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  1. Force a limit on the use of fireworks in residential areas.

  2. Stop the NHS asking patients about their sexual orientation.

  3. Close the gender pay gap

  4. Charged animal abusers should have to declare themselves to their local council.

  5. Stop NHS staff from asking people about their sexual orientation.

  6. Give us people of Dundee our own Hogmany/Newyears Party

  7. When your property gets reprosessed from high court you should get 4 days notice

  8. Please stop paying a salary to N.I. MLA's for failure to work. No work, No pay.

  9. Public enquiries into British steel pension and Tata steel

  10. Put guidelines into place for the media when reporting on mental health

  11. Stop the Building of a Chicken Farm in Nottinghamshire

  12. Make Religious and Moral Studies not mandatory in high schools.

  13. Re-open Honiton & Okehampton NHS Birth centres NOW!

  14. Change the age limit on the Saturday Oliver Heldens to 16+

  15. Join the EU on 1st April 2019

  16. Health care works to have deaf awareness training/learn basic sign language

  17. Save the neuropsychology service for Pennine Lancashire

  18. Give those suffering with Mental Illness help with prescription costs.

  19. Help Paxton Academy get a permanent site after 4 years in temporary portacabins.

  20. Stop discrimination against white British in jobs,housing & mortgages,

  21. Petition against Norfolk County Council to halt removal housing wardens.

  22. End the TV licence fee.

  23. Launch primary legislation to protect the public NHS from profit led providers.

  24. Have a second brexit referendum in 2018.

  25. Ban smoking in apartments including balcony.

  26. Make Slavery and Black History compulsory on the Primary Curriculum.

  27. Give paid leave to employees to house train a new puppy.

  28. Undertake a 2nd referendum on Europe Exit, now we have more truthful information

  29. Stop forcing schools to mark flexi schooled children as absent.

  30. Raise the £3.50 per hour for 19+ year olds on apprentaships

  31. Close down fee charging debt management companies.

  32. The rent licence scheme to be abolish from all London Borough, additional burden

  33. A Petition for an Inclusive/Transparent BREXIT Process to the Unite the Country

  34. Stop tattoo, hair colour and piercing discrimination. NOW.

  35. Reduce costs of gluten-free products in Supermarkets!

  36. Recognise the independence of Catalonia. For freedom and democracy

  37. A legal requirement that you have to stop and report any car accident with a Cat

  38. Ban Fracking in the UK

  39. Pardon Edith Thompson, hanged for a crime she didn't commit.

  40. Ask Theresa May to resign as Prime Minister.

  41. Stop PIN protection on TV content for households with no minors.

  42. Stop charging welfare claimants 55p per minute to telephone the DWP

  43. Make claimant phone calls to the Universal Credit Helpline free of charge.

  44. Make it Law that Children from Five upward are Taught RESPECT to Adults.

  45. We urge the Government to tackle the procurement scandal in the NHS.

  46. Save the Royal Marines from cuts including our amphibious capability

  47. Reverse the decision by the Health Board to remove Doctors from Llandudno MIU

  48. The law to recognise our human rights and stop halal being sold on by stealth.

  49. Call upon USA & North Korea to de-escalate; make it clear UK won't join conflict

  50. Make a law ensuring every cyclist has a number plate to prevent further incident

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