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Petition 1 in 6 are disabled. Regulate the fashion industry & apply same ratio for models

We are 4 disabled women addressing exclusion of disability in Fashion.1 in 6 people are disabled = not represented.
Government must enforce&regulate strict guidelines to the multiple areas of this industry.Current employment/discrimination legislation is not adhered to.Below = proposed solution

More details

•Government must regulate employment of models with a disability to adhere to current employment/discrimination legislation failure = consequences.
•LFW casting must be offered to Dis-Models.
•Modeling agencies must represent 1 Dis-Model to every 5 Able-Models


For every 5 Able Models employed 1 Dis-Model must be employed
•LFW designers
•Online brands
•Highstreet & Supermarket brands - same ratio for mannequins.
•TV Fashion Items
•Fashion content in magazines

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