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  1. Remove VAT on petrol & diesel

  2. Remove the VAT for fuel during this difficult perioud

  3. Free entry for children to all educational and cultural sites and activities

  4. More funding and a better system is needed for our Mental Health

  5. Make Basic First Aid a Mandatory Part of the Secondary School Curriculum

  6. Scrap fuel duty immediately to help ease the cost of living crisis.

  7. Change laws to fine fuel companies making profit from motorists

  8. Relaunch a modern Cold War prepared volunteer part-time UK home defence forces.

  9. Legalize cannabis for sale, consumption, and production

  10. Ban homework across all uk schools.

  11. Make Nursing and Midwifery training more affordable

  12. Put sighns in place around oxenholme helmside Road about speed limits

  13. NHS PAY RISE 10-15%

  14. End the Church of England's exemption from Equality Laws, including Marriage.

  15. Look more closely into the cse report in oldham.

  16. Add Trans people to the ban on conversion therapy.

  17. Change the way we buy and sell properties in the UK

  18. Update Gambling regulations for loot boxes and P2W in computer/mobile games.

  19. Act to reduce DVSA driving test wait times that extend into 2023 in many areas.

  20. secondary children should be allowed to were nonuniform to school

  21. Pay increase and help with mileage costs for community carers.

  22. An easier system for parents who are being refused access to their children

  23. GP staff should be entitled to NHS pay rates and contract conditions

  24. Prohibit the UK Government from electronically tagging Asylum Seekers.

  25. Regulate feed in tariffs

  26. Make school starts at 10 (or later)

  27. Make a school holiday for Eid Mubarak.

  28. Include the Working Class in the £650 Cost of Living Payout

  29. To set up a prostate cancer screening programme for men

  30. Stop online ticket retailers from charging service, facility and processing fees

  31. The Government should subsidise fuel and running costs for carers.

  32. Catering contracts for schools in West Sussex include Halal meals

  33. Look into the fuel duty and taxes and bring prices down.

  34. Change school uniform to one that is comfortable, cheap, breathable, practical.

  35. Reduce tax on fuel by reducing VAT & freezing it when price goes over $x pb.

  36. Ban ballon release

  37. S.O.S save our sugar

  38. Make New Laws Regarding Temperatures At Which Dog Walking & Transport Is Banned.

  39. Introduce legislation to eliminate plastic packaging in supermarkets

  40. Holiday prices same all year round for educational workers.

  41. Reduce fuel prices by 40 pence per litre. Cap fuel prices at £1.50 per litre.

  42. Keep the right to educate otherwise through homeschooling

  43. Stop the schools bill as it is a total and unreasonable overreach of power.

  44. Make it a legal requirement that letting agencies provide an emergency number.

  45. Start a public referendum on the removal of Boris Johnson from office.

  46. Prioritize mental health of females against violence and abuse.

  47. Not go to war with Russia and stop supplying the Ukraine with arms

  48. The Government to substantially reduce or temporarily suspend all Fuel Duty.

  49. Regulate monetisation in the gaming and mobile gaming industry

  50. Allow a 2nd EU Referendum now that Brexit is completed, so the UK can decide.

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