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  1. Block Donald J Trump from UK entry

    579,002 signatures

  2. Stop all immigration and close the UK borders until ISIS is defeated.

    460,736 signatures

  3. Accept more asylum seekers and increase support for refugee migrants in the UK.

    450,270 signatures

  4. Consider a vote of No Confidence in Jeremy Hunt, Health Secretary

    230,330 signatures

  5. Vote no on military action in Syria against IS in response to the Paris attacks

    227,097 signatures

  6. Stop allowing immigrants into the UK.

    215,914 signatures

  7. No UK airstrikes on Syria.

    189,222 signatures

  8. Keep the NHS Bursary

    157,396 signatures

  9. Introduce a tax on sugary drinks in the UK to improve our children's health.

    154,723 signatures

  10. Make fair transitional state pension arrangements for 1950’s women

    149,854 signatures

  11. Prevent the scrapping of the maintenance grant.

    131,682 signatures

  12. Make an allowance for up to 2 weeks term time leave from school for holiday.

    127,158 signatures

  13. Scrap plans forcing self employed & small business to do 4 tax returns yearly

    111,114 signatures

  14. The DDRB's proposals to change Junior Doctor's contracts CANNOT go ahead.

    107,415 signatures

  15. Jeremy Hunt to resume meaningful contract negotiations with the BMA.

    101,566 signatures

  16. Scrap the £35k threshold for non-EU citizens settling in the UK

    100,451 signatures

  17. Restrict the use of fireworks to reduce stress and fear in animals and pets

    79,303 signatures

  18. Parliament to sit on Saturdays which should be a "normal working day" for MPs.

    69,584 signatures

  19. Include expressive arts subjects in the Ebacc

    67,270 signatures

  20. Start aid drops to the starving people of Syria

    59,892 signatures

  21. David Cameron to take serious diplomatic action against commercial whaling

    55,882 signatures

  22. Reconsider the new Dividend Tax for small businesses

    55,076 signatures

  23. Prevent the closure of Huddersfield A&E department

    52,451 signatures

  24. Free childcare for 2 year olds to include parents who are both working full time

    51,910 signatures

  25. Don't ban Trump from the United Kingdom

    44,741 signatures

  26. Keep Universal Infant Free School Meals in schools in England

    42,719 signatures


    41,063 signatures

  28. Stop cuts to pharmacy funding and support pharmacy services that save NHS money

    40,999 signatures

  29. Assess full impact of all cuts to support & social care for disabled people

    37,661 signatures

  30. Give legal protection to the professional title 'veterinary nurse'

    36,006 signatures

  31. Ban schools from serving halal meat to children without parents' consent

    35,752 signatures

  32. Stop car insurance companies ripping under 25s off with sky high prices

    35,446 signatures

  33. Make it illegal for MPs to own shares in a company with gov/nhs/police contracts

    35,189 signatures

  34. We demand GPs only decide who is fit to go back to work, not the DWP!

    34,378 signatures

  35. Free Sergeant Alexander Blackman

    33,986 signatures

  36. Allow parents over age of 65 to join British Citizens, as adult dependents.

    33,977 signatures

  37. Reform the rules on filibustering or 'talking a bill to death'.

    33,196 signatures

  38. Reverse the decision to allowing fracking under our national parks.

    32,934 signatures

  39. Stop all holiday companies and airlines putting prices up during school holidays

    30,956 signatures

  40. Abraxane MUST be put back on CDF list to improve survival of pancreatic cancer

    28,348 signatures

  41. DECC to urgently review the current approach to the solar feed in tariff

    27,660 signatures

  42. Force close Retailers on Boxing day! Greed keeps many having to go to work!

    27,382 signatures

  43. Make planting trees a priority to reduce flooding by improving soil and drainage

    26,857 signatures

  44. Make it a criminal offence for a mother to deny a father contact with his child

    25,980 signatures

  45. Sharia Law and the use of Sharia courts within the UK should be prohibited.

    25,692 signatures

  46. Hold public inquiry into West Ham & LLDC deal for rental of Olympic Stadium

    25,518 signatures

  47. Introduce LGBT sex education as a compulsory part of the school curriculum.

    25,211 signatures

  48. STOP CAMERON spending British taxpayers’ money on Pro-EU Referendum leaflets

    24,069 signatures

  49. Keep the small claims track limit for personal injury claims at £1,000.00

    23,412 signatures

  50. Keep all lead ammunition.

    23,187 signatures

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