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  1. Give Shaun Donnelly a Knighthood

  2. Uber need to pay drivers for the time period they block drivers account

  3. Stop the building of retirement apartments on Kenn Rd Clevedon !

  4. Legalise cannabis for all recreational and medical uses.

  5. Large groups of people drinking alcohol on the streets in Queensbury.

  6. We want Lincolnshire County Council to cut our grass.

  7. Ban the uses of Any form of Plastic bag or rapping. Use paper bags

  8. Abolish the tv licence, it shouldn't be a legal requirement.

  9. Travelling Pet on Eurostar

  10. Ban people reselling tickets for more the face value

  11. Correct the misleading claim that EU cosmetic testing on animals has ended.

  12. Allocate appropriate funding to repair the poor state of UK roads or reduce tax

  13. Stop the drink drive limit all together with an instant ban.

  14. MP's should not visit or justify terrorist groups for political gain

  15. For the history on other countries to be a part of the curriculum

  16. Stop mortgage lenders discriminating on how long you’ve had a bank account.

  17. Fix our local park, West Heath Recreation Ground, Bexleyheath

  18. UK Government to create a scheme to help people to manage their gambling.

  19. Theresa May must go.

  20. Remove John Bercow as Speaker of the House of Commons

  21. Ban (heavily monitor)all rap/grime music

  22. The GCSE exams are having a negative impact on the mental health of young people

  23. Stop Russia's human rights violation against the Ukrainian filmmaker, O. Sentsov

  24. Stop the move to take British Soldiers who served in Northern Ireland to court.

  25. Nominate Shaun Donnelly for an MBE for his services to GCSE students.

  26. Restrict the marketing and promotion of ‘skinny’ quick-fix, laxative products.

  27. Give all Northern Ireland Veterans from OP Banner immunity from prosecution

  28. Regulate estate agents and private landlords from charging over priced rent

  29. Stop the Annual Yulin Dog meat festival in China!

  30. Invoke the Parliament Act to give the Commons the final say on Brexit

  31. Ban Jamie Oliver from talking to politicians and having a say on food/sugar laws

  32. Make LGBTQ+ issues and Mental Health a compulsory topic in the school curriculum

  33. Strip arriva rail north franchise and put it back into public control

  34. Require employers to pay dads taking time off with a new child the same as women

  35. Include Jack Wilshere in the England World Cup Squad 2018

  36. Take away the pay of Northern Ireland MLA’s, all of it, every penny.

  37. Ensure the integrity of all investigating former British Forces personnel.

  38. Rethink the education system, removing everything that is not necessary

  39. Remove all MP`s from their positions who are trying to stop or frustrate Brexit.

  40. Trigger a general election with a vote of no confidence against HM government.

  41. MP expenses should be no more than JSA

  42. Pardon all British Veterans so they are exempt from prosecution.

  43. Ban Jamie Oliver from making ludicrous statements regarding British food policy

  44. No confidence in the pm to deliver full brexit leadership needs a brexitier now

  45. Pass a law stating cosmetic products mustn’t have sharp corners & must be round

  46. British soldiers should not be hunted down

  47. Commission the BBC to bring back Prank Patrol with Barney Harwood as a BBC3 show

  48. UK government must respect MSPs rejection to EU Withdrawal Bill

  49. Stop confiscating the belongings of homeless people

  50. Amnesty to ALL illegal migrants in the UK

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