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Petition Protect boys: ban male circumcision for under-18s on non-medical grounds.

A girl's genitals are no more sacrosanct than those of the world's men. Fight the double standard on circumcision. Bodies are born, made as they were made to be made: there is no place in the modern world for doctor, state or faith to interfere: it is time to ban male circumcision for under 18s.

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1) The Swedish Medical Association recommended 12 as a minimum age for male circumcision and requiring a boy's consent.
2) The Human Rights Council also states that each child has a right to determine his or her own future. Parents may direct, not determine, a child's choices in life.
3) Anand & Scalzo, 2000
4) Hammond, 1999
5) Earp, 2013 "Female genital mutilation (FGM) and male circumcision: Should there be a separate ethical discourse?"

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