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Petition We require a footbridge over the A19 at Ingleby Arncliffe on the C2C.

The brainchild of Alfred Wainwright, the Coast to Coast is a 192 mile walk from St. Bees to Robin Hood's Bay. Crossing three National Parks it attracts almost 10'000 walkers per year. The crossing of the A19 at Ingleby Arncliffe requires a footbridge directly on route for the safety of the walkers.

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We run Somerset House Farm, Ingleby Arncliffe and cater for almost 1500 walkers per year. Our village of Ingleby Arncliffe / Ingleby Cross has built a cottage industry around the walk and many people, B&B's, the pub etc rely on the tourism that the walk brings in from all over the world. Moving the walk isn't an option because it will put us all out of business. We need a safe crossing for our guests because there has been far to many near misses. Many guests have asked if we can do something...

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