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  1. If England win the world cup, the Monday should be made a bank holiday for 2018

    237,108 signatures

  2. Reject calls to add Staffordshire Bull Terriers to the Dangerous Dogs Act

    183,096 signatures

  3. Amnesty for anyone who was a minor that arrived In Britain between 1948 to 1971

    180,165 signatures

  4. Rescind Art.50 if Vote Leave has broken Electoral Laws regarding 2016 referendum

    169,837 signatures

  5. Ban the sale of puppies by pet shops & all commercial 3rd party dealers.

    146,690 signatures

  6. Reclassify the theft of a pet to a specific crime in its own right.

    107,078 signatures

  7. Abolish the subsidy on food and drink in the Palace of Westminster restaurants.

    106,882 signatures

  8. Create a new independent welfare body to protect racehorses from abuse and death

    81,902 signatures

  9. Ensure that the U.K. leaves the EU Single Market & Customs Union.

    77,736 signatures

  10. British Soldiers who served in N. Ireland must have immunity from prosecution.

    48,181 signatures

  11. Public Holiday on Muslims religious occasions in the UK(Eid ul Fitr&Eid ul Adha)

    44,807 signatures

  12. Give all women the choice of an Induction at 41 weeks of Pregnancy.

    42,450 signatures

  13. Amnesty for illegal immigrants who have been in UK for 10 years

    40,763 signatures

  14. Make everyone with a life time disability mental or physical have life time pip

    38,830 signatures

  15. Manufacture the new blue passport in GB not Germany or France.

    36,905 signatures

  16. Ban balloon and sky / chinese lantern releases.

    33,097 signatures

  17. Prevent avoidable deaths by making autism/learning disability training mandatory

    32,277 signatures

  18. The UK Government to introduce a ban on all non-recyclable packaging from 2022.

    30,628 signatures

  19. Make anti-GD2 treatment available on the NHS

    30,245 signatures

  20. Reduce the age of Breast Screening to 25-30

    28,197 signatures

  21. Hold a referendum for the legalisation of cannabis

    26,051 signatures

  22. Make GMC a tax-payer funded organisation and not to be funded by doctors.

    25,370 signatures

  23. Set up a public inquiry into the National problem of Paedophile grooming gangs

    25,154 signatures

  24. Allow undiagnosed children to travel to different countries to treat & diagnose

    24,317 signatures

  25. Scrap car parking charges at NHS Hospitals in England

    22,891 signatures

  26. Make Hedgehogs a Protected Species

    21,000 signatures

  27. The Government should end experiments on dogs.

    20,991 signatures

  28. Remove article 15 of the Offensive Weapons Bill (HC Bill 232)

    20,364 signatures

  29. Govia Thameslink Railway should have its contract immediately removed

    19,321 signatures

  30. Require DEFRA to fund research into the cause/s of Alabama Rot (CRGV) in dogs

    18,427 signatures

  31. Put pressure on Donald Trump to end the separation of migrant families.

    18,111 signatures

  32. Ensure the UK leaves all EU defence rules, policies and structures on 29/03/19.

    17,975 signatures

  33. Reintroduce full mortgage interest relief and drop the 3% stamp duty surcharge

    17,858 signatures

  34. Prevent disability discrimination in organ transplants

    16,465 signatures

  35. Take all efforts to push for a ceasefire in Syria.

    16,012 signatures

  36. Proscribe Antifa and other left wing anarchist groups as domestic terrorists

    15,438 signatures

  37. Fund free BSL lessons for every parent or carer of a Deaf child in the UK

    15,142 signatures

  38. Add Multiple Sclerosis to the Medical Exemption list

    15,139 signatures

  39. Proscribe Hizballah in its entirety under the Terrorism Act 2000

    14,749 signatures

  40. Ban combustible materials on residential tower blocks, schools and hospitals

    14,605 signatures

  41. The Government must introduce an independent regulator for English football

    14,348 signatures

  42. Legalise cannabis oil for medicinal usage.

    14,345 signatures

  43. Make scoliosis screening compulsory in all UK schools

    14,249 signatures

  44. Introduce super visa category for parents of British citizens similar to Canada

    14,075 signatures

  45. To make the Military Covenant legal and into Law

    13,912 signatures

  46. Make entering and occupying land without consent a criminal offence

    13,746 signatures

  47. End the animal cruelty laws exemptions given to UK halal and shechita abattoirs

    13,730 signatures

  48. New law that cats injured/killed by a vehicle are checked for a chip: Round 2

    13,671 signatures

  49. Make Universities UK subject to the Freedom of Information Act.

    13,050 signatures

  50. An urgent debate on strategies for effectively combating gun and knife crime

    12,961 signatures

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