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  1. Accept more asylum seekers and increase support for refugee migrants in the UK.

    440,928 signatures

  2. To debate a vote of no confidence in Health Secretary the Right Hon Jeremy Hunt

    222,019 signatures

  3. Make the production, sale and use of cannabis legal.

    220,605 signatures

  4. Stop allowing immigrants into the UK.

    196,341 signatures

  5. Introduce a tax on sugary drinks in the UK to improve our children's health.

    146,634 signatures

  6. Benjamin Netanyahu to be arrested for war crimes when he arrives in London

    112,342 signatures

  7. Make an allowance for up to 2 weeks term time leave from school for holiday.

    101,393 signatures

  8. Don't kill our bees! Immediately halt the use of Neonicotinoids on crops

    84,284 signatures

  9. The DDRB's proposals to change Junior Doctor's contracts CANNOT go ahead.

    64,434 signatures

  10. Introduce minimum prices that milk buyers purchase their milk for from Farmers

    54,682 signatures

  11. Vote no confidence in David Cameron

    47,970 signatures

  12. David Cameron to take serious diplomatic action against commercial whaling

    47,460 signatures

  13. To debate a vote of no confidence in DWP secretary Ian Duncan Smith

    39,241 signatures

  14. Keep Universal Infant Free School Meals in schools in England

    36,805 signatures

  15. Reverse the planned tax relief restriction on ‘individual’ landlords

    32,532 signatures

  16. Introduce Compulsory Scanning for microchips by vets, rescues and authorities.

    32,370 signatures

  17. Allow transgender people to self-define their legal gender

    31,994 signatures

  18. Scrap Fracking UK Wide & Invest in Green Energy

    29,328 signatures

  19. Stop all benefits to illegal immigrants completely.

    28,964 signatures

  20. Extend Harvey's Mandate To All Council Roads ensuring all animals are scanned.

    28,315 signatures

  21. Reconsider the new Dividend Tax for small businesses

    27,510 signatures

  22. Free Sergeant Alexander Blackman

    25,842 signatures

  23. Ban schools from serving halal meat to children without parents' consent

    25,469 signatures

  24. Hold public inquiry into West Ham & LLDC deal for rental of Olympic Stadium

    25,168 signatures

  25. Hold a referendum on TTIP before we give away our sovereignty

    24,391 signatures

  26. Introduce mental health education to the national curriculum

    24,292 signatures

  27. DECC to urgently review the current approach to the solar feed in tariff

    23,582 signatures

  28. Assess full impact of all cuts to support & social care for disabled people

    20,534 signatures

  29. Ban driven grouse shooting

    20,111 signatures

  30. Please help keep Teesside Steelmaking open.

    20,039 signatures

  31. Abraxane MUST be put back on CDF list to improve survival of pancreatic cancer

    19,487 signatures

  32. Prohibit the building of mosques in the UK

    18,503 signatures

  33. A vote of no-confidence in the Prime Minster David Cameron. Calais crisis

    16,665 signatures

  34. Give legal protection to the professional title 'veterinary nurse'

    15,795 signatures

  35. Create a compassionate Euro-wide policy to deal with refugee migrants in Calais

    15,550 signatures

  36. Disallow puppy farms in the UK in which beagles are bred for animal testing

    15,205 signatures

  37. KEEP AIRFIELDS GREENFIELDS. Review Airfield Classification as Brownfield Sites

    15,056 signatures

  38. Fund more research into brain tumours, the biggest cancer killer of under-40s

    14,644 signatures

  39. Ban the Burkha on the grounds of security

    14,102 signatures

  40. Remove the 1% public sector pay cap. Teachers, nurses etc deserve a pay rise too

    13,246 signatures

  41. Reverse the decision to allow "thousands" of Syrian migrants into the UK

    12,347 signatures

  42. Recall Parliament if a Petition reaches 100,000 signatures - its what we pay for

    12,188 signatures

  43. Refuse asylum seekers & remove support for so called refugee migrants in the UK

    10,768 signatures

  44. We need Jeremy Hunt MP to get NHS England to fund Vimizin for Morquio Sufferers

    10,767 signatures

  45. The Cancer Drug Fund (CDF) is not fit for purpose and needs to be replaced

    10,520 signatures

  46. Cut foreign aid. Why should foreign aid be exempt from austerity cuts?

    10,494 signatures

  47. Keep A&E at Royal Shrewsbury Hospital

    10,059 signatures

  48. Ex service personnel should be given priority for local authority Housing

    9,633 signatures

  49. Introduce a UK National Day to celebrate our United Kingdom.

    9,182 signatures

  50. Introduce processes that speed up the resolution of disputes within Family Law

    9,158 signatures