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  1. anybody caught carrying a knife/gun serve a mandatory life with 10 year minimum

    The government responded on 19 November 2018

    The Government is determined to tackle the possession of weapons. Under the current law, anyone who continues to carry a knife or gun can expect to face a custodial sentence.

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  2. Declare a Climate Emergency, end fossil fuel use and build community resilience.

    The government responded on 15 November 2018

    Climate change is one of the most urgent and pressing challenges we face today, and we are committed to reducing emissions and building resilience at home and internationally.

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  3. Free Parking for all NHS Staff at Hospitals in England

    The government responded on 13 November 2018

    Upkeep and management of car parks in NHS Trusts in England is funded through parking fees; not patient care budgets. Any additional revenue goes to patient services. Staff often receive reduced fees.

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