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17 petitions

  1. Remove Clause 9 from the Nationality and Borders Bill

    327,104 signatures

  2. Allow fully vaccinated people coming from red list countries to isolate at home

    104,000 signatures

  3. Referendum in the United Kingdom to abolish the Coronavirus Act.

    109,708 signatures

  4. Make dog theft a specific criminal offence

    316,545 signatures

  5. Exempt dogs assessed by experts as safe from breed specific legislation

    127,508 signatures

  6. Remove Pakistan from red list for travel

    134,665 signatures

  7. Scrap the Voter ID requirement introduced in the Election Integrity Bill

    102,430 signatures

  8. Give the UK a Bank Holiday on Monday July 12th if England win Euro 2020

    364,822 signatures

  9. Coronavirus Support Package for Directors / Shareholders of small Limited Co's.

    101,094 signatures

  10. Broker a ceasefire for all sides in Yemen to carry out humanitarian aid

    211,848 signatures

  11. Award all Nursing Staff in the NHS a pay rise of 10% backdated to 1 April 2020

    141,772 signatures

  12. Publish the Russia report

    105,310 signatures

  13. Implement UK lockdown for preventing spread of COVID19

    409,474 signatures

  14. Close all universities down for an appropriate amount of time amidst COVID-19

    123,903 signatures

  15. Include self-employed in statutory sick pay during Coronavirus

    699,598 signatures

  16. Close Schools/Colleges down for an appropriate amount of time amidst COVID19.

    685,394 signatures

  17. Allow Zoos and Wildlife attractions to reopen with social distancing in place

    129,292 signatures

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