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  1. Recognition to Roy Larner the Lion of London Bridge for his Bravery

  2. Reduce then voting age to 16

  3. It’s isnt the breed of dog, it’s the owners!

  4. Lower the voting age to 16 for youths domiciled in the UK

  5. Lower the voting age to 16

  6. Make pubs and bars such as Wetherspoons serve drinks in correct glass.

  7. Stop the parliamentary recess until a decision is made on the Brexit deal

  8. Make sure the England football games in the Nations league are shown for free

  9. Force Andrew Griffiths to resign as an MP following his sexting scandal

  10. Cancel or drastically shorten all Parliamentary recesses due to Brexit crisis

  11. Ask Andrew Griffiths, MP for Burton upon Trent to resign.

  12. We want what we voted for a clean no deal brexit.

  13. Abandon the Policy of discriminatory concentration of flightpaths.

  14. Make suicide helplines more widely available

  15. Knight Jordan Pickford , Harry Maguire and Jamie Vardy

  16. Ensure that VAR is implemented in the Premier League before the 2019/20 starts.

  17. Conduct a vote of no confidence for Theresa May

  18. Accept Justine Greening's call for a second Brexit referendum

  19. ITV to be banned from showing coverage of England football matches.

  20. Allow dogs in shops and stores during high temperature seasons

  21. Reward the British divers involved in the rescue of the youngsters in Thailand.

  22. hold a vote of no confidence against Theresa may

  23. Change ‘banned breeds in the UK’ to banned owners.

  24. If dog is left in a car on hot day you should legally be able to smash window.

  25. Set a maximum temperature for working people.

  26. To get our local council to collect our Bins once a week in the summer months

  27. People should be punished for abusing staffies not the staffies been banned

  28. Cancel/reduce the 69 days of recess Parliament has for this summer.

  29. Ensure that the Bill of Rights 1688 is upheld and not ignored by politicians.

  30. Protect BBC political programming


  32. Redesign the 'homegrown players rule' within the Premier League.

  33. make botulinum toxin & dermal filler treatment a medical activity and treatment

  34. Council property suffering Ant infestation extermination done every three months

  35. Allow the public to welcome the English football team home at Birmingham airport

  36. Shift England (and Wales) summer holiday to span over July rather than August.

  37. To ask Theresa May to step down and allow the country to vote for a leader.

  38. Theresa May has betrayed the UK voters with her white paper and must resign

  39. Acknowledge that animals are sentient beings that feel pain and have emotions

  40. Should Theresa May resign if she cant give us the Brexit we voted for.

  41. PLEASE change sentences for child online grooming /exploitation mandatory prison

  42. Put the well known TV show ‘Drake and Josh’ on air or on Netflix.

  43. Legalise Cannabis, Weed, Marijuana

  44. Pay hard working sleep in carers the back pay they are entitled to.

  45. Get welsh football teams out of the English leagues

  46. Parliamentary debate on future of Sadiq Khan as Mayor of London.

  47. Make tampons, pads, and other essential feminine products free for consumers.

  48. The Govt’s Chequers White Paper simply IS NOT BREXIT. IT MUST BE SCRAPPED NOW!

  49. sack the mayor of London for demonstrating against Donald Trump & First Lady.

  50. Allow 18-30 year olds government funding to buy a property and secure a deposit.

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