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Petition Waiting times for driving test appointments should be equal across Great Britain

The current situation where, in some parts of GB, the waiting times for driving tests is just 6 weeks, while in other places, such as Norwich, no driving test appointments are available until 2016, is unacceptable. It is making it impossible for learner drivers to take training in a planned manner.

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The waiting time for driving tests should be 6 weeks. In Norwich there are no appointments available until 2016. In other cities the wait in weeks varies Lancaster 8, St Albans 11, Cambridge 13 and Nottingham, as Norwich, no dates until 2016. Newport its 7 weeks whilst at Pwllheli there are no dates. In Scotland the wait at Inverness is 8 weeks half an hour away in Alness there are no appointments until 2016. The Motor Schools Association call upon government to resolve this inequality quickly.

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