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  1. Prevent Donald Trump from making a State Visit to the United Kingdom.

    1,858,462 signatures

  2. Donald Trump should make a State Visit to the United Kingdom.

    311,641 signatures

  3. Repeal the new Surveillance laws (Investigatory Powers Act)

    211,529 signatures

  4. Put a max of £1200 on car insurance for 18-25 year olds

    180,342 signatures

  5. Ban the sale of fireworks to the public and only approve organised displays.

    154,033 signatures

  6. Change the University fees from £9250 back to the £3000 fee for the UK.

    152,995 signatures

  7. Close all retail on boxing day, retail isn't needed on boxing day!

    147,027 signatures

  8. Air-drop life saving aid into the starving cities in Syria.

    145,532 signatures

  9. Give status to Police Dogs and Horses as 'Police Officers'

    126,843 signatures

  10. April's Law

    124,480 signatures

  11. Make it a specific criminal offence to attack any member of NHS Medical Staff.

    116,326 signatures

  12. Shut down the domestic ivory market in the UK.

    108,179 signatures

  13. End the badger cull instead of expanding to new areas

    106,459 signatures

  14. Demand an end to the pay restraint imposed on agenda for change NHS staff.

    105,910 signatures

  15. Abolish the tv licence, it shouldn't be a legal requirement.

    90,361 signatures

  16. Authorise open book examinations for GCSE English Literature 2017

    90,313 signatures

  17. Ban all non-recyclable/non-compostable packaging in the UK

    83,695 signatures

  18. To make votes matter, adopt Proportional Representation for UK General Elections

    80,412 signatures

  19. Allow GCSE Students to have a formula sheet in their tests

    80,354 signatures

  20. Suspend the Myanmar Ambassador for Genocide of Rohingya Muslims.

    64,488 signatures

  21. Make the uk armed forces pensions for 22 years service tax free.

    61,183 signatures

  22. Make tampons and sanitary towels free for females

    60,195 signatures

  23. Ringfence the NHS from trade deals

    52,687 signatures

  24. Stop the resale of concert tickets at inflated prices on secondary websites.

    43,825 signatures

  25. Make mental health education compulsory in primary and secondary schools.

    38,361 signatures

  26. Ban Palm Oil in products produced or sold in the UK

    36,907 signatures

  27. Let the general public participate when the government sells its Lloyds stake.

    31,707 signatures

  28. Set up Independent Pump-Watch body to monitor and regulate vehicle fuel pricing

    31,312 signatures

  29. The NHS must never be privatised and remain a free, publicly funded UK service.

    30,158 signatures

  30. Call on the Government to urge Whirlpool UK to recall all faulty tumble dryers

    27,830 signatures

  31. Save State-Funded Nursery Schools

    27,727 signatures

  32. Reform the system of obtaining Permanent Residence Certification/Card (PR)

    27,586 signatures

  33. Verify that all child refugees accepted into the UK are genuinely under 18.

    26,656 signatures

  34. Overturn the Government's decision to allow fracking in Lancashire.

    26,202 signatures

  35. Scrap IR35 legislation reform proposals for public sector off-payroll workers.

    25,833 signatures

  36. Introduce a moratorium on the hunting of critically declining wading birds

    25,288 signatures

  37. Work with UK Sport to reinstate GB badminton funding for the next Olympic cycle

    23,471 signatures

  38. Debate the possibility that the "Will of the People" has changed since Brexit

    23,241 signatures

  39. Make offering Gay Conversion Therapy a criminal offence in the UK

    22,227 signatures

  40. Abolished fees for Naturalisation for Polish people working in UK over 5 years.

    22,134 signatures

  41. Increase teachers' PPA time to 1 day per week to promote teachers' wellbeing.

    21,656 signatures

  42. Give military veterans priority housing and mental health care

    21,035 signatures

  43. UK Govt to strongly condemn Pakistan for providing safe haven for terrorists

    20,545 signatures

  44. Make Everolimus available in England for TSC-related Brain (SEGA) tumours.

    19,908 signatures

  45. Teachers salaries should reflect the 50 plus hours they work a week.

    19,663 signatures

  46. Give communities back the right to decide where houses are built.

    18,529 signatures

  47. Begin a public inquiry into the performance of the Northbound Dartford Crossing.

    18,119 signatures

  48. Harvey's Army - Compulsory Microchip Scanning of Deceased Pets Found on railways

    18,062 signatures

  49. End the Fit For Work tests as not fit for purpose, and investigate 9,580 deaths.

    17,992 signatures

  50. Do not abandon the Dubs Scheme for refugee children

    17,144 signatures

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