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  1. Make bells on pushbikes a legal requirement

  2. Bring Time-out chocolate bars back

  3. Award Nigel Farage a knighthood for services to the country

  4. Change the facebook logo back

  5. Ban the sale and installation of artificial grass

  6. Make AS Monaco sell Youri Tielemans to Leicester City

  7. Cancel Parliament's Summer recess until they have sorted Brexit out

  8. Cancel this year's Champion's League

  9. Stop ALL expenses for MP’s

  10. A petition to get Liverpool fc relegated to the championship.

  11. Vincent Kompany to be given a Knighthood

  12. Julian Assange stop USA extradition

  13. Any second referendum not to include Remain as this was decided in 2016

  14. Leave the EU without a Deal now.

  15. Throw newport out of the efl due to them being a welsh team.

  16. Give Premier League title to both Liverpool FC and Manchester City FC

  17. Lower the car insurance for young drivers

  18. Save Our BBM

  19. Make boxes of the soft Coco Rocks.

  20. Cancel the play-offs.

  21. Remove ‘manspreading’ from the Oxford Dictionary.

  22. Sack Chris Grayling!

  23. A knighthood and national recognition for francis benali's amazing charity work

  24. Stop the funding of the BBC

  25. Lower the voting age to 16 for UK Residents

  26. Remove the BBC licence fee as they are no longer impartial in their reporting.

  27. Block Huawei 5G being installed

  28. Vending machine in the Media block at Banbury college pls

  29. Ban Huawei involvement from Britain’s 5G network.

  30. King size pot noodles should come with bigger sauce sachets.

  31. Stop the UK Government from using Huawei for 5G network

  32. give francis benali a knighthood for what he has done for charity

  33. Force AS Monaco to sell Youri Tielemans to Leicester city Football Club

  34. Bring back Mcdonlads plastic straws.

  35. Make James Acaster get Instagram.

  36. Stockport MBC to arrange procession for Stockport County’s promotion.

  37. Cancel the upcoming Sonic the hedgehog Movie

  38. Free Julian Assange

  39. Revoke the power of the police to search the phones of rape victims

  40. Ban single use hot drinks cups (consumers must bring reusable cups to takeaway).

  41. Stop rape victims from having to hand their phones over to police

  42. Chris Packham should not be sacked By the BBC.

  43. Free Julian Assange and grant him diplomatic status so he can leave the UK

  44. Make Emmanuel College the designated smoking area for Cambridgeshire

  45. Bring back creme egg McFlurrys

  46. Stop asking rape victims to hand their phones to police when reporting

  47. The government to take serious action against global warming & our environment

  48. Declare a Climate Emergency - Work to prevent total Climate Breakdown.

  49. Let university students be registered at a doctors surgery, at home and Uni

  50. Make all shops provide paper carrier bags instead of plastic

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