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  1. The Government needs to make GOV.UK more transparent and clear

  2. Initiate an investigation into Tony Blair for misconduct in public office

  3. Put a stop to Tony Blair recieving legal aid.

  4. Call a General Election after the installation of Theresa May as Prime Minister.


  6. No confidence vote on Amber Rudd being home secretary

  7. Ensure the FA don't appoint Allardyce or Bruce as England manager.

  8. Lift the ban on Tyler the Creator entering the United Kingdom.

  9. For the government to stop the persecution of Christians in other countries.

  10. Call for a border poll in Northern Ireland

  11. We demand that Swale council allow 11and1/2 months occupancy on caravan sites

  12. Reinstate the Department for Energy and Climate Change

  13. Get British Nationals an ESTA to visit USA when declined travel for no reason

  14. the people of uk should be allowed a new general election,due to brexit,

  15. Make it the law to report a dead cat

  16. Stop scheduling TV matches at inappropriate times for travelling supporters


  18. Ensure the future of the Ross Tiger.

  19. Reverse the merger of the departments for climate change and business

  20. Leadsom to redraw her comments about men shouldn't be hired to do childcare

  21. Sacking of Andrea Leadsom following sexist comments re male childcare duties

  22. Remove Boris Johnson from the position of Foreign Secretary.

  23. I would like the reinstatement of the climate change department.

  24. Ban the streaming of Muslim hate preacher Dr Zakir Naik's Peace TV into the UK

  25. Take back turkey

  26. Please can we invite Barack Obama to lead our country?

  27. A call for Andrea Leadsom to be sacked

  28. Increase bus services between Uttoxeter Bus (& rail) stations to Alton Towers

  29. Lower the voting age to 16 and introduce political literacy into the curriculum

  30. Volkswagen Emissions Scandal, USA drivers gets compensated leaving the UK aside.

  31. Re-instate the Department for Climate Change immediately.

  32. Take positive action to impeach Tony Blair

  33. Say "No" Bank of England economic stimulus to reduce Brexit economic impact

  34. Ensure classic cars exemption from the London T-charge

  35. Cap prices at £20 for away fans at Sky Bet Championship football matches

  36. Reinstate the Department for Energy and Climate Change.

  37. Abolish the TV license,we should have a choice whether we want to watch the BBC

  38. Ask Boris Johnson to stand down as Foreign Secretary.

  39. Deport ANYONE living in this country with known links immediately.

  40. Nigerian high commission to have passport office in Scotland or collection point

  41. Re-instate the Department of Energy and Climate Change (DECC)

  42. Make changes to the electoral system so that voters are better represented

  43. Make VW pay similar compensation to UK customers as the USA.

  44. Bring back the Department for Energy and Climate Change

  45. Teresa May, reinstate the department of energy and climate change.

  46. Stop the take over of the LSE from the German stock exchange

  47. The time limit which disenfranchises overseas electors should be abolished.

  48. Have Jeremy Hunt removed as the Health Secretary in Theresa May's new cabinet

  49. Bring back the act which allows House of Parliament to call general election

  50. Stop dogs that looks like a 'pitbull' being put down purely on looks

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