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Petition Drowning prevention to be taught age appropriate. In the national curriculum

This petition is set up in memory of all those who`s life have been lost in open water. 2011 my son lost his life while swimming in open water.He was a good swimmer very fit athletic,Open water still took his life.I believe had my son known the dangers he like so many others would still be with us.

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Deaths in open water is the second cause of accidental death in the UK it is the 3rd cause of accidental death in the world. More people die in open water than in fires.Very often it`s not a persons swimming ability that takes a persons life.Often it is the dangers that are not known about IE Cold water shock & the effects cold water can have on the human body.Children are taught to swim with very little knowledge of the difference between swimming in a pool and swimming in a body of open water

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