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  1. Get the BBC to bring back weekly television chart programme Top of the Pops

  2. Honour Kenny dalglish with a knighthood.

  3. Strip Knighthood from Sir Bernard Ingham

  4. Safer Method Of Payment To Ensure Child Maintenance Get Spent On the Child!

  5. Reinstate Ken Livingstone immediately. He is not an Anti-Semite.

  6. Allow Ken Livingstone and Naz Shah back into the labour party

  7. Stop car parking charges at Hospitals.

  8. UK Gun Law

  9. NOT TO Suspension Naz Shah & Ken Livingstone

  10. EU send resource to support communities receiving refugees and economic migrants

  11. Let Zielsdorf family stay in Scotland after overstaying their Visa

  12. Make it the law to report a road traffic accident involving a cat

  13. Strip Philip Green of his knighthood.

  14. stop children having access to tinder and other social networking sites aged 13+

  15. Give obese people specialist help in their locality – it’s their right

  16. Change the law so that ALL homeless (not just priority cases) get help

  17. The home office investigates false accusations of domistic violence

  18. Ask Honours Forfeiture Committee to debate Philip Green's (BHS) Honour

  19. European migrant should not be able to vote in the eu referendum

  20. Get companies to stop late payment charges.

  21. Increase minimum wage for apprentices to make sure their income is 'liveable'

  22. To have Sir Phillip Green stripped of his title, for asset stripping BHS

  23. Decrease MP's Salary and alter the law so they cannot vote for their own payrise

  24. Make it compulsory for cyclists to have insurance as road users.

  25. Rename the Charity Shield to the Hillsborough Memorial Trophy.

  26. Remove Jeremy Hunt from the Cabinet, I have no confidence in him.

  27. We ask that the knighthood of Sir Bernard Ingham be removed.

  28. Petition Force the BBC Media to represent the British People's points of view.

  29. Petition. Confiscate all M.P.s assets that have wasted British Taxpayers money.

  30. Give a knighthood to Kenny Dalglish

  31. Make the minimum wage the same for all ages.

  32. Give Animals more rights in Courts.

  33. Ban mk Dons fans from all football matches

  34. Inquiry should be held on Naz Shah MP for her strong anti-Semitic comments/views

  35. Call for government reform in the wake of the Hillsborough Disaster verdict

  36. Stop the proposed closure of local UK pharmacies

  37. Demolish the Sun newspaper

  38. Give Kenny Dalglish a knighthood for his support of the Hillsborough families

  39. Rescind Bernard Ingham's knighthood.

  40. stop existing drivers of diesel cars from being taxed .

  41. A public enquiry should be held into Police violence in Orgreave

  42. Make the Sun newspaper apologise on it's front page for the Hillsborough lies.

  43. NO to bombing Syria,NO to British involvement. NO to Obama's wars!

  44. Protect Free Speech and our right to criticize Israel without fear of punishment

  45. Make London roads to be in charge of running by bus, taxis and haulage drivers

  46. Tell teenage girls that they are beautiful no matter what size or shape the are.

  47. Strip Bernard Ingham of his Knighthood

  48. Should Boris Johnson Resign From Public Office?

  49. Supermarkets not to be able to throw away unwanted food and give to the poor

  50. Posthumously strip Margaret Thatcher of all titles

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