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  1. Abolish the government’s approval to build the incinerator in Wisbech,

  2. Place a legal maximum limit on car insurance costs

  3. Get the promised Sittingbourne Northern Relief road built and linked to the M2

  4. Address the shortfall in the payment allocated to schools for free school meals.

  5. reintroduce a licensing for all dog owners to determine the population per breed

  6. Lower train fares and stop increasing them.

  7. Reopen Key closed roads such as in The Groves in York


  9. Create a child and parent bay parking permit, similar to disabled permits.

  10. Reconnect Louth to the National rail network!

  11. Build a Lidl in Wincobank, Sheffield

  12. Stop fining parents who take their children on holiday in term time

  13. Get rid of Rishi Sunak!

  14. Cap the rate landlords can charge for rent

  15. Reserve the 4th plinth in Trafalgar square for a statue of Elizabeth ll

  16. Include a "NONE OF THE ABOVE" option on UK voting papers.

  17. Introduce a law that requires all dogs to be on a lead in a public space.

  18. Urge the UK Government to Allow Social Workers to Bring Their Dependents

  19. Extended Paternity Leave in the UK: A Vital Support for New Mothers and Babies

  20. Make School Weeks Only 4 Days Long

  21. Ban MPs and Lords from using Mobile Phones during parliamentary business.

  22. End the automatic right to citizenship if you have a child in the UK

  23. Protect our Youth: Educate Schools on Knife Crime

  24. Mild sedation for procedures such as coil fittings and colposcopy

  25. Stop killing dogs

  26. Make it illegal for companies to charge people more during school holidays

  27. Review the decision to class double cab pickup trucks as cars for BIK purposes

  28. The Police must comply with the law - stop people cycling on the pavement.

  29. Repair the roads in my local area Nottingham Mansfield

  30. A Call for A Childhood free of Smartphones and all other such Smart Device

  31. Fund or partially fund driving lessons for full time carers

  32. Make it law for dogs microchips to be kept up to date with owners information

  33. Require local authorities to maintain roads to a vehicle worthy standard.

  34. Make sure Housing Association's are providing healthy and safe housing.

  35. Ban MPs, Members of Lords and Government officials using Private Health Care

  36. Bring N.Ireland trailer laws in line with the rest of the UK.

  37. Allow gp’s to prescribe melatonin to children

  38. Stop the renaming of the London Overground

  39. The F A Cup should be free to watch on TV

  40. Stop UK Banks from Blocking Cryptocurrency Withdrawals for Ordinary Citizens

  41. Have a drop-off zone outside Jamats Academy Ltd, Gloucester

  42. Change the EIM23151 Car Benefit: Double Cab Pickups back to Previous BIK Rules

  43. Equal treatment: Hong Kong British National Overseas possess British citizenship

  44. Remove Outdated BSL law breed - specific legislation from dangerous dog act

  45. Lower income tax and VAT rate for working class

  46. Halt the potential Closure of Grangemouth Stadium-Preserve a Community/NAT Asset

  47. We ask that Ukrainians be left to live in England

  48. Introduce a higher fine for parking in disabled bays without a blue badge.

  49. Help reduce the cost of living in the country.

  50. Demand full justice & accountability for victims of COVID19 'Vaccination' injury

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