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Petition Make secure fixing of Vehicle Registration plates to prevent theft statutory

Number plates are used to disguise the identity of cars etc, when used in wide ranging crimes, including bilking, speeding, robberies

Crime more than doubled in the last 5 years, with 40,000+ thefts reported in 2014. Police + Victims + Insurance costs the UK economy over £30 million yearly.

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In 2004 17 Police forces in England & Wales, produced a rate of 15 recorded number plate thefts per 10,000 registered cars, which translated to 32,516 recorded reg plate thefts now over 40,000
Thought should be given to how action can be quickly implemented.
(a) requiring all traders to use tamper proof plates. Many traders replace number plates on vehicles to include their logo.
(b) only issuing tamper proof replacement plates over the counter
(c) fit tamper proof screws at first sale or MOT

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