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Petition Increase the bereavement award following a fatal accident.

The loss of a loved one, a WIFE, HUSBAND or CHILD according to the law is worth a pitiful £12,980, whilst celebrities can be compensated over £200,000 for hurt feelings/breach of privacy. We appreciate no amount of money can compensate for the loss, but the level of the award should be increased.

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The law tells us how much relative(s) can receive following the death of a family member in a e.g. road accident or accident at work. The compensation was for the "bereavement" and public recognition that the death was wrongful.

In Scotland, the award is considered on a case by case basis. In one recent claim for a loss of a child, the parents were awarded £100,000. In England & Wales they would have received £12,980.

Support us to change the law to make it fairer to grieving relatives.

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