This petition was submitted during the 2015–2017 Conservative government

Petition Retain the study of food and nutrition as an option in the A-Level curriculum.

Abolishing Food A-Levels will end a vital academic route into careers such as nutrition and dietetics. Education in dietary needs will be weakened and teacher recruitment and academic food studies at all levels damaged. The Government should instead develop an A-Level in Food Science and Nutrition.

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Many students only become aware of good quality food industry careers through A-Level Food, which provides a specialism Science A-Levels do not. The new Food Preparation & Nutrition GCSE should be followed by a new A-Level with sufficient academic rigour to satisfy University entry requirements. Vocational qualifications such as butchery are not an appropriate substitute. Ending Food as an academic discipline at A-Level will weaken the integrity of the subject at all levels.

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