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Petition Parliament should debate the mental health bed crisis as a matter of urgency.

Since 2011 more than 2000 nhs psychiatric beds have been closed. Alongside the closure and reconfiguration of local authorities and nhs provided alternatives to compulsory admission. Daily people experience significant delays in admission and increasing the numbers of MHA detentions to get a bed.

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The causes have been highlighted Lord Nigel Crisp's report published in July 2015. Since this report it seems that the situation is worsening with both public and private providers unable to meet the demands.

We are seeking an emergency debate to address this crisis situation effecting NHS trusts across the UK.

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Other parliamentary business

House of Commons debates mental health

On Wednesday 9 December, the House of Commons debated Mental Health.

You can watch the debate here:

You can read the debate here:

You can follow the House of Commons on Twitter: @HouseofCommons