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  1. Sheffield City Council: reevaluate parking restrictions around Kelham Island

  2. Stop wain homes from building on lambs road Thornton .The roads cannot cope.

  3. Address the misinformation mobile networks give on the release of new iPhones.

  4. Make it illegal for women to deny a father access to their children.

  5. Introduce sign language into the National Curriculum

  6. change the law for terminally ill people to choose when they want to die.

  7. Bring back Bake Off to the BBC

  8. make school foods better at giggleswick school.

  9. Ban the burka in Britain

  10. Free home to school travel for all rural children/ improve bus services

  11. Ensure UK POLICE administer, UK LAW against ALL FACTIONS without Favour

  12. sort the local traffic issues surrounding the dartford river crossing

  13. All buses must be equipped with seat belts not just coaches

  14. Legislation for Halal meat to be labelled. More inspections + CCTV in abbatoirs.

  15. To Stand with Manchester Firefighters: No to mass dismissals.

  16. Let the public vote on the legalisation of cannabis in the uk. It is our country

  17. Zimbabwe must have hold elections soon, there needs to be new leadership

  18. Allow the 1000 refugee children in France immediate access to the UK


  20. To stop the government from increasing the university fees to £9,250.

  21. Help introduce Student Discount for train fares or Extend child rates to age 18.

  22. The Olympic parades scheduled on 17th/18th Oct should be moved to a weekend.

  23. Stop the presses. Put Tom Chittick on the new £5 note immediately.

  24. put bin collections back to collecting more than one bin

  25. Ask EA Sports to provide early access web app to all or remove it altogether

  26. Scrap Air passenger duty tax (APD) in Northern Ireland.

  27. Stop the building of 550 houses on Kirkleatham lane Redcar Norh Yorkshire.

  28. Help 1022 children living alone in Calais in breach of UN Rights of the Child

  29. Legalize Cannabis like Amsterdam and parts of the USA, recognise the benefits.

  30. Stop Mugabe from beating or arresting people who are protesting peacefully

  31. Ban Christmas related advertising until the 25th of November

  32. Ban the importation and trade of Ivory.

  33. Bring back Her Majesty's Royal Yacht Britannia to promote the UK post brexit

  34. We consider that Nigel Farage should be elevated to the House of Lords.

  35. I would like Mps to be on a fixed wage, not what they can fiddle.

  36. Unban Chris Brown from England.

  37. Make using all types of snare trap illegal in the UK

  38. licensed Amateur radio operators should be granted antenna planning permission

  39. Save the Cooperage in Plymouth from demolition

  40. More police down Waverly and West street to prevent violence

  41. Put Edmund the Martyr on a banknote!

  42. I would like Whirlpool to change the word Modification to Fault on tumble dryers

  43. Make pushbike helmets mandatory.

  44. END BSL (Breed Specific Legislation) and BAN bad owners

  45. I would like Police forces across the nation to do unmarked bicycle rides.

  46. Reduce cyclist road deaths by enforcement of safe overtaking by motorists.

  47. Fix up the subway in Sydney grove before someone gets hurt!!

  48. Stop using sanctions More and more people are facing benefit sanctions.

  49. Force the Government to Trigger Article 50 with immediate effect Stop stalling

  50. Legalise the sale, production and consumption of cannabis in the UK.

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