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  1. Do not prorogue Parliament

    1,725,385 signatures

  2. Leave the EU with No Deal in October 2019

    197,125 signatures

  3. The Air Ambulances to be government funded

    133,380 signatures

  4. Hold online trolls accountable for their online abuse via their IP address

    132,212 signatures

  5. Demand the EU & UN sanction Brazil to halt increased deforestation of the Amazon

    122,940 signatures

  6. Ban Driven Grouse Shooting Wilful blindness is no longer an option

    111,231 signatures

  7. Introduce a minimum sentence for carrying a knife, equal to carrying a firearm

    62,469 signatures

  8. Repeal the Yvette Cooper/Oliver Letwin Act

    59,224 signatures

  9. Recall Parliament immediately to urgently debate no-deal Brexit.

    53,729 signatures

  10. Ban energy-wasting open fridges and freezers in all retail outlets

    48,674 signatures

  11. I request a full public inquiry into death of my son, Matthew Leahy. (20 yrs.)

    48,396 signatures

  12. Halt all efforts to introduce ID checks at polling stations

    40,607 signatures

  13. Stop Brexit

    38,723 signatures

  14. Defend the Kurds and stop the Turkish military invasion of northern Syria!

    38,146 signatures

  15. Fund research for childhood cancers with the worst survival rates

    37,061 signatures

  16. Link the state pension to the adult minimum wage £328.40p per week.

    36,542 signatures

  17. Politicians who changes parties should have to go through a new By Election.

    35,444 signatures

  18. Rule out any prospect of granting an amnesty on illegal immigration

    35,273 signatures

  19. Revoke article 50 if the EU does not grant an extension past 31 October

    29,417 signatures

  20. Repeal IR35 legislation in Public Sector and proposed Private Sector rollout.

    29,113 signatures

  21. Improve maternal care for black British women

    28,850 signatures

  22. Anonymity for those accused of sexual offences until charge.

    28,354 signatures

  23. Bring the date for the post-study work visa closer to help current students

    28,171 signatures

  24. Postpone the rollout of 5G in the UK, pending further independent investigation.

    24,746 signatures

  25. Stamp Out Tool Theft with the introduction of tighter regulation & greater fines

    24,533 signatures

  26. With 'notice to proceed' delayed again, halt all HS2 enabling work immediately.

    23,871 signatures

  27. Hold a referendum on whether to leave with the deal offered or remain in the EU

    23,471 signatures

  28. Stop Postal Votes except for the elderly and disabled

    21,265 signatures

  29. Ban super trawlers from fishing in UK waters.

    21,089 signatures

  30. Introduce voter id for all elections

    20,502 signatures

  31. Make ECOCIDE a UK criminal offence

    20,435 signatures

  32. Scrap the pension annual allowance taper

    19,741 signatures

  33. Compensation for women born in 1950s, due to state pension age change

    17,197 signatures

  34. Make qualified Dental Nurse wage a minimum of £12 per hour.

    17,003 signatures

  35. To halt any future increases to the retirement age for the uk State Pension.

    16,974 signatures

  36. Change Settlement Status from Application to Registration.

    16,744 signatures

  37. Extend the HM Forces Railcard scheme to include all UK Veterans

    16,697 signatures

  38. We Demand A Vote On Cannabis

    16,565 signatures

  39. Stop the passing of the Abortion Law in Northern Ireland

    15,870 signatures

  40. Cease all new developments on Greenbelt and Greenfield sites across the country.

    13,863 signatures

  41. Ban non-stun slaughter. Animal welfare must take priority over faith tradition.

    13,698 signatures

  42. Stop increases in road tax for motorhomes.

    13,603 signatures

  43. Stop IR35 roll-out in 2020 in private sector - due to uncertainty around Brexit

    13,517 signatures

  44. To grant a section 30 order to allow a 2nd referendum on Scottish Independence.

    13,271 signatures

  45. Public areas & Food places to have Epi Pens for food allergies

    12,940 signatures

  46. Abolish imprisonment as a penalty for non-payment of Council Tax.

    12,596 signatures

  47. Halt the badger cull & investigate alternative, humane options for bTB control.

    12,462 signatures

  48. Public inquiry into disenfranchisement of EU27 citizens and UK citizens abroad

    12,374 signatures

  49. Stop the increase to 20% VAT for the installation of renewable energy sources

    12,356 signatures

  50. Make vet best practice measures mandatory & honour dual microchip registration.

    12,040 signatures

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