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Petition Provide Better, Safer rest areas for Goods Vehicles on UK Motorways/Trunkroads.

I believe that the Government should provide well lit segregated rest areas with toilet facilities across the Motorway and Trunkroad network. These rest areas could easily be monitored by CCTV and patrolled by Traffic Officials as part of their duties to help reduce crime.

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It's a legal requirement that HGV drivers take rest breaks. Many of the UK's Motorway Service Service Areas are overpriced and overcrowded, it's becoming commonplace to see Goods Vehicles parked on slip roads which is both dangerous and illegal. Over recent years many local authorities have taken to blocking up lay-bys on A roads and many of the remaining lay-bys across the country are too close to the main carriage way which presents an unnecessary risk to all road users, especially at night.

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