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  1. Start a Public Enquiry into the practice of child grooming and exploitation.

  2. Give Fathers and Mothers 50/50 custody after Seperation or Divorce

  3. Theresa May needs to step down as prime minister before she starts World War 3

  4. Give more financial backup if needed to those who work

  5. Make the 14th of march Stephen hawking day

  6. UK and its allies withdraw the armament of Turkish troops and protect Afrin

  7. review terrorism act to prevent police from abusing it as with lauren southern.

  8. Make it illegal to not hire someone specifically because they have face tattoos

  9. Leniency in exam grading for university students affected by UCU/UUK strikes

  10. Legalise cannabis for medicinal use

  11. FREE GYM MEMBERSHIP to any individual who suffers from Mental Health Problems

  12. Revoke the Trade Disputes Act 1906

  13. Legalise Cannabis for medicinal use

  14. We don't want to join the EU Army!

  15. Brexit must not continue until the UK government admit what stage we're at.

  16. We call for a Vote of No Confidence in Home Secretary Amber Rudd

  17. Add another day on the weekend

  18. Discuss Jamie Carragher’s actions after the Manchester United, Liverpool fixture

  19. Full scale inquiry into police failings regarding underage grooming gangs

  20. Offer asylum and help to the South African farmers

  21. Stop the plans to have 40 HGV Vehicles per day pass a primary school

  22. Protect Businesses, Homes and People from crimes against them.

  23. Make accessible homes in new housing developments a priority

  24. Get Aberdeenshire Council to replace the Portlethen Academy Astro to 3G or 4G

  25. Nationwide public inquiry into child grooming and more powers for police.

  26. Have you been involved in a RTA that was not your fault removed from insurance

  27. Treat knife crime as a health issue, to tackle the current epidemic in London.

  28. STOP discriminating ravers / clubs of the underground scene in Manchester

  29. Ensure complete protection of political prisoners Jayda Fransen and Paul Golding

  30. MPs with interests in private health should not vote on Bills impacting NHS

  31. games should not be banned and shouldn't be blamed for violent behaviour

  32. Make Jo Brand a Dame.

  33. Stop Turning the Clocks Back! Messing with time twice a year has NO benefits!

  34. Make the minimum wage for everyone the same regardless of age

  35. To make food packaging to be more representative to the size of the product.

  36. Insruance should be on the person it self instead of the vehicle.

  37. Make it compulsory for UK food outlets to pick up litter in local community's.

  38. Ban the sale at all childrens soft play centres

  39. Introduce direct flights to Riga from Bristol

  40. Make the term “Nutritionist” regulated by law.

  41. If people are paying for sky or cable then we should not have to pay for licence

  42. Allow all police officers to carry guns

  43. Stop cutting down healthy trees in the UK.

  44. Social Cohesion is under threat. We need to talk to one another to find out why.

  45. Stop the teachers from having the right to seize students’ property/belongings

  46. Calculate child maintenance payments based on nett income, rather than gross.

  47. Hands-off Scotland’s devolved powers!

  48. To gaurantee the security of the pensions of all lecturers across the UK

  49. Compensate university students at UEA for hours lost due to the strikes.

  50. Reduce the amount of plastic affecting the ocean and animals safety.

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