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Petition To hold an urgent review into the system of benefit sanctions.

Many of those who have had their benefits sanctioned (stopped) have had to use a Foodbank as they cannot afford to feed their family. They have their benefits stopped for between 2 weeks and 3 years as an immediate punishment for often minor reasons such as being 10 mins late for an appointment.

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The DWP's own literature admits that sanctions are likely to lead to a "deterioation in health" during the first 2 weeks of a sanction. If a person were to starve their dog for 2 weeks as a punishment they would be arrested for cruelty and neglect but the DWP can put a person in exactly that situation. Being able to feed your family is a human right, to deny them that right as a "deterrent" is wrong and inhuman. An urgent review of this system is needed and should be stopped while it is reviewed

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