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Petition Do not approve the Assisted Dying Bill. Keep assisted suicide illegal.

There are proposals to make assisted dying legal in the UK. This is a form of suicide and should not be permitted. It exposes vulnerable people to pressure to end their lives. It weakens the respect for sanctity of life. It suggests some lives are worth more than others. It must stay illegal.

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House of Commons debates assisted dying bill

You recently signed a petition on the UK Government and Parliament Petitions website: Do not approve the Assisted Dying Bill. Keep assisted suicide illegal:

At 9.30am today (Friday 11 September), the House of Commons will debate the assisted dying bill. It's the second reading, so the debate will be on the general principals of the bill.

The summary of the bill is: "A Bill to enable competent adults who are terminally ill to choose to be provided with medically supervised assistance to end their own life; and for connected purposes."

The bill is not a government bill, but a private member’s (a backbencher’s) bill, introduced by Rob Marris MP.

After the debate, MPs will vote to decide if it will go through to the next stage in Parliament.

You can find out more and follow the progress of the bill, including the full text of the bill on this page:

You can watch the debate on Parliament TV:

You can find out how to attend the debate:

You can follow the House of Commons on Twitter: @HouseofCommons