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5 petitions

  1. Demand an end to the pay restraint imposed on agenda for change NHS staff.

    103,605 signatures

    Waiting for 7 days

    Scheduled for debate on 30 January 2017

  2. Shut down the domestic ivory market in the UK.

    102,879 signatures

    Waiting for 10 days

    Scheduled for debate on 6 February 2017

  3. Make it illegal for a company to require women to wear high heels at work

    152,420 signatures

    Waiting for 257 days

  4. Put a max of £1200 on car insurance for 18-25 year olds

    145,639 signatures

    Waiting for 55 days

  5. Make it a specific criminal offence to attack any member of NHS Medical Staff.

    109,962 signatures

    Waiting for 5 days

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