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  1. Make alcohol and tobacco illegal, to fairly represent their associated harms

  2. Petition to have musician Tyler, the Creator's ban from the UK lifted

  3. Make the production, sale and use of alcohol illegal.

  4. Arrest The israeli Prime Minister...

  5. Legalise cannabis use, sale, and production

  6. Ban alcohol and tobacco due to the very high health risks.

  7. Nicola Sturgeon for Prime Minister

  8. Make the consumption of everything illegal

  9. David Cameron and other politicians to survive on minimum wage for a year.

  10. Remove the car cruise ban from Southend sea front

  11. Preserve 'The Spinney Allotments' and save from development.

  12. Stop charging 16/17 year olds adult fares for public transport

  13. Petition against the BBC giving the contract to others re the Met Office

  14. Save our village! Stop building housing developments in Sherburn In Elmet.

  15. Make debating all petitions that reach over 100,000 signatures mandatory.

  16. BBC not renewing contract with the Met Office

  17. Make a Statue for Bradford Jesus Man!

  18. I want my BBC weather to be from the MET office not from a foreign country.

  19. Make facebook give Spiky Mike his name back

  20. Allow 16 and 17 year olds the opportunity to vote in the EU referendum

  21. End the 12 Month Deferral Ban on Gay Men Donating Blood

  22. Demand Iain Duncan Smith resign over lying to public in DWP sanctions leaflets

  23. To get the BBC to continue to use the UK Met Office as its weather provider

  24. Create a safe haven within the EU for refugees

  25. Reinstate the Met Office as the BBC's weather service.

  26. Keep the MET Office's BBC contract in place.

  27. Reinstate the MET Office Weather Forecast Contract with the BBC

  28. Article 20 of the EU's Tobacco Products Directive should not become British law

  29. To refuse to implement Article 20 of the Tobacco Products Directive.

  30. Stop Illegal Forced Adoption! Justice For Broken Familys.

  31. All public officers who cover up/choose to ignore/lie are to be put b4 a court

  32. Make Inhalers for Asthma sufferers FREE of Prescription charge.

  33. Give a safe haven to afganistani interpreters who worked with the British army

  34. Give Honorary British citizenship to Jesus Christ.

  35. Bring to account and sack,fire or imprison Iain Duncan Smith as Minister for DWP

  36. Why are people in need of help from the benefits office being routinely ignored

  37. Asthmatics should be able to be prescribed inhalers free on the NHS

  38. 700 Britons died in Palestine: 1944-48. Commemorate these on Remembrance Sunday.

  39. That the refuse collections are made on a weekly basis.

  40. Make Asthma sufferers medically exempt from having to pay for all prescriptions.

  41. Ban the importation of trophy hunting items into the U.K.

  42. Ban Supermarkets from destroying unsold food & oblige them to give it to charity

  43. Railways to be renationalised, end UK having the highest rail prices in Europe.

  44. Keep the A & E at the Princess Royal Hospital in Telford.

  45. make it easier for British nationals who are married to international partners.

  46. Ban the outdated term 'committed suicide' in our language and dictionaries

  47. Publish Or make the Chilcot Report Readable

  48. ban the burqa in the UK as a threat to our safety, country and Queen..

  49. We would like to see Harsher Punishments for Stolen and Abused Animals

  50. Give student nurses extra funding or a wage during studies