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Petition Compel councils to provide Aires within their towns for the use of Motorhomes.

In much of the EU. Motorhomes are seen as a help to the local economy and are provided with spaces to park in towns, and villages - all provide waste water and toilet emptying facilities.
In the UK this is not done and local authorities are now bringing in blanket bans on these types of vehicles.

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Spain, France, Portugal and Germany have these Aires or Stellenplatz,only the UK does not. An Aire is an area in a carpark or community centre for example where Motorhomes can park for a period up to 24 hours. If we are truly part of Europe why do we not have the same areas provided by councils in this country. European governments understand that by allowing Motorhome to park they are encouraging people to visit their country which boosts their economy of nearby shops and restaurants.

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