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  1. Introduce statutory regulation of professional rugby football clubs

    57 signatures

  2. Hold a Public Inquiry into Debendox and possible birth defects

    19 signatures

  3. Fund reconstructive surgery and mental health support for all FGM survivors

    86 signatures

  4. Give students a legal right to access school toilets when they have their period

    13 signatures

  5. Require employers to offer career breaks for parents with a seriously ill child

    11 signatures

  6. Take VAT off all food

    14 signatures

  7. Urge other nations to prevent looting of British shipwrecks

    20 signatures

  8. Ban the import and sale of e-cigarettes in the UK

    10 signatures

  9. Make SSP from first day of sickness and in line with National Living Wage

    12 signatures

  10. Hold a public inquiry into the running and management of the water industry

    28 signatures

  11. Fund improved street lighting and installation of CCTV to help make women safe

    10 signatures

  12. Introduce statutory payments for Special Guardians of children

    24 signatures

  13. Fund free NHS paternity tests at birth

    11 signatures

  14. Ban smoking outside of schools

    12 signatures

  15. Direct Trading Standards to allow plant-based brands to use dairy-related terms.

    11 signatures

  16. Bleed control kit training to be made part of the curriculum in schools

    9 signatures

  17. Increase funding for youth organisations across the county

    134 signatures

  18. Require pharmacies to offer recycling facilities for blister packs

    28 signatures

  19. Make 12 hour shifts illegal

    92 signatures

  20. Increase e-bike maximum assisted speed from 15.5mph to 20mph

    20 signatures

  21. Change the legal drink driving limits to ZERO

    10 signatures

  22. Allow households to combine personal income tax thresholds

    10 signatures

  23. Remove breed specific legislation. Consider alternative methods for dog control.

    17 signatures

  24. UK government should provide Leave to Remain for asylum seekers from Sudan

    247 signatures

  25. Anywhere selling disposable vapes should also have recycling bins for them

    31 signatures

  26. Increase Feed-in Tariff rates for solar installations

    16 signatures

  27. Devolve immigration powers for refugees to Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland

    131 signatures

  28. Negotiate EU Citizenship for those 18+ at the time of the EU referendum

    14 signatures

  29. Fund non-consolidated payments for organisations providing NHS funded services

    7,077 signatures

  30. Require life rings along all canals and rivers

    34 signatures

  31. Scrap the sugar tax

    10 signatures

  32. Soft drinks and beverages should state milligrams of caffeine on their packaging

    9 signatures

  33. Make intentionally spreading misinformation a criminal offence

    13 signatures

  34. Repeal section 35 of the Scotland Act 1998

    104 signatures

  35. Ban gill netting along the Merseyside coastline for boats and shore

    214 signatures

  36. Fund the drug Baricitinib on the NHS to treat severe alopecia areata

    511 signatures

  37. Make legal aid available for disabled and vulnerable adults in private law cases

    15 signatures

  38. Abolish CGT and stamp duty surcharge for small residential renovations

    15 signatures

  39. Provide Tax Relief on Mortgage Interest for Single Homeowners

    48 signatures

  40. Condemn ongoing human rights violations in Pakistan

    1,254 signatures

  41. Stop UK Aid money going to organisations with an anti-LGBTQ agenda

    25 signatures

  42. Ban the import, manufacture, and sale of disposable e-cigarettes or vapes

    56 signatures

  43. Require DBS checks for pet and house sitters

    70 signatures

  44. Donate malaria vaccinations and medications to countries that need them

    8 signatures

  45. Legalise cannabis and expunge previous convictions for possession

    15 signatures

  46. Make it compulsory for universities to record student suicide rates

    23 signatures

  47. Reform the rules of intestacy regarding absent parents and cohabiting partners

    7 signatures

  48. Mandatory training for teachers to understand ADHD & autism

    73 signatures

  49. Make it mandatory that all disabled toilets should be fitted with a bidet

    10 signatures

  50. Make 12 the legal age to be on the back of a motorbike

    28 signatures

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