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  1. Commit to adopting the EU's anti-tax-avoidance legislation regardless of Brexit.

  2. Stop culling badgers.

  3. Lower the age of smear test to 18

  4. Scrap University Fees

  5. Force the government to implement the EU Tax avoidance directive if no deal

  6. Automatic by-election if an MP resigns or is sacked from their political party.

  7. MP's who defect to another party to face an immediate by-election.

  8. Make people be punished for lying about sexual assault/rape.

  9. Extend post-study visas for foreign students starting now

  10. Expel MP's who leave the party they were elected to and hold a By-election.

  11. Free Chinese Muslim from detention in China.

  12. MP's that change party mid term should lose their seat until a by-election

  13. Show Jesy Nelson’s show ‘Odd One Out’ in schools

  14. Stop the Badger Extermination and provide scientific solutions to Bovine TB

  15. Deal/no deal was was never on the ballot paper so stop fighting over it!!

  16. Start a petition so the nhs funds care for people with dementia

  17. Get rid of GCSE's as they are a bad way of finding what students' are capable of

  18. Award John Bercow - the retiring Speaker with a peerage.

  19. A by-election must occur when an MP changes party allegiance during a Parliament

  20. Make the government offer John Bercow a peerage

  21. Stop commercial vans parking in residential streets overnight.

  22. Increase the number of recycling bins in town centres.

  23. Four day working weeks to be considered along with more summer bank holidays

  24. MP's should be required by Law to a by-election when changing Political Parties.

  25. Stop the proposed 2019 Badger Cull and investigate alternate vaccination program

  26. Cap politicians expenses to just 10k per year

  27. This parliament should call an early general election forthwith.

  28. When MP'S cross the floor it should trigger a by-election in that constituency

  29. Make MPs who switch parties have to stand down and trigger a by-election

  30. If an MP joins another party a local by election must be held.

  31. Oblige MP’s who change parties to stand for re-election in a bye-election

  32. Make social media age restricted to 16 plus, and create more laws and monitoring

  33. Ensure that all new wind farms avoid the use of SF6.

  34. Secure the staff of Nottingham College the contracts they deserve

  35. Enshrine in law that an elected MP cannot change party without a by-election

  36. Our People’s Vote would be to LEAVE the EU.

  37. Our People’s Vote would be to REMAIN in the EU.

  38. Ban the grand national it’s unfair to the horses

  39. Reduce the school summer holidays and increase the christmas holidays.

  40. MP’s changing allegiance should resign their seat and stand for re-election.

  41. If an MP changes party there should be an immediate bi-election for that seat

  42. Ban SF6. Ban this greenhouse gas by 2025. Fund urgent research into alternatives

  43. Give Chris Brown entry

  44. Install pedestrian crossings outside schools.

  45. Create minimum requirements for prospective MPs to stand for election

  46. Make it a criminal offence to start bonfires at any time of the year

  47. Strip Geoffrey Boycott of his knighthood.

  48. Bring back National Service

  49. We the undersigned , refuse to have another referendum on exiting the EU .

  50. Make Nigel Owens the next Speaker In the House of Commons

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