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  1. Keep tallow in new £5 notes

  2. Remove Tallow from the new £5 bank notes

  3. Make it a legal requirement to report the road traffic accident of a cat.


  5. Give an OBE or MBE to 96 year old volunteer Peggy Maskery for 80 years service.

  6. Bring back the death penalty for convicted murderers and child sex offenders.

  7. Ensure English currency notes in circulation are Tallow free & Vegan friendly

  8. Ignore what vegetarians and vegans think about £5 notes

  9. Keep animal fat (Tallow) in new £5 notes. Changing would waste money.

  10. Strip the Southern Train service franchise holder and help resume normal service

  11. Strip Eric Bristow of his MBE

  12. Charge vegans for the pointless cost of changing to a fat free £5 note.

  13. Ban the use of wild animals in circuses

  14. Include a flower graphic to new meat-free fiver (£5) once they are available.

  15. Make Asthma treatments free of charge.

  16. Amend parts of the Digital Economy Bill 2016–17

  17. Create awareness of Peritoneal Mesothelioam and support clinical trials for cure

  18. Dash cams on all driving tests

  19. Allow Teens Aged 16 To Be Able To Do Their Driving Test. And Drive Legally

  20. elevate children to a higher status under the law than the police

  21. Can someone give the SNP & Scotland a smack. Shipbuilding Contracts & IndyRef2??

  22. Ban Organised Deer Hunting in Epping Forest

  23. Take action into improving or removing a teacher (H495)


  25. National Resources Wales(Cyfoeth Naturiol Cymru) CCW need tighter restriction.

  26. The government to spend more on social care for the elderly and vulnerable.

  27. Re introduce the nit nurse to schools.

  28. Raise the apprenticeship wage

  29. Decrease The Legal Driving Age to 16 Years old in the U.K.

  30. I believe that government should lower the voting age to 16

  31. Stop using animal fat in currency

  32. Make the point of these petitions fair, rather than just suit the Tory manifesto

  33. TFL provide free travel on buses for university students and discount of trains

  34. Bank of England should be condemned for producing a new £5 that contains tallow.

  35. To set up compulsory cardiac screenings for those who part take in sports.

  36. Brexit: Article 50 should not be triggered before a well known plan is is place.

  37. repeal basildon and brentwood ccg's decision to axe funding of IVF on the NHS

  38. Have animal fat removed from our new £5 notes

  39. Make the UK HSCT for MS and Autoimmune Diseases available via NHS to all MS

  40. Please speak to Activision and Infinity Ward to bring back Call of Duty MW2

  41. Have Eric Bristow stripped of his MBE.

  42. Extend child transport fees to the age of 18 in the UK.

  43. Government to take action in the Southern Rail Dispute and review the Franchise

  44. Stop Paypal holding money after sales for up to 180days

  45. Strip Eric Bristow of his MBE

  46. Remove animal products from the new £5 banknotes

  47. Stop adding tallow to the new £5 notes

  48. Remove Eric Bristow's MBE

  49. Remove Eric Bristow's MBE.

  50. Strip Eric Bristow of his MBE

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