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  1. Lower cost of Kent school busses

  2. Stop course fish being taken from rivers and lakes

  3. Stop the Mayor of London from expanding the ULEZ to all outer London Boroughs.

  4. UK Government to reduce the power of the Mayor of London.

  5. Increase maternity pay and leave.

  6. Change the law for knife crime. Harsher punishment.

  7. Social services and bodycams

  8. Save the taxpayer from the intended £10Billion demanded by the water companies.

  9. Leinster to Replace the Four Stars on Next Season’s Kit with Two Irish Shields

  10. Airlines to protect tall people from DVT and factor disadvantage on long flights

  11. Speaker of House,ensure PM answers the actual Questions in PMQs without dodging

  12. Request the EHRC to prioritise work on age discrimination and ageism

  13. Make social media and online accounts use verification with a scanned photo

  14. Reverse or significantly amend forthcoming planned changes to BBC Local Radio

  15. Why are consumers footing the bill for water companies’ lack of investment

  16. Transport regulation for private and Hackney set towns border

  17. Add “American bully” dogs to the list of banned dog breeds in the UK.

  18. Add XL bully’s to the dangerous dogs list

  19. The 2023 maths paper 1 foundation GCSE.I believe the paper needs to be looked at

  20. Knight Kevin Sinfield for his services in fundraising and raising awareness MND

  21. Stop Scottish Relationships, Sexual Health and Parenthood to children agenda

  22. Put health warnings on vape packaging

  23. Require water companies to fund sewage improvements themselves.

  24. Require all banks to provide a specific reason for closing a bank account.

  25. Ban Water Company's from issuing dividends and bonuses for 5 years.

  26. Have a referendum to rejoin the European Union or Single Market.

  27. anyone should become king or queen

  28. Ban and shut down Confucius Institutes across the United Kingdom

  29. Correct NHS Funding via public engagement on cost & a referendum on tax

  30. Sun cream to be excluded from luggage weight.

  31. Give uk residents their rights to peacefully protest & for injustice

  32. Prevent the River Thames Scheme from flowing into Shepperton Open Water Lake

  33. Prime Minister, please consider making Mrs Lyn Rigby a Baroness.

  34. Force water companies to foot the bill for infrastructure improvements

  35. Allow Private Hire Drivers in bus lanes.

  36. Stop network rail felling 13 million trees & make them replant the same amount

  37. Change Temple Green Park and Ride (PR2) bus service in Leeds so it’s same as 1/3

  38. Bring out a list to add all public bodies responsible for failing children

  39. Reform GP education surrounding ADHD.

  40. Scrap or overhaul Year 6 SATs to reduce the huge stress they put on children

  41. Stop water companies illegally discharging sewage into our rivers

  42. Make more spacious roads for cars and more parking spaces

  43. Build a 3rd runway at London Heathrow airport

  44. Require all MPs to answer questions in a timely and honest way or face removal.

  45. Give NHS Bank staff what they deserve! Fair pay deal too!

  46. Stop Subsidised Food and Drink for MP's and House of Lords

  47. Create an independent UK Postal Delivery Ombudsman

  48. Legislate so that tech companies cannot delete accounts for inactivity

  49. The UK government to centrally manage ordering and supply of HRT medications.

  50. Change the way Vitamin B12 is tested and deficiency treated in the UK.

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