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  1. Pause plans for Oxford-Cambridge rail link pending a full, independent review

    94 signatures

  2. Remove requirement to register pets as manifest cargo for flights to/from the UK

    10 signatures

  3. Create an NHS staff recruitment agency

    12 signatures

  4. Fund free or heavily discounted solar panels for community leisure centres

    20 signatures

  5. Require train operators to refund tickets if no seats available

    24 signatures

  6. Keep Tranche 1 Typhoon aircraft in service

    21 signatures

  7. Create a free independent body for Intellectual Property (IP) cases

    29 signatures

  8. Require all public car parks to have cash and/or card payment options

    29 signatures

  9. Ban non-medical professionals from giving any vitamin injections

    12 signatures

  10. Make decisions on disability related benefits responsibility of GPs

    22 signatures

  11. Ban eating noises in advertisements

    8 signatures

  12. Fund all health costs for UK nationals who are full-time students

    18 signatures

  13. Increase funding for end of life care

    165 signatures

  14. Hold a referendum on replacing Welsh devolution with local direct democracy

    86 signatures

  15. Abolish all postal voting

    45 signatures

  16. Make voting compulsory

    37 signatures

  17. Recognise the Nikkah as a legal form of marriage

    14 signatures

  18. Require education about assistance dogs at school and workplaces

    36 signatures

  19. Don't impose new restrictions on aesthetic practitioners

    10 signatures

  20. Introduce specific ban on Nazi hate symbols, materials, slogans and gestures

    954 signatures

  21. Mandate universal single-occupant toilets that are accessible without a key

    34 signatures

  22. Ban private "gender-affirming" medical treatment for children

    2,257 signatures

  23. Increase Army pay by 30% and an additional £1000 per full year served

    47 signatures

  24. Allow 'Paper Abortions' so fathers can opt out of parenthood during pregnancy

    10 signatures

  25. Ban brand-specific prescriptions

    21 signatures

  26. Review the accessibility of employment tribunals for claimants

    57 signatures

  27. Restrict Veteran cards to those who pass basic training and serve with a unit

    460 signatures

  28. Remove algebra from the national curriculum and increase financial education

    18 signatures

  29. Ensure fair grading for GCSE and A Level students in 2024 due to lost learning

    464 signatures

  30. Require zebra crossings outside all primary schools

    513 signatures

  31. Increase rights to roam and camp in England

    14 signatures

  32. Require upkeep and development of demolition sites

    12 signatures

  33. Make it a specific crime for members of the public to pose as a child online

    15 signatures

  34. Require all police officers to be armed with taser devices

    20 signatures

  35. Regulate car insurance to cap costs and make dependent only on driver and car

    96 signatures

  36. Extend theory certificates for Potential Driving Instructors due to wait times

    294 signatures

  37. Allow over 25s with a driving licence to ride up to a 300cc motorbike with a CBT

    12 signatures

  38. Require "use all lanes and merge in turn" signs where works reduce live lanes

    15 signatures

  39. Remove 5% VAT on standing charges for household energy bills

    26 signatures

  40. Criminalise smoking on NHS hospital grounds

    35 signatures

  41. Review police response to illegal use of cannabis

    12 signatures

  42. Extend the Freedom of Information Act to Registered Social Landlords (RSLs)

    34 signatures

  43. Make apprentices entitled to same minimum wage as other workers

    26 signatures

  44. Make English, Welsh, Scottish, Northern Irish separate options on official forms

    16 signatures

  45. Review and reform training requirements for child social workers

    11 signatures

  46. Amend the law on statutory overcrowding and children sharing bedrooms

    20 signatures

  47. Remove work restrictions for international students

    43 signatures

  48. Ban certain face coverings in public

    40 signatures

  49. Negotiate with Ireland reciprocal visa free tourism travel for residents

    202 signatures

  50. Require MPs and Ministers to pass competency assessments before taking office

    43 signatures

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