This petition was submitted during the 2015–2017 Conservative government

Petition Allow Asylum Seekers to be registered at UK embassy/consular offices Europe wide

Asylum Seekers are making treacherous journeys. This petition requests that they be accepted and registered at UK embassy/consular offices across Europe. The more organised the system, the safer, fairer and more streamlined it is, enabling vulnerable people to qualify on a basis of most urgent need.

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People trying to cross the channel in lorries and by foot is life threatening. It also causes massive loss to businesses and people using cross channel transport options i.e. Eurotunnels. It is all uneccessary. A productive response is needed.

Some of the those most in need are not in Calais, they are spread across Europe surviving, but not thriving, living in constant danger. These are people in fear for their lives, oft deeply traumatised by loss and displacement, their numbers are growing.

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