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  1. Make all pubs and clubs have lids for drinks to stop spiking

  2. Stop marking enforced (quarantine/isolation) absence from school as illness.

  3. STOP overtime and bonuses to be included in child maintenance calculation

  4. Allow British expats to return from EU back to the UK with their families.

  5. Make Pubs, Clubs And Bars Implement Stricter Drink Spiking Prevention Measures

  6. Ensure consequences are in place after a crime has been made in Smallthorne

  7. Legally punish and fine someone who knows they have Covid-19 and infects others.

  8. Tighten security checks upon entry into venues. Edinburgh, Scotland

  9. make Ian Blackford the Prime minster of the UK

  10. Label protein content on all food packaging

  11. Improve & implement mandatory security for all clubs and bars to prevent spiking

  12. Make BLS part of the school curriculum.

  13. Introduce Covid plan B now.

  14. Invoke Plan B now to save lives and protect the NHS

  15. Stop the Child Maintenance Service asking for security info when cold calling.

  16. Ban gambling adverts on TV

  17. Take into account CSA take tax,insurance and pension, as a net income not gross

  18. Increase funding for primary care services not just emergency ones

  19. Uphold the Planning Decision at Carbis Bay Hotel.

  20. Mandatory self defence lessons for children school, subsidised for adults.

  21. Bring back the help to buy scheme

  22. Change the National Anthem of England to "Mr. Brightside"

  23. Introduce Carbon Footprint (CO2 used to produce an item) product labelling

  24. Force the DVLA to tell the truth about the complete breakdown of their service.

  25. Put extra safety measurements in night clubs to avoid drinks getting spiked.

  26. Make piercing guns illegal in the UK

  27. Do not reduce the Student Loan repayment threshold from £27,295.

  28. Reopen the Moorgate via Finchley Central to Edgeware Railway as part of TFL.

  29. Referendum on a Vote of No Confidence in the Government with regards to COVID-19

  30. Re-open the East Lincolnshire Railway - Louth to Firsby

  31. Change the law, so that UK citizens can force an immediate General Election.

  32. Allow patients access to pre-booked appointments with a GP again.

  33. Request that English Heritage assume responsibility for Palace Of Westminster.

  34. Tougher laws against spiking in drinking establishments

  35. Set a professional minimum wage for the professional driving industry.

  36. Offer drink testers in nightclubs ( testing to detect drug tampered drinks)

  37. Make it a criminal offence for off lead dogs attacking on lead dogs in public.

  38. The government should take back control over the local streets.

  39. Fly tipping "sub contractors" for waste carriers

  40. Support and Save Bangladeshi Hindus

  41. Should the UK have an official permanent Four-day workweek

  42. Make it illegal for people to apologise for things that aren't their fault.

  43. Temporarily reduce fuel duty on petrol and diesel

  44. Ensure children entering the care system undergo an emotional age assessment.

  45. Abolish unrealistic school attendance percentages and fines.

  46. Make universities & higher education ctrs liable for vaccine damage to students

  47. The 16-19 bursary 2021-2022 should be transferred to students instead of schools

  48. Remove the word 'insulting' from Section 5 of the public order act 1986

  49. Eradicate Child Poverty in the UK

  50. Consistent application of rules for non-UK administered COVID vaccinations

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