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  1. Introduce a Fair Trade Price paid to farmers for Milk

  2. Close the EURO Tunnel PERMANENT Nothing else will prevent the EXODUS HUMANELY

  3. BT is a phone company not a TV channel.

  4. Put an end to the factory farming of animals

  5. Vote no confidence in the way David Cameron is handling the immigration crisis.

  6. Ban Go Compare from using that song and that man for their advertising!

  7. Abolish The Chatham House Rule

  8. The Royal Family to state their stance on hunting, both in the UK and abroad.

  9. Equal minimum wage for everyone regardless of age.

  10. Abolish factory farms and improve slaughterhouse conditions

  11. Allow Prince William to destroy all government owned ivory

  12. Introduce politics to the secondary curriculum

  13. Deploy British Military personnel to Calais to guard our border

  14. Stop the building of a 184 space car park on Hough End Fields!

  15. Mandatory Drug And Alcohol Testing For All MP’s And House Of Lords Members.

  16. Make poaching illegal for any UK citizen anywhere in the world not just the UK.

  17. Worried about Migrant Crisis/ Immigration and EU? sign the petition.

  18. #cecilthelion Stop hunters.... Fine or jail these people killing for sport!

  19. Make the sale, use and production of MDMA, more commonly known as ecstasy, legal

  20. Introduce mandatory random drug testing for MPs

  21. Replace the House of Lords with a New Elected House.

  22. Reform the House of Lords as a democratically elected Parliament.

  23. Establish & support a queer (LGBT+) community centre in London.

  24. The House of Lords is in need of reform to an elected second tier of government.

  25. That Holyhead Town Council withdraw its planning application on Cae Braenar Park

  26. Ban Non-Stun slaughter

  27. Overturn Lady Justice Arden's landmark decision overruling a legally made Will.


  29. Make Vehicle excise duty run from the date its paid for and to the same date

  30. Mandatory drug testing for all members of parliament.

  31. Scrap Tuition Fees for University.

  32. Vote of no confidence & resignation of David Mundell Secretary of State Scotland

  33. ALL members of the House of Lords & Commons to undergo random drug tests.

  34. Abolish Fixed Penalty Notices for parents that go on holiday during term time

  35. Make teaching about non-heterosexual relationships and sex compulsory in schools

  36. Call on George Osborne to stand down as Chancellor of the Exchequer

  37. For Alfred Russel Wallace to be included on the back of the ten pound note.

  38. Ban the 'book' dog trip advisor advert on TV & remove from TV immediately.

  39. Require all MPs and Lords to take regular, but random, mandatory drugs tests.

  40. Corrections in newspapers must be same size and prominence as the original error

  41. Scrap the mortgage interest tax levy before it forces tenants out and rents up!

  42. Abolish the breed specific legislation law

  43. Annul the knighthood of Sir David Nicholson.

  44. Harriet Harman must force an enquiry into this General election result.

  45. No pay rise for members of parliament to show solidarity with the nation .

  46. Is Cameron fit to be Prime Minister as he lied re not cutting child tax credits.

  47. Look at legalizing cannabis for public consumption through a regulated market

  48. SAVE OUR BEES ban the use of 'neonic' pesticides in the UK

  49. Stop The Annual Murder of Whales in the Faroe Islands

  50. Reform voting system of the United Kingdom so it truly represents the people.