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5 petitions

  1. Put pressure on Libya to take action to stop enslavement of Black Africans.

    265,244 signatures

    Waiting for 19 days

    Scheduled for debate today

  2. Keep Childcare Vouchers open beyond April 2018

    113,572 signatures

    Waiting for 40 days

    Scheduled for debate on 15 January 2018

  3. Change the laws governing the use of fireworks to include a ban on public use

    108,635 signatures

    Waiting for 39 days

    Scheduled for debate on 29 January 2018

  4. Make fair transitional state pension arrangements for 1950’s women

    109,819 signatures

    Waiting for 51 days

  5. Leave the EU immediately

    117,349 signatures

    Waiting for 2 days

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