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  1. Stop the increase of rent to 'near market value or market value' in council home

  2. Allow abortion in Northern Ireland in cases of fatal foetal abnormality

  3. Lower the legal drinking age in the U.K from 18 years of age to 16

  4. Reverse the Tories decision to increase student loan repayments.

  5. Make February 29th a bank holiday

  6. Help for prescriptions for those with all life long medical conditions.

  7. Stop any further pay rises or increase in allowances for MPs.

  8. action against people who report a false domestic crime for immigration purposes

  9. General public vote of no confidence in Jeremy Hunt as health secretary.

  10. Stop Jeremy Hunt enforcing a new contract on junior doctors in August

  11. Make MPs, their direct dependants and spouses use the NHS over private care.

  12. The decision to impose a contract on junior doctors is wrong & must be reversed.

  13. Call for Jeremy Hunt to resign as health secretary.

  14. Stop the new junior doctors' contracts, it is not safe for patients care!

  15. Remove Jeremy Hunt from post as Secretary of State for Health

  16. Remove Jeremy Hunt as Health Secretary for willful mismanagement of the role

  17. Debate whether Jeremy Hunt is suitable as Health Secretary

  18. Make Jeremy Hunt cancel the imposition of the new junior doctors' contract.

  19. Sack Jeremy Hunt. Appoint a new Health Secretary and negotiate with the BMA.

  20. Request a vote of no confidence in the current government, hold snap elections

  21. Stop Jeremy hunts plan to force the new contract on junior doctors

  22. P.M. to tell citizens on the news" the ambulance is NOT an emergency service "

  23. Repeal Lancashire Special Constable's driving conviction for doing his job

  24. Overrule Jeremy Hunt's Decision to Impose a New Contract on Junior Doctors

  25. Stop Jeremy Hunt enforcing unwanted contracts on Junior Doctors.

  26. Stop Jeremy Hunt imposing contract on Junior Doctors

  27. Keep Carlene as our teacher

  28. Hold a vote of no confidence in the Secretary of State for Health

  29. Home office to overturn the conviction of Acting Sergeant Blades

  30. Call a referendum on the NHS to be fully funded and to stop privatisation.

  31. Over rule Hunts decision to impose new contracts on junior doctors

  32. The establishment of a national animal abuse register

  33. Fire Jeremy Hunt (Health Secretary) 4 incompetence in democratic decision-making

  34. Make them pay their own expenses, living, daily or travel like other employees

  35. Justice for Special Sergeant Andrew Blades - Convicted of Dangerous Driving

  36. Investigate Conservative Government for putting their Party ahead of UK

  37. Scrap new forced contracts on Junior Doctors and Jeremy hunt to step down.

  38. Demand the resignation of Jeremy Hunt, Secretary of State for Health

  39. End MP's 2nd home allowance

  40. MP constituency surgeries to provide a 7 day week service

  41. Block Jeremy Hunt's New contract for Junior Doctor's.

  42. Resignation of the secretary of state for health.

  43. For parliament to pass a motion of no confidence in Her Majesty's Government.

  44. Make it compulsory to have camera's installed in all care homes

  45. Make medical marijuana legal in UK

  46. Demand the immediate resignation of the Health Secretary Jeremy Hunt

  47. The dire situation facing Zimbabweans requires an urgent international response

  48. Reduce the cost of Rail Fares

  49. Help for the homeless in belfast! Open old building's for shelter.

  50. to stop umbrella type categorisation of under 25 year olds for car insurance.

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