This petition was submitted during the 2015–2017 Conservative government

Petition The patients ask the Government to provide more funding for the NHS in Mid-Essex

•Mid Essex Care Commissioning Group receives £81 per head of the population, less than the national average
•M Essex has been identified as one of the most financially challenged health care providers in England
•M Essex has one of the lowest ratios in the country of GP’s to patient’s numbers.

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•Many of our surgeries in Essex are underfunded due to out of date and not fit for purpose contracts.
•In 2013/14 the MECCG received £18 million below their targeted funding.
•In June 2015 NHS England boss Simon Stevens, following scathing reports and spiralling financial deficits, has placed Essex’s NHS on life support.
•Mr Stevens recognises there are “systematic imbalances” across the country so why won’t he do something about it?

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