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  1. Make car insurance cheaper for younger drivers

  2. Ban the burka for security reasons like France and Switzerland

  3. End exploitative zero hour contracts.

  4. Press corrections to be the same size, font & placement as the original article

  5. Reject the bombing of Syria, due to it being disastrous and ill thought out.

  6. Call for regular drug testing of UK members of paliament

  7. Introduce stronger punishment for animal abuse

  8. Stronger sentences for cases of animal abuse.

  9. Tougher sentences for animal abuse and neglect.

  10. Hold a UK Public Referendum on taking any military action.

  11. Compulsory Prison Sentences for Animal Abuse, Cruelty and Murder.

  12. Bring back the NHS student bursary don't let it be scrapped in 2017

  13. Send Jeremy Corbyn to Syria to broker peace with the head of ISIS

  14. Increase the sanction for people committing cruelty to animals.

  15. Have a public vote on whether or not to bomb Syria

  16. Justice for the chihuahua Chunky

  17. Legalise Segways / Hoverboards to be used on streets like bikes & skateboards

  18. Make tethering of horses illegal whether it be on common private or council land

  19. Big business should pay the same hourly rate in one county as they do in another

  20. Stop the 3% surcharge for buy-to-let investors

  21. MPS: Stop shouting and jeering like boorish animals in the House of Commons.

  22. Introduce a statue of limitations on non-violent and white collar crimes.

  23. A complete ban on unsolicited marketing and scam phone calls

  24. No more solar 'farms' that impact tourism in the scenic Usk valley

  25. The travesty of lack of parking at Harper Adams University

  26. Stop the radio stations playing east 17 stay another day at Christmas.

  27. More financial support for carers and recognition of the work we do.

  28. Cut Member of parliament's salary by 10% and Give it to the NHS!

  29. HM Government; Maintain HMS Ocean in Commission until the new carriers are ready

  30. Disallow the filibuster procedure on debates In the Houses of Parliament.

  31. Stop taking the Armed Forces for granted, and provide better pay for soldiers.

  32. Increase sentences for animal cruelty cases

  33. Stop Turkey from joining the EU, remove them from NATO and sanction them

  34. Make mental health medication free

  35. Discuss a review of all Government expenses and justify the MP's 10% pay rise.

  36. UK to withdraw its support for any operations in Syria.

  37. Hillingdon council to open up closed shops for the homless over winter

  38. To debate a vote of no confidence for Leader of the Labour Party, Jeremy Corbyn!

  39. Legalise (or at least decriminalise) cannabis in Jersey and the Channel Islands.

  40. Immediately accept BMA offer of ACAS mediation, to avoid a strike by doctors.

  41. Allow the Lord's prayer advert to be used in cinemas across the UK


  43. Compel parliament to debate petitions with over 100,000 signatures.

  44. No To British Intervention In Syria

  45. Act against homelessness in London and bring about a change.

  46. David Cameron to resign over immigration as stated in contract

  47. Stop the announced closure of HMRC Cumbernauld and retain a local HMRC presence

  48. Asking for the Queen to disolve parliament and call a general election

  49. Force Sale Grammar Sixth Form to provide a fridge for students to store lunch

  50. Reverse the ban on Lord's Prayer in cinemas

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