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There will be a General Election on Thursday 4 July. This means that Parliament has been dissolved and that all parliamentary business – including petitions – has been stopped.

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  1. Get rishi sunak out of office

  2. Put David Attenborough on a bank note

  3. Remove the speed limit on motorways in certain sections.

  4. Stop the proposed changes to our waste collection services

  5. Provide a medical assembly to children of age in high school on first aid.

  6. Ban the production and sale of blue swimwear for babies and children

  7. Requirement for Infrastructure before occupation of new developments

  8. Update Council Tax Bands to reflect 2024 Household Costs, rather than 1991.

  9. Debate the increase of sports subscriptions in the UK, especially football.

  10. Place a cap on charity wages and bonuses.

  11. Please don’t count student loan as income

  12. A Third Access Road for Canvey. Acknowledge the need for improved infrastructure

  13. I would like a small football pitch made near my house to play with my friends.

  14. Make it legal for drivers to report a collision with a cat

  15. Review new houses built near a public house or music venue to help Live music.

  16. More help with diagnosis for children and teenagers with ADHD

  17. increase money input to school

  18. End the Culling of Male Chicks in the UK

  19. Allow the gaining and spending of points on stage 1 infant formulas

  20. Make all crimes where a weapon is used or found to be carried a prison offence

  21. Stop the FA and the Premier League from scrapping FA Cup replays

  22. Telephone masts bullying our farmers making them take 95% cut

  23. Recognise racism towards white people and Anglophobia as a hate crime.

  24. Renationalise England's water industry.

  25. Ban the use of fireworks to the public

  26. To change terms used in DDA1991. To properly follow section 2.(4) of dda1991

  27. Get rid of the bus lane on the North Circular, A406 in Edmonton/ Palmers Green

  28. Scrap plans to strip GPs power to issue sicknotes

  29. Stop ULEZ

  30. Give the outer London borough’s self autonomy from the GLA.

  31. School fines for holidays or of set holidays

  32. Remove Sadik Kahn from office and mayor of London. Then have a re-vote.

  33. Limited the amount of terms the London mayor can serve to two

  34. Set up an government funded institution like the UK Youth Parliament

  35. Make it a legal requirement to upload photo I’d for social media accounts uk

  36. We demand General election now

  37. Bring back option of buying your mobility scheme vehicle at the end of lease

  38. Provide Ukrainians on Ukrainian Visa Schemes with a status leading to ILR

  39. The Need for a General Election with Immediate Effect

  40. Abolish or reduce Bedroom tax for people who are trying to downsize.

  41. Scrap the current Anthem of the UK and choose one more befitting of its people

  42. Make David Tennant a Lord

  43. Stop Insurance Theft! Sign Now

  44. Improve our roads

  45. Government intervene immediately!

  46. Allow high ranking police officers to carry firearm.

  47. Cancel the push to change pip to vouchers.

  48. Arming the UK police with firearms.

  49. Build a Primark

  50. legalize cannabis

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