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Petition Decriminalise brothels - allow sex workers the right to work together for safety

More than 1 Sex Worker working in a building is considered a brothel. Decriminalising makes it safe to work together, form trade unions, report crimes & be protected by regular employment laws. Criminalising workers/clients pushes Sex Work underground, making it more dangerous & harder to regulate.

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In the UK running a brothel is illegal. This means 2 freelance Sex Workers can't work from the same flat for safety.

The brutal & degrading Soho Raids in 2013 saw women dragged in front of press in the street half-naked & falsely accused of theft, drug taking & being coerced. This has contributed further towards our marginalisation.

Decriminalising breaks stigma/stereotypes & protects those who enter the profession out of choice & people forced into it as they can approach the police safely.

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