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Petition Coroners Inquests into Stillbirths where signs of life are present during labour

UK Stillbirth rate ranks 33rd out of 35 high income countries in Europe.

A Coroners Inquest into every Stillbirth where Signs of Life are present during Labour may determine what lessons could be learned from the incident to improve Patient Safety and provide Answers to families affected.

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After a Coroners Inquest into my daughter Clara Tully-Hardman death, Practice concerns were highlighted and it was determined that my daughter had been born Alive not Stillborn.

A Review of current Law could help improve UK infant mortality rates.

Without the Inquest we do not believe actions would have been made to improve Maternity Services so promptly. Charities have been campaigning for improvements in Maternity Services & review of Coroner Jurisdictions incl. Campaign for Safer Births.

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