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  2. Save the XL bully.

  3. Overturn Mark Drakeford’s decision to implement the 20mph speed limit in Wales.

  4. For all dogs to wear muzzles and not just xl bully’s

  5. Tougher sentences for dog attacks (on the owners) .

  6. Muzzle all dogs not just the XL BULLY! Rule for all breeds. Or no rule at all!

  7. Lower the voting age to 16.

  8. A Knighthood for Pat Jennings

  9. stop XL bully’s and XLamerican dogs from being banned.

  10. No to muzzle xl bully’s these dogs are not aggressive

  11. Do not ban the American bully breed We will not vote or stand with TORIES

  12. Make legal a dog license to own a dog

  13. End BSL

  14. Look in to back yard breeders not the xl bully breed

  15. Do not band breeds but bring in restrictions for all dog owners.

  16. Decrease the amount of gambling advertisements on TV and Radio

  17. Abolish the 20mph speed limit in Wales that came into force 17th September 2023

  18. Decrease the amount of gambling adverts on television and radio

  19. Become a self sufficient country and stop food imports- BACK BRITISH FARMING 🇬🇧🚜

  20. Keep disposable vapes !!!

  21. Keep XL bullys legal dogs to own

  22. Make Fridays a weekend day which closes school

  23. Make dog licensing mandatory in UK

  24. Petition for American XL Bully not to wear a muzzle

  25. Follow Ireland and Spains laws when it comes to dogs

  26. National vote to revert 20mph speed limits

  27. Change breeding and ownership laws for all dog breeds

  28. All dog owners to have a licence All Breeders to have a breeders license

  29. Make dog licenses compulsory

  30. Include more high quality basketball courts in Plymouth

  31. Change dog breeding legislation to protect animals and punish criminals


  33. Introduce a Dog Licence for certain breeds instead of a ban.

  34. Make all dog owners require a licence to have a dog.

  35. Licence owners of high powered dogs, don’t blame a dog or seek to ban the breed

  36. Add Staffordshire Bull Terriers to the Dangerous Dogs Act


  38. Make owners responsible for their dog!!

  39. ALL Dogs To Be Muzzled & Leashed In Public Places - DontBullyMyBreed

  40. Change the age of consent to protect those at 16 being groomed

  41. ensure a fair accurate independent expert review on the breed american xl bully

  42. Evict a neighbour

  43. Introduce tougher laws for unethical dog breeders and owners of dangerous dogs

  44. Put a stop to unregistered backyard breeding- it’s all whose behind the lead

  45. Create grafiti zones in places with high grafiti rate

  46. Kick rishi sunak as pm

  47. Let secondary school children go to the toilet during lesson!!

  48. Dog Owner Assessments before ownership is allowed and a licence granted.

  49. Lift the Saturday Football Blackout, and allow matches to continue at this time.

  50. stop the ban of XL American bulldogs

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