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  1. Remove Prime Minister May from office

  2. Accept No deal Brexit

  3. Public vote of no confidence in Theresa May to lead our nation

  4. Hold a second EU referendum.

  5. Allow adults to be legally adopted

  6. Ban the sale of products containing unsustainably sourced palm oil in the UK

  7. Request for the opposition to initiate a no confidence vote in the government.

  8. Hold a second Brexit referendum.

  9. Honour Steven Bray for the work he has undertaken by protesting against Brexit

  10. Remove Teresa May from parliament, by public vote.

  11. Make it illegal to sell any product containing Palm Oil in the UK!

  12. Tax free overtime

  13. Release Iceland Christmas advert on UK television

  14. Remove Theresa May from the office of Prime Minister

  15. Stop roll out of universal credit

  16. Request the Prime Minister, Theresa May to resign.

  17. RemoveTheresa May as Prime Minister for not delivering Brexit

  18. Dissolve Parliament and call a General Election

  19. Ban selling of plastic bags in UK, should be replaced with paper/eco friendly.

  20. Reduce unnecessary plastic to save turtles

  21. Notice how serious and dangerous fireworks are especially in the wrong hands

  22. Bring the brexit deal back to the vote of the public because of broken promises

  23. making fireworks illegal if its not guy fawks night or new years eve,

  24. UK citizens MUST be given a referendum on the final ‘EU deal/no deal.

  25. PM Theresa May must be removed from office immediately.

  26. We need a second referendum, and 16+ need the vote.

  27. Give the the UK a 'People's Vote' or a Referendum before leaving the EU.

  28. Increase the amount of weeks of paid paternity leave for men!

  29. Legalize recreational cannabis.

  30. We the people demand a vote of no confidence in Theresa May's Brexit deal.

  31. Petition for vote of no confidence in government and parliament.

  32. Give university students free public transport in the city where they study

  33. Re-election needed

  34. Petition to have Stan Lee awarded a posthumous honorary knighthood.

  35. Abolish the law on fining and imprisoning the homeless.

  36. NO DEAL BREXIT, Better than a deal nobody wants!

  37. Release the Iceland TV advert and help encourage consumers to say no to palm oil

  38. Reinvest the funding from school fines- back into the schools.

  39. Call on Premier League clubs to refuse to pay bonus to Scudamore.

  40. Get plastic packaging and bags off supermarket shelves

  41. No 5G mobile network in UK

  42. Ban Itv from attacking churches for biblical views on main stream media

  43. Ban Saturday school for all prep and senior schools that have this.

  44. Make public areas (such as a park) smoke-free areas

  45. Secondary schools should start at 10:00 and finish at 4:25.

  46. Make cyclist adhere to the same road laws as motorists

  47. The film 'They Shall Not Grow Old' be shown in ALL schools before end of 2018.

  48. Self Defence should be taught to children of school ages.

  49. I want to save Canvey Island's rapid response car.

  50. New Litter Laws Needed - Present Laws Do Not Deter Rubbish in this Country.

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