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  1. Re-instate nursing bursaries

    The government responded on 15 October 2018

    The are no plans to reintroduce bursaries, which resulted in many students being turned away from a nursing career. We are supporting universities to fill extra places created through these reforms.

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  2. Make bullying a criminal offence

    The government responded on 8 October 2018

    Laws are already in place to protect people when bullying behaviour constitutes a criminal offence. The government does not plan to introduce additional legislation for bullying behaviour.

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  3. If there is no agreement to leave the EU then brexit must be stopped

    The government responded on 3 October 2018

    Whilst striking a deal with our EU partners remains the outcome we expect, ‘no deal’ plans are well-developed and we stand ready to make a success of Brexit, whatever the outcome of our negotiations.

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