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  1. Restrict any increase in the price of energy bills to 4% per year

  2. Change council housing standards

  3. To make the legal minimum wages the same for all age groups

  4. Extend The Access To Enhanced Dbs Information To Include Online Social Media

  5. We stand in solidarity and will leave the NHS with our unvaccinated colleagues

  6. Stop energy companies hiking prices up and refund customers for the past months

  7. Create a BBC subscription service for viewers outside the UK.

  8. All PCV licence holders to be able to get a PCO licence automatically

  9. Ban the presence & use of alcohol in all Downing Street work environments.

  10. All in Parliament subject to the same drink and drug limits as for car driving.

  11. Stop Gavin Williamson being offered a knighthood

  12. Evidence of Immunity Post-Covid infection to be accepted for employment

  13. Introduce islamic compliant student loans

  14. Ban mandatory covid vaccinations for nhs & health and social care workers

  15. Support the removal of Boris Johnson as the Prime Minister of the United Kingdom

  16. Stop the double jobbing amendment in the Northern Ireland (MEPOC) Bill.

  17. Hold a police investigation into government parties

  18. Freeze MPs pay for 5 years

  19. Make prescriptions free of charge in England.

  20. No current predictability in the legal rule of law in medical negligence

  21. Stop the word nigger being used on social media and tv and radio

  22. Give primacy of investigation of crime to the individual concerned.

  23. Make UK government/assemblies liable for adverse health policy outcomes.

  24. Stop the use of gelatine in medications

  25. Increase pay for Mechanics/Technicians

  26. Give free prescriptions to people living in England

  27. Require any MP who breaks the law to be removed as an MP.

  28. Make the government staff accountable

  29. Stop all schools detaining children after school in the winter months

  30. Require contractors to provide a minimum 12 month warranty on road repairs

  31. Prime Minister Boris Johnson to step down from his position.

  32. Stop private parking organisations and companies stealing from the public

  33. regulate porn that depicts incest,rape,or teens &Tighten laws sexualising minors

  34. Boris Johnson and No 10 insulted and humiliated Her Majesty. He must resign.

  35. Change the way the rural areas gets treated in the winter seasons

  36. We have no confidence in this govt. We demand an immediate general election.

  37. Stop work places having two tier sick pay for unvaccinated employees

  38. Stop GCSE summer exams 2022. YES for ‘Centre Determined Grades’.

  39. Train track barriers for animals

  40. NO mandatory covid vaccine for people with proven covid-19 antibodies

  41. Introduce a regulator for private landlords and reduce and caps for rents.

  42. Professor Jason Leitch CBE FRCS should be Knighted

  43. Hold to account MPs who broke COVID rules

  44. Net Zero. PM to hold a full independent enquiry focusing on economic outcomes.

  45. ensure schools provide same-sex toilets.

  46. Hold a public referendum on the future of the Monarchy.

  47. Cancel IGCSE and International A levels

  48. Ltns Oxfordshire

  49. Establish a truly independent body to oversee & investigate the behaviour of MPs

  50. Give consumers control when shopping online with country of manufacture filters

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