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  1. Bring into law that u have to stop for a cat like you do with a dog

  2. Extend naturalization time fro 10 years to 20 years

  3. Make a footpath for children to walk safely to school

  4. Bring back jumbo sausages in Norwich school refectory

  5. let children only through from calais, not full grown men!

  6. Lets get first aid training in schools and sign language !


  8. Re-establish Rhodesia and remove the fake state of Zimbabwe.

  9. Make the 23rd June an official Independence Day and be celebrated every year!

  10. All child refugees to be checked to confirm their REAL age

  11. Put a safe crossing in at the traffic lights in Bailiff Bridge, HD6 Brighouse.

  12. Have tighter checks on accepting migrants to the UK claiming to be children

  13. To call for the RESIGNATION or SACKING of the UK Home Secretary -- AMBER RUDD.

  14. Stop so called child migrants coming from France until they can verify there age

  15. Migrants entering the UK as children to be physically assessed to prove true age

  16. Ban all further refugee intakes, untill age verified checking is done .

  17. Test the age of refugees into the UK.

  18. Demand all children migrants are verified by age before entering the country.

  19. Stop 'child' immigrants gaining entry into the UK when they are clearly adults

  20. STOP Michael Gove's/Conservatives decision on scrapping Arts from education!!!

  21. Take more action with those subjected to emotional/mental abuse within families.

  22. Stop accepting Calais migrants posing as children until dental age verified

  23. Ban ear piercing on babies, toddlers, and children of primary school age

  24. Disability/disabilities to have enshrined in law two parts of citizen status.

  25. Make the government provide more support for homeless people

  26. Ban ear piercing for babies and toddlers of primary school age.

  27. Increase maternity leave to 3 years from the start of the maternity leave.

  28. Make biological age tests compulsory for 'Child' refugees entering the UK.

  29. Take the TV show "Loose Women" off the air

  30. Hold a referendum asking the British people if they would like to join the EU.

  31. Scientifically age screen "Children" from the Calais and other refugee camps.

  32. Disqualify from driving anyone caught using a mobile whilst driving

  33. Stop migrant 'children' from coming in to England until their age is confirmed.

  34. Fine people who park in parent and child spaces with no children with them

  35. Allow YouTube and Twitter for educational purposes within schools.

  36. Allow British Army soldiers to wear neat/trimmed Beard and Mustasche..

  37. Make special funding available for social housing for adults with disabilities

  38. Remove provision in Sect 41 of YJ&CE Act 1999 allowing previous sexual history

  39. To change the law on minimum wage rates to equal pay for all regardless of age.

  40. Lower the England & Wales drink drive limit to 50mg of alcohol in 100ml of blood

  41. If cycle lanes are available, it should be a legal requirement to use them.

  42. Prime Minister Theresa May Call a General Election Before Triggering Article 50

  43. A State Pension For Any Individual On Completion Of 40 Years N.I. Contributions

  44. Invoke Article 50 of the Lisbon Treaty before December 31st 2016

  45. Give a lead opposing xenophobic behaviour, & avoid inflammatory actions & speech

  46. Make baby CPR Mandatory to all parents before discharge from hospital

  47. To remove Cllr Holland from office as he is in breach of freedom of speech

  48. Reduce damage to our democracy by large-scale media distortion and bias

  49. Bring in a law to stop clowns stalking and threatening People with weapons ASAP

  50. Force the BBC to re-start Top of the POPs on TV

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