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  1. Make verified ID a requirement for opening a social media account.

    695,834 signatures

  2. Introduce sanctions against Israel

    387,644 signatures

  3. Give the UK a Bank Holiday on Monday July 12th if England win Euro 2020

    364,687 signatures

  4. Outlaw discrimination against those who do not get a Covid-19 vaccination

    340,380 signatures

  5. Do not restrict our rights to peaceful protest.

    255,691 signatures

  6. Ban Animal Testing - Fund, accept & promote alternatives to animal testing

    230,116 signatures

  7. Keep schools closed until May

    149,466 signatures

  8. Trigger Article 16. We want unfettered GB-NI Trade.

    144,625 signatures

  9. Introduce an Independent Regulator for Football in England by December 2021

    142,799 signatures

  10. Make non-binary a legally recognised gender identity in the UK

    139,361 signatures

  11. UK Government to formally recognise the State of Palestine

    130,673 signatures

  12. Ryan's Law: Widen definition of 'death by dangerous driving'

    118,872 signatures

  13. Commission an independent review of childcare funding and affordability

    111,782 signatures

  14. Increase curriculum content about water safety as part of swimming lessons

    107,997 signatures

  15. Enforce the “50+1” Rule for professional football club ownership in the UK

    106,979 signatures

  16. Stop the rising number of ear-cropped dogs in the UK

    105,443 signatures

  17. Do not require health and social care workers to take covid-19 vaccination

    102,327 signatures

  18. Scrap the Voter ID requirement introduced in the Election Integrity Bill

    101,957 signatures

  19. Make lying in the House of Commons a criminal offence

    80,168 signatures

  20. End all requirements to wear face coverings immediately

    74,836 signatures

  21. Move the State Pension age back to 60 for both men & women

    71,980 signatures

  22. Scrap the compulsory £210 home test kit when arriving in U.K.

    71,629 signatures

  23. Do not vaccinate children against COVID-19 until Phase 3 trials are complete

    67,200 signatures

  24. Allow ALL vaccinated British Expats to visit the UK without quarantining

    62,496 signatures

  25. Mark Allen's Law - we want throwline stations around all bodies of open water

    61,813 signatures

  26. Mandatory printing of car registration numbers on all Drive Thru packaging.

    59,647 signatures

  27. Allow non-professional singing in groups of more than six indoors

    59,176 signatures

  28. Exempt dogs assessed by experts as safe from breed specific legislation

    58,432 signatures

  29. Remove Pakistan from red list for travel

    55,547 signatures

  30. Increase funding for NHS transgender services

    55,089 signatures

  31. Increase funding to provide support and research into Tourettes Syndrome

    53,751 signatures

  32. Change the law to include laboratory animals in the Animal Welfare Act.

    51,713 signatures

  33. Amend PCSC Bill to withdraw power to seize vehicles used as mobile homes

    50,982 signatures

  34. Mini’s law - Protect the public and animals from hunting activities

    50,225 signatures

  35. Introduce charges on carbon emissions to tackle climate crisis and air pollution

    48,960 signatures

  36. Ban Water Companies discharging raw sewage into water courses.

    46,480 signatures

  37. #Reggieslaw - Regulate online animal sales

    46,232 signatures

  38. Stricter laws governing the purchase/acquisition/possession of crossbows

    41,338 signatures

  39. Fund NHS scheme for women with Endometriosis to freeze their eggs

    41,197 signatures

  40. Ban the use of face masks in schools

    37,883 signatures

  41. Remove Turkey from the red list

    37,455 signatures

  42. Allow fully vaccinated people coming from red list countries to isolate at home

    37,251 signatures

  43. Do not cut UK higher education Arts Funding

    36,966 signatures

  44. Tuition Fee Compensation for International Students in UK Universities

    36,173 signatures

  45. Shift to a Wellbeing Economy: put the health of people and planet first

    36,127 signatures

  46. Make it legal to carry non-lethal self defence weapons

    34,632 signatures

  47. Cancel plans to commission a new Royal Yacht

    34,468 signatures

  48. To allow non-prescribed storage of Salbutamol Inhalers in Commercial Kitchens

    33,778 signatures

  49. Ban the sale of artificial grass

    31,464 signatures

  50. 3-day quarantine for fully vaccinated, returning to the UK from amber countries

    31,394 signatures

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