruelty with http://infoonpetition.weebly.com/

  8. Make it illegal to sell religiously slaughtered meat unlabelled.

  9. Put a block on the number of takeaway shops being opened in Hackney

  10. stop the slaughter of rohingya

  11. Foreign aid budget to be used to support British territories in the Caribbean

  12. Demand a full EU Financial Audit before paying any "divorce bill" for Brexit.

  13. Stop the pay of MLAs in Northern Ireland.

  14. Hold Ryan air responsible for cancelled flight that effected UK residents

  15. Remove LGBTI/trans and non-gender topics from public communications and schools.

  16. Life saving adrenaline pens in and around public and work places

  17. Vets reunite stolen cats and dogs.

  18. Credit Reference agencies must rectify errors on credit files immediately

  19. Stop Wales and Scotland creating sanctuary cities that bypass UK immigration law

  20. Bring Back hanging for Terrorists

  21. to legally give all schools the legal powers to enforce there bullying policies

  22. Legalise Handguns for self defence, modelled after the laws in Northern Ireland

  23. Include cats on the reportable accident list like dogs and larger animals.

  24. Please help us Save Maplewell Hall special needs school residential from closure

  25. Close our Borders immediately

  26. Let the police chase people on motorbikes even if they're not wearing a helmet

  27. Stop and ban the export of live animals destined for slaughter abroad

  28. No second referendum on the terms of Brexit

  29. Make a non-resident parent pay a child maintenance contribution

  30. Stop crisp producers from filling more than 20% of the bag with air.

  31. To stop the roll out of universal credit

  32. Let the UK Public Vote on the final Brexit deal

  33. revoke Ryanair uk aviation license .

  34. Remove Amber Rudd as Home Secretary immediately.

  35. Decriminalise marijuana, and legalise for medical and recreational use.

  36. U.K immigration ( home office ) should lower their application fees

  37. Remove Cannabis And Hemp From The 1971 Misuse Of Drugs Act

  38. Stop Student Forum Bullying

  39. Investigate misconduct & disregard for passengers in Ryanair's cancellations

  40. Mandatory Labelling For Halal & Kosher Meat

  41. Not one penny more to the EU. Stop all payments and make no new payments.

  42. For schools to enforce bullying policies within all schools

  43. add a question to record ESA & PIP assessments to the ESA50 & PIP forms

  44. Permit Applicants to Digitally Audio Record PIP Assessments to ensure fairness.

  45. Prevent acid abuse, and provide justice for victims by stricter punishments.

  46. Prevent Post Brexit British Armed Forces integration into an EU defence force.

  47. We the undersigned demand that government act to deal with Islamic terror.

  48. Walk away from Brexit talks.

  49. Prevent the SNP from seeking an independence referendum for another generation.

  50. Stop the killing of Burma Muslims

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