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  1. Reinburse University Students for Strike Action

  2. Give more rights to victims in the NI court process.

  3. Allow The Oyster & Fish House (Lyme Regis) to retain outside decking area

  4. Dissolve Devolution for Scotland and The Scottish Parliament

  5. Change the mini roundabout into a proper roundabout at Westgate in Skelmersdale

  6. Tougher UK regulation of the international trading in second-hand clothing

  7. Ban the enforced 'plant-based' school lunch changes in Edinburgh

  8. Change the time school starts for teenagers to 10 am onwards

  9. Make Friday weekends.

  10. Make travel industry provide discount to those that work in schools

  11. Change the law regarding funding of government departments

  12. Reverse the decision by Thérèse Coffey to allow the use of Neonicotinoids.

  13. Urgent call for a General Election in May of 2023

  14. Stop FA cup semi finals being played at Wembley

  15. Extend or get rid of the 2030 deadline that will ban new diesel and petrol cars

  16. all animals in shelters to be kept alive and not killed!

  17. For the NHS to prescribe lactose supplements and milk

  18. Reduce student tuition fees due to the strikes.

  19. Government own EV chargers to be installed to incentivise the purchasing of EVs.

  20. Lower smear tests from 25 to 18

  21. Let kids dye there hair and get rid of mandatory school uniform

  22. Enforce I'd verification to open a social media account on any platform

  23. A knighthood for Chris Packham for services to nature and the environment

  24. Make homework non mandatory for UK schools.

  25. Mitigation of student fees in light of industrial action taken by Union.

  26. Stop hotels being used to house asylum seekers in Ilfracombe.

  27. Find funding for an epilepsy nurse in Lewisham Borough

  28. I want to start a new petition to rejoin the EU again.

  29. Refund Tuition Fees to Students for the Duration of University Strikes

  30. Fine Teachers who go on strike.

  31. Stop ULEZ Expansion Tax on Londoners, UK residents and International Visitors!

  32. Calls for a General Election immediately

  33. Ban the use of neonicotinoid pesticides

  34. Stop MOT fee discounting 


  35. Mental Health Crisis in South Kensington & surrounding boroughs

  36. An examination on unused land along the HS2 route for community allotments.

  37. Review spending of Hereford Council to ensure they are accountable to the public

  38. Implement regulations for food manufacturers to test own products for oxalates

  39. Stop Universities from restricting where students can go for their Year Abroad.

  40. Give short term loans to international students to pay their university fees

  41. Ban the sale of single-use “disposable” vapes.

  42. Set an MPs annual wage to the average income for the constituency they represent

  43. Improve the standards of maths in school, rather than compulsory maths until 18

  44. when a prime minister has to resign it should be to the public to vote

  45. I would like to scrap all tuition fees for university students

  46. Provide more shelters for homeless animals

  47. Vote to agree ALL hybrids and mild hybrids must be subject to emissions testing.

  48. Vote for MOT test fees to be increased.

  49. Stop MOT fee discounting 


  50. Permit DVSA to increase the weight of class 7 to 5000 kgs - vehicles reg> 2022

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