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  1. Eliminate the use of single-use plastic in takeaway restaurants.

  2. Reinstate the Queen to enable us to have a Ruling Monarchy


  4. Remove Theresa May From Parliament

  5. Call a General Election to return a parliament that can reach a brexit consensus

  6. Call for Immediate General Election 2019

  7. Remove the right for MP’s to vote against their constituents

  8. Have a general election due to the chaos with Brexit

  9. Suspend MP salaries until we have left the European Union in full

  10. Ask Queen Elizabeth to dissolve parliament and call an election

  11. Initiate a Vote of No Confidence in Theresa May.

  12. Change the national anthem to Land of Hope and Glory

  13. Withhold MP's pay untill Brexit is sorted

  14. The Government utilize article 24 of GATT to mitigate damage and leave the EU.

  15. Supermarket bags to be made biodegradable

  16. Theresa may to Resign as Prime Minister

  17. NOT TO REVOKE ARTICLE 50 and get the job done as 17.4 million people demand

  18. Leave Europe on 29/3/2019 with NO DEAL

  19. Call a General Election now.

  20. People's vote - leave options only.

  21. Leave the EU with or without a deal

  22. Hold an emergency General Election.

  23. Block MP's Salaries and Expenses

  24. Stop betraying the 17.4 million electorates and push for a no-deal.

  25. The British People Ask for a General Election Now

  26. Force MP's to reflect their constituency vote In their Final In or Out Vote

  27. Allow Chatham High street to build a Lego adult theme park.

  28. Stop the manufacturing of all non-recyclable packaging, food and non-food

  29. Initiate a General Election so the people can have a democratically elected PM.

  30. Give all Brits a say in a new Brexit referendum, wherever they live.

  31. Maintain U.K. Democracy by implementing the result of 33,577,342 citizens votes

  32. Request a general election for a new PM

  33. Call a General Election now!

  34. Elected members of Parliament must honour the Referendum result of 2016 to leave

  35. Leave the EU on the 29th March 2019

  36. a vote of no confidence in all members of parliament

  37. Let the public decide on Theresa Mays deal or leave the EU with no deal

  38. A people’s vote of no confidence in the politicians and political system!

  39. Call a general election and ask the people to decide how to tackle Brexit

  40. All shops to store blades/Knives inside locked cabinets only accessible by staff

  41. Save the 'Flat Iron' DO NOT SELL OUR GREEN SPACE

  42. Call a general election

  43. Her Majesty the Queen should now dissolve Parliament.

  44. Make MP's who sign up to their parties Manifesto Pledges fully accountable.

  45. Any MP who defects or resigns from their party should face a by-election

  46. Leave the EU, ignore other petition

  47. Immediately Dissolve Parliament And Hold A General Election.

  48. Leave the E U on the 29th of march 2019

  49. Do not revoke Article 50. Leave EU on 29 March 2019. No deal is acceptable

  50. Make lying about manifesto promises a criminal offence

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