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  1. Call an immediate general election to end the chaos of the current government

    899,305 signatures

  2. Include abortion rights in the Bill of Rights

    167,180 signatures

  3. Make suicide prevention a compulsory part of the school curriculum.

    151,673 signatures

  4. Fund 30 hours free childcare from age 1 for families where both parents work

    151,609 signatures

  5. Increase State pensions to £380 a week, and lower retirement age to 60

    109,461 signatures

  6. Find the time to take the Kept Animals Bill through Parliament and make it law

    107,725 signatures

  7. Recognise Teaching Assistants as an important asset to schools by raising wage.

    83,994 signatures

  8. Limit the shooting season of Woodcock

    78,009 signatures

  9. We call upon the Government to hold a Public Inquiry into the impact of Brexit

    64,461 signatures

  10. Repeal the current Dangerous Dogs Act and replace with new framework

    63,675 signatures

  11. Ban sale of fireworks to the public and limit sales to licensed displays only

    46,619 signatures

  12. Update the Equality Act to make clear the characteristic “sex” is biological sex

    38,642 signatures

  13. Increase statutory maternity pay in line with cost of living crisis

    38,551 signatures

  14. Increase Carer's Allowance to equal 35hrs at National Minimum Wage

    33,915 signatures

  15. Make swift bricks compulsory in new housing to help red-listed birds

    31,056 signatures

  16. Maintain sanctions and introduce visa ban on people linked to Iranian regime

    30,996 signatures

  17. Place a complete ban on the sale and use of disposable BBQ’s in the UK

    27,653 signatures

  18. Make people on disability benefits eligible for the £650 one off payment.

    24,531 signatures

  19. Apply to Join the European Union (EU)

    23,183 signatures

  20. Save the bees: cut hazardous pesticides and support nature-friendly farming

    22,589 signatures

  21. End the UK’s membership of the World Health Organisation

    22,412 signatures

  22. Hold a General Election within 100 days of the new PM being appointed

    21,399 signatures

  23. Fund the drug bevacizumab (Avastin) on the NHS to treat colorectal cancer

    19,612 signatures

  24. Fund free BSL Courses for parents or guardians of deaf children

    18,213 signatures

  25. Allow EU nationals to come to the UK to work in hospitality for up to 2 Years

    17,928 signatures

  26. Set a Minimum Pension Guarantee (MPG) of at least £200 pw for state pensioners

    15,775 signatures

  27. Full review of Personal Independence Payment (PIP) application process

    15,722 signatures

  28. Remove indemnity from the manufacturers of covid-19 vaccines

    15,247 signatures

  29. Review UK foreign policy in light of reports of Israeli apartheid

    15,196 signatures

  30. Require all new builds to have solar panels as condition of planning permission

    14,996 signatures

  31. Reinstate a dedicated Minister of State for Veterans’ Affairs

    14,754 signatures

  32. Withdraw the UK from the European Convention on Human Rights

    14,129 signatures

  33. Require all businesses and public services to accept cash payments

    13,781 signatures

  34. Launch a Public Inquiry into the approval process for covid-19 vaccines

    13,765 signatures

  35. Referendum on whether the UK should be neutral in the Ukraine/Russia conflict

    13,396 signatures

  36. Residential Park Home residents should be eligible for £400 electricity grant

    12,265 signatures

  37. Increase funding for schools to ensure that they do not enter deficit

    11,963 signatures

  38. Make the NHS Pension scheme tax-unregistered

    11,489 signatures

  39. Reschedule psilocybin for medical research on untreatable conditions

    11,304 signatures

  40. Minimum wage pay for all healthcare students for placement hours worked!

    11,238 signatures

  41. Require swimming venues to maintain single-sex or private changing facilities

    11,145 signatures

  42. Add Romanian to the Modern Languages GCSE

    11,100 signatures

  43. Do not require parents to register home educated children with local authorities

    11,076 signatures

  44. Make disregard for learners' safety an aggravating factor in driving offences

    10,667 signatures

  45. Make Video Games a compulsory part of the national school curriculum

    10,619 signatures

  46. Increase funding for early years settings

    10,186 signatures

  47. Negotiate sustainable catch limits for all 5 UK cod stocks with the EU in 2022.

    9,890 signatures

  48. Give Animal Rescue Centres a grant to offset this winters increased heating cost

    9,847 signatures

  49. End assessments and consider disability benefit claims on medical advice alone

    9,042 signatures

  50. Validate Brazilian Drivers Licence and exchange to British equivalent in the UK

    8,898 signatures

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