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  1. Revoke Article 50 and remain in the EU.

    6,103,056 signatures

  2. Do not prorogue Parliament

    1,725,630 signatures

  3. Leave the EU without a deal in March 2019.

    608,152 signatures

  4. Ban all ISIS members from returning to UK

    598,254 signatures

  5. Make 'netting' hedgerows to prevent birds from nesting a criminal offence.

    365,508 signatures

  6. Ban the sale of fireworks to the public. Displays for licenced venues only.

    307,897 signatures

  7. Ban fireworks for general sale to the public.

    305,579 signatures

  8. Put pressure on Libya to take action to stop enslavement of Black Africans.

    269,157 signatures

  9. Leave the EU Without a deal on April 12th.

    249,530 signatures

  10. Ban the use of all non-recyclable and unsustainable food packaging

    247,048 signatures

  11. Abolish the BBC television license.

    246,736 signatures

  12. Stop the privatisation of NHS services

    238,769 signatures

  13. If England win the world cup, the Monday should be made a bank holiday for 2018

    237,396 signatures

  14. We want a Public Inquiry into the James Bulger murder case.

    213,624 signatures

  15. Leave the EU with No Deal in October 2019

    207,673 signatures

  16. Lower the age for smear tests from 25 to 18 to prevent cervical cancer.

    205,359 signatures

  17. Rescind Art.50 if Vote Leave has broken Electoral Laws regarding 2016 referendum

    203,235 signatures

  18. Hold a second referendum on EU membership.

    194,336 signatures

  19. School should start at 10am as teenagers are too tired

    187,902 signatures

  20. Reject calls to add Staffordshire Bull Terriers to the Dangerous Dogs Act

    186,226 signatures

  21. Parliament must honour the Referendum result. Leave deal or no deal 29/03/19

    183,422 signatures

  22. Amnesty for anyone who was a minor that arrived In Britain between 1948 to 1971

    180,482 signatures

  23. Continue to fund free TV licences for the over 75 in the future.

    171,982 signatures

  24. Give the electorate a referendum on the abolition of the House of Lords

    170,981 signatures

  25. Don't put our NHS up for negotiation

    169,836 signatures

  26. Violet-Grace’s Law - Life sentences for Death by Dangerous Driving

    167,506 signatures

  27. Change the GCSE English Literature exam from closed book to open book.

    165,932 signatures

  28. Call on PM to take action to build public trust in the Grenfell Tower Inquiry

    156,835 signatures

  29. Make online homophobia a specific criminal offence

    153,506 signatures

  30. Revoke Art.50 if there is no Brexit plan by the 25 of February

    150,531 signatures

  31. Immunity for soldiers who worked in Northern Ireland.

    150,324 signatures

  32. Pay Up Now! – Scrap the pay cap and give public servants a meaningful pay rise

    149,138 signatures

  33. Ban the sale of puppies by pet shops & all commercial 3rd party dealers.

    148,248 signatures

  34. Provide 15 hours free childcare to working parents for children over 9 months.

    146,397 signatures

  35. Hold a referendum on the final Brexit deal

    145,118 signatures

  36. Grant a People's Vote if Parliament rejects the EU Withdrawal Agreement

    144,523 signatures

  37. Make TV election debates happen - establish an Independent Debates Commission

    143,390 signatures

  38. Leave the EU immediately

    141,835 signatures

  39. Stop possible second referendum on E.U. membership

    135,936 signatures

  40. The Air Ambulances to be government funded

    134,143 signatures

  41. Hold online trolls accountable for their online abuse via their IP address

    133,680 signatures

  42. The UK should not agree the UN's Global Compact for Migration

    131,617 signatures

  43. Require supermarkets to offer a plastic-free option for all their fruit & veg.

    128,001 signatures

  44. Demand the EU & UN sanction Brazil to halt increased deforestation of the Amazon

    123,309 signatures

  45. Keep Childcare Vouchers open beyond April 2018

    119,587 signatures

  46. Give parents the right to opt their child out of Relationship and Sex Education

    118,050 signatures

  47. Make Orkambi available on the NHS for people with Cystic Fibrosis

    118,034 signatures

  48. Make fair transitional state pension arrangements for 1950’s women

    117,716 signatures

  49. Pet Theft Reform: Amend animal welfare law to make pet theft a specific offence.

    117,453 signatures

  50. Brexit re article 50 it must not be suspended/stopped under any circumstances

    116,485 signatures

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