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  1. Change of faith since arriving in UK not to be considered on asylum claims

    163 signatures

  2. Make ill-treatment or neglect of an adult family member a specific offence

    11 signatures

  3. Reform the curriculum to prioritise outdoor learning and the outdoor environment

    11 signatures

  4. End polices that lessen farming land area, yield or viability

    33 signatures

  5. Increase staffing to handle Universal Credit claims and queries

    7 signatures

  6. Extend Sure Start Maternity Grant and Healthy Start to all working mothers

    14 signatures

  7. Allow health workers with certificate of sponsorship to work for any employer

    55 signatures

  8. Ban attempting to religiously convert or “revert” a child without parent consent

    22 signatures

  9. Build public bomb shelters and provide funding for people to build their own

    128 signatures

  10. Extend Adventure Activities Licensing to all organisations for under 18s

    22 signatures

  11. Reinstate Martial Arts as one of the approved activities for GCSE PE

    604 signatures

  12. Increase alcohol tax and use revenue for improving mental health services

    11 signatures

  13. Require schools to make all school work digital

    9 signatures

  14. Introduce a national minimum wage for jobs existing within anti-social hours

    54 signatures

  15. Set up dog typing stations to identify XL Bully types and issue certificates

    9 signatures

  16. Ease restrictions on sale, purchase and possession of Waxed Hexamine Tablets

    170 signatures

  17. Fund increased pay for Teaching Assistants

    15 signatures

  18. Require one school day a week to start and finish 1.5 hours later than usual

    9 signatures

  19. Change animal protection laws to cover all endangered species

    33 signatures

  20. Abolish taxes on the home: Inheritance Tax, Stamp Duty Tax & Capital Gains Tax

    15 signatures

  21. Create an app so the public can vote and decide on issues

    20 signatures

  22. Authorise Polygraph and fMRI test results in sexual assault court evidence

    17 signatures

  23. Increase taxes on bank profits

    22 signatures

  24. Children in care to have counsellor automatically assigned

    24 signatures

  25. Lower the age of voting in local elections to 16 across England & NI

    54 signatures

  26. Ban communal boilers for housing estates

    151 signatures

  27. Public Inquiry into UK's role in Israel-Gaza conflict since 7 November

    304 signatures

  28. Hold a national poll to pick an English National Anthem

    14 signatures

  29. Donate all artillery shells to Ukraine

    87 signatures

  30. Raise the Tax-Free Personal Allowance to £16,000 in the next tax year

    24 signatures

  31. Review school rules/sanctions and impact on students

    17 signatures

  32. Review mental health training for NHS workers

    12 signatures

  33. New benefit for parents in a single or low income household until child is 5

    10 signatures

  34. Limit enforcement of school attendance for parents of SEN children

    50 signatures

  35. Hold referendums for any changes to current Human Rights and international laws

    28 signatures

  36. Set a minimum MOT fee and increase the maximum fee for an MOT

    108 signatures

  37. Ban the use of AI to generate media (eg. images, videos, voice recordings, etc)

    37 signatures

  38. Make it mandatory for all education staff to wear body cameras to safeguard all

    18 signatures

  39. Require MPs to take an oath to tell the truth and answer questions directly

    56 signatures

  40. Ban the use of facial recognition technology in public spaces.

    16 signatures

  41. Change rules so private hire vehicles can't refuse a short journey

    12 signatures

  42. Do not make rules on owning a crossbow tougher

    47 signatures

  43. Introduce licenses for paranormal and urban exploring

    16 signatures

  44. Do not require neutering/spaying of XL Bully dogs until age of 2

    33 signatures

  45. Introduce mandatory life sentences for carrying a knife or other bladed weapon

    25 signatures

  46. Add bleed control kit training to the school curriculum

    32 signatures

  47. Stop charging VAT on all care services for disabled people

    32 signatures

  48. Allow those already in the UK switching to care visa to bring dependants

    2,586 signatures

  49. Require dismissal of police for any misconduct and create new complaints body

    26 signatures

  50. Add asexuality to the relationships education curriculum

    29 signatures

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