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  1. Make Jacob Reece mogg head of the conservative party and call a general election

  2. Clearly label all meat products to say if the food contains Halal meat.

  3. Keep Christmas wonderland OPEN!!!!

  4. Null and Void the results of the deeply flawed 2016 EU Referendum.

  5. Home Secretary to ban Trump from UK as it poses risk to order and security here.

  6. Use an alternative measure, for the proposed “white cider” tax.

  7. Make companies have plus size models to model sizes from size 12 and upwards.

  8. Theresa May to stand down as Tory Leader with immediate effect.

  9. Restrict HGV on A34 between 07:00AM to 09:00AM and 16:00PM to 18:00PM

  10. To stand againt the Recognition of Jerusalem / Al Quds as the capital of Israel.

  11. Request Home Office to speed up the process of the asylum applications.

  12. Lower the amount of time homeless people have to live on streets for.

  13. Allow the Coca Cola truck to visit Cumbria

  14. UK government to officially recognize Jerusalem as the capital of Israel.

  15. Take action against motor insurance corporations for increasing insurance.

  16. To increase prison sentences for each crime in the UK


  18. Re election of Lincoln council

  19. Place economic sanctions on the United States

  20. Make racism publically illegal and take more action to promote that its wrong!

  21. Don’t close moray school’s libraries and get rid of our librarians.

  22. Make it law that animals slaughtered are given proper anaesthetic and stunning.

  23. The UK voting public demand a vote on the final Brexit Deal.

  24. Immediately leave the eu without a deal

  25. Petition for Parliament to recognise Jerusalem as the capital of Israel.

  26. Make charge/penalty no shows at GP surgery's,out patient departments within NHS

  27. Help the homeless people in Wrexham find shelter

  28. A formal apology being made by Mr Hammond for his comments on disabled workers

  29. Sack Teresa May and her Brexit decision makers for failing our country

  30. Object to Jerusalem as Israel capital

  31. I do not agree with the settlement Mrs May has reached with the EU

  32. Reject the EU Brexit deal agreed by the conservative government on 08/12/2017!

  33. Strip CNR of the operator licence they hold for the Ninian Southern platform

  34. Equal rights for both landlords and tenants

  35. Ban pavement parking and extend rule 244 of the Highway code across the UK

  36. Allow any UK citizen who chooses, to also have EU citizenship.

  37. Make sanitary products free.

  38. Community service for teachers and school staff after snow days!

  39. Give Gmp the power and resources to deal with antisocial behaviour in the area.

  40. Regulate the industy for secondary music ticket sales

  41. It is time for a second public referendum about Brexit!

  42. Remove Wood Pellet Heating Systems from Mosside, N.I BT53

  43. Legally require parents/carers to vaccinate their child prior to entering school

  44. Recognise Jerusalem as the capital of Israel

  45. Prevent parking charges at Walna Scar by Rydal Estates

  46. Acknowledge Jerusalem as the Capital of Israel

  47. To officially recognise Jerusalem as the capital of Israel.

  48. Make self service checkouts pay an employees equivalent of tax and NI.

  49. Make the misuse of the educator privilege at any level, a criminal offence.

  50. Ban all Plastic Bottles, Cups, Plates, Cutlery & Straws in the UK by 2022

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