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  1. Mind UK's own business and stop meddling with India's internal affairs !

  2. “Don't remove children from victims of domestic violence

  3. Stop a race to the bottom on corporation tax

  4. Add the word "mayn't" to the official English dictionary

  5. Mark Armistice Day 11th November as a Bank Holiday.

  6. Make the Conservative party repay the estimate £2.4tn loss in value the UK faced

  7. Remove Theresa May from office immediately

  8. Make it illegal to re-sell concert ticket

  9. Inhalers for asthma sufferers free on the NHS

  10. Call a referendum for the UK to remain a member of the European Economic Area

  11. Tackle traffic problems in Renfrew town centre

  12. Remove religious exemption from animal slaughter methods.

  13. Zebra crossing in Ouston, Co Durham at the site of the previous crossing patrol.

  14. Establish a Royal Commission into the future of the NHS

  15. Provide real assistance for parents of multiples who aren't eligible for benefit

  16. Nigel Farage should be awarded an Earldom

  17. Create equality for heterosexual and homosexual couples when filing for divorce

  18. Include women in the national screening programme for abdominal aortic aneurysms

  19. Petition to obtain Matt Hampson a national award

  20. Change the universal Credit system it's not right...

  21. Make it compulsory that all visitors to the UK must have medical insurance.

  22. A vote of no confidence in the current government must be taken.

  23. Have vanessa felts removed from radio 2. As we pay the license fee.

  24. Give more help to mental health

  25. Make tampons and pads free of charge for women.

  26. Regulate the secondary market of event ticket selling

  27. exploiting X Army vets over the troubles in Northern Ireland

  28. General election in 2017 so an elected PM will deal with 'Brexit' negotiations.

  29. We Want the government to help the campaign Black Lives Matter, and take action!

  30. Food Poverty. Lower taxes for people who are deprived of food

  31. Provide a certain amount of sanitary towels and tampons for free every month

  32. Ban all animal circuses and shows. They have no place in a just society.

  33. Crack down on gun and knife crime and ease restrictions on licence holders.

  34. Allow babies if born with or without a breath to have birth/death certificate.

  35. Provide the N.H.S with sufficient funds, from the forign aid fund.

  36. Referendum on whether the UK should stay in the single market post-Brexit.

  37. Allow all babies born no matter the stage of pregnancy a Birth Certificate.

  38. All MPs to loose honorific 'The Right Honourable'.

  39. Cut Foreign Aid from 12BN by half and invest the 6BN into the NHS

  40. All babies born before birth should be allowed a birth certificate

  41. Improve the National Health Service.

  42. Stop aid going abroad and focus on helping Britain get back on its feet

  43. Punishment for fox hunting. NO EXCEPTIONS.

  44. Stop the plans to build 3000 homes on Kempton park racecourse

  45. To make it that we can take our kids out of school in term time.

  46. All UK expatriates be allowed to vote in future UK Elections and Referendums

  47. Mums of still born babies to be able to apply for birth certificates

  48. Change cut off point so mothers of stillborn babies receive a birth certificate

  49. Completely ban The Fox Hunt as organisations fail to follow the 2004 Hunting Act

  50. Make CCTV in abattoirs mandatory and monitored by animal welfare experts.

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