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  1. Standardise the working week to a 4 day week with a 3 day weekend

  2. Stop making GCSE, AS level and A-level exams that purposefully mislead students

  3. Stop foreign students taking GCSE's in the UK having a dictionary.

  4. Make June 16 a national half-day holiday for England v Wales

  5. The EDEXCEL GCSE Maths exam was by far challenging, difficult and impotent.

  6. Help all of those poor innocent dogs that are brutally murdered in china!

  7. Nigel Farage and UKIP chosen to negotiate terms with the EU after the referendum

  8. Vote no confidence in David Cameron

  9. Support and Enforce the UK Asbestos Register; Together we will Save Lives!

  10. Stop the rot. Reclaim our decaying housing stock and dilapidated buildings.

  11. Have courts here agree that fibromyalgia is a permanent disability

  12. Teach about LGBT in primary and secondary schools to combat homophobia

  13. Make june 23rd a public holiday if britain leaves the european union

  14. End Annualised Hours Contracts

  15. Bobby Moore; Please award our National icon and hero a posthumous Knighthood

  16. Make it compulsory that mental health illnesses be taught within schools.

  17. Reform the IR35 Tax Regulations.

  18. Ban all fracking, and fracking related activities in the UK.

  19. Keep adult colouring books VAT free

  20. Call for the resignation of David Cameron and George Osborne by June 24, 2016

  21. Vote of no confidence in Science Minister Jo Johnson in regards to recent events

  22. Stop use of Civil Service resources for EU referendum campaign

  23. Protect those who discuss and live their faith in public from discrimination.

  24. Stop filling our towns and city's with gambling premises.

  25. Appoint a ombudsman for housing developer's

  26. Stop expats living for more than 15 years out of UK to vote in EU referendum

  27. Release Charles Salvador from prison

  28. Ensure the Health Secretary has a clinical background

  29. Make June 23rd BRITISH INDEPENDANCE DAY BANK HOLIDAY if we leave the EU

  30. Force insurers to introduce fair premiums on young drivers.

  31. Debate whether David Cameron is fit to Govern

  32. Remove the illegal injunction effecting road usage in Harlow.

  33. Let 02 customers with continuous poor service leave their contracts without fees

  34. Make travel companies offer a discount to teachers to travel during peak times.

  35. Get permission from creators before plagiarising their art within a campaign

  36. Make all cyclists have a numberplate and insurance to cycle on UK roads.

  37. Teach self-defence within secondary schools in Physical Education as a module.

  38. Introduce a new 'Independence Day' public holiday each year on June 23rd.

  39. Remove deferrals for MSMs in favour of sexual risk screening in blood donation.

  40. Drug taking as a defence for crimes committed should not be a valid defence.

  41. Ensure that exam boards mark papers completely and correctly.

  42. For secondary schools when they have PSHE days, to focus more on mental health.

  43. Introduce a Health Tax to protect the NHS and help it embrace the future.

  44. Move for the motion of a general election within 12 months if a leave vote wins

  45. UK Government to stop keeping proceeds of corruptions from Nigeria in their land

  46. Reintroduce student grants NOT maintanance loans

  47. Investigate the extortionate cost of children's shoes.

  48. Equality for motorcyclists

  49. Change the voting system from first past the post to proportional representation

  50. Make members of parliament votes public for the European Union Referendum.

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