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  1. Make Nigel Farage a member of the House of Lords

  2. Bring back the nit nurse in primary schools

  3. Legalize Cannabis in the UK (recreational/medicinal)

  4. make it mandatory that all vehicles have a front facing dash camera

  5. Have a referendum for the legalisation of cannabis in the UK.

  6. Make the Grade boundries for the 2018 GCSE exams lower

  7. Make Primark put back on sale the Walking Dead 'eeny meeny miny moe' t shirt.

  8. reinstate wayne shaw .....back to sutton utd .

  9. Get Wayne shaw reinstated as reserve Sutton keeper.

  10. Wayne Shaw (Sutton United) should be IMMEDIATELY re-instated to his role.

  11. Reinstate Wayne Shaw as reserve goalkeeper for Sutton United.

  12. Rethink your 2016 vote NOW! Reply YES (for Brexit) or NO (against Brexit).

  13. UK drivers to have stop after hitting a cat and take responsibility.

  14. Give reserve Sutton United goalkeeper Wayne Shaw an OBE

  15. Allow people to object to parliamentary petitions as well as support then

  16. Make it the law for dogs to wear leads in public places

  17. stop petition "To define marriage as only between one man and one woman."

  18. Change Nelson Road in Fleetwood to Uwe Avenue

  19. Scrap the English football league cup and also the FA cup and bring a new cup

  20. Remove the "Marriage as exclusively only between one man and one woman" petition

  21. Make Home education compulsory in all schools. Things like how to pay taxes etc

  22. To define marriage as exclusively only between two people who love each other

  23. Stop the ex PM Blair from trying to start a re vote to turn over the Brexit vote

  24. Free Charles Salvador (Bronson)

  25. Tony Blair to face impeachment

  26. For The United Kingdom To Keep Tony Blair Out Of Brexit Negotiations.

  27. Bring back Waterloo Road to our screens on Wednesdays!

  28. Scrap the BBC licensing fee as they can no longer be regarded as impartial

  29. Raise the 40% tax limit back to £50,000 to protect working class

  30. Commons speaker must resign immediately.

  31. Abolish the House of Lords and replace it with an elected senate.

  32. Make Danny Dyer the new Doctor Who

  33. Stop Tony Blair interfering with Brexit

  34. Stop Tony Blair perverting the brexit vote

  35. Regulate the ticket industry to prevent music fans being exploited.

  36. Put a STOP to any more action against our BREXIT.

  37. STOP Rogue MP's and Lords from ending our BREXIT

  38. Prevent the Government from widening the scope of combat immunity.

  39. Poppy to go on the new £10 note

  40. Make GCSE English Literature exams open book

  41. Get Mental Health Into The PSE Curriculum In Secondary Schools

  42. Make Monday a part of the week end!

  43. Make forced fatherhood illegal. Give men the choice NOT to be a father.

  44. Hold a referendum to abolish the current House of Lords and have elected peers

  45. Revise the value of maintenance grants given to students

  46. SKY TV are trying to stop a charity bike show that has been going for 17 years

  47. Make all the UK pay for prescriptions like the English to boost NHS

  48. Put Alan Turing on the new £10 note.

  49. Send aid in the form of money and basic healthcare to the people of Palestine.

  50. Make study leave for Year 11 students 3-months long in 2017 so they can revise!

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