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  1. Give 16 & 17 year olds a vote in any future referendum regarding EU membership.

  2. 384 MPs approved the bill to trigger article 50, which makes no deal default.

  3. Theresa May resign immediately over brexit fiasco, she is mocking democracy

  4. Motion of no confidence In the government by people’s vote not the MP

  5. Michelle Donelan must stand down as an MP

  6. Prevent MPs blocking No deal Brexit.

  7. The priminister Theresa May should resign immediately.


  9. Any MP who fails to honour the Brexit result can never hold public office again

  10. If the MPs stop us leaving the EU on the 29th March 2019 they should all resign.

  11. Sign the petition to help get safety barriers installed on North Bridge

  12. Remove the current Speaker of the House of Commons , John Bercow.

  13. we want the deselection of Anna Soubry and Dominick Grieve for failure of duty

  14. Refuse to vote in future elections if Brexit referendum is not honoured

  15. Make it illegal for MPs to vote against measures in their Manifesto.

  16. A Petition Calling for the Termination of employment of John Bercow.

  17. Life imprisonment for MPs trying to reverse Brexit for personal gain

  18. Disability Discrimination Act to cover rights for Endometriosis sufferers

  19. Speaker of the house must resign as he is no longer impartial

  20. Allow ALL MP's a free vote on current Brexit Deal

  21. Remove Anna Soubry from public office

  22. Make the Government urgently address knife crime.

  23. Make it law for food manufacturers to prominently mark all halal kosher products

  24. Improve the Portuguese Consult service in London!

  25. Stop universal credit leading to poverty homelessness crime suicide

  26. Make hate speech on social media illegal.

  27. John Bercow must be replaced following flouting of parliamentary procedures.

  28. Enforce all food outlets to clearly label Halal meat.

  29. Resolve the issue of disruption caused by the invigilators in the exam hall

  30. Remove John Bercow as speaker of the house for his impartiality to brexit debate

  31. Introduce Places of worship: security funding scheme for Scotland as well.

  32. Force the return of Teesside Airport into Public Ownership

  33. Force MP’s to vote For BREXIT if this was majority vote in their constituencies

  34. make cyclist have to follow the same criteria as any other road using vehicles

  35. Rid the House of Commons of the current Speaker with immediate effect

  36. Restore faith in the office of House of Commons Speaker

  37. House of commons speaker John Bercow to be sacked or resign

  38. I want harder sentences on people carrying and using knifes

  39. STOP Congestion charge for Minicabs it’s only a service.

  40. The BBC should be investigated for the bias reporting and propaganda

  41. Remove John Bercow as speaker of the House of Commons

  42. Carry out a debate on a motion/vote of no confidence in the Speaker of the House

  43. Hold a referendum to accept the Brexit deal or not to accept it (Hard Brexit).

  44. Stop travel companies from increasing their prices during school holidays.

  45. Have 16 year olds able to vote for Brexit decision and deal in the Uk

  46. That John Simon Bercow MP be removed as Speaker of the House of Commons.

  47. Remove religious exemptions made for animal slaughter

  48. Show a vote of no confidence in our parliament for failing to deliver Brexit

  49. Change government policy to stop saying no one voted for Brexit to be poorer.

  50. Immediately remove John Bercow from being the Speaker of the House of Commons

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