This petition was submitted during the 2015–2017 Conservative government

Rejected petition Make the purchase of fireworks without a permit a criminal offence.

Currently, anyone over 18 can buy fireworks and there is no enforced age restriction on using them. This is a community safety issue as there are many instances of young people using fireworks irresponsibly in public places, leading to injury and disorder, as well as significant noise pollution.

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31.10.14 -youths set off fireworks inside an Enfield community hall & fired fireworks at each other on the street. Members of the public inc babies & children, and police came under fire. A public meeting was held where residents were assured by the police this would not happen again.
30.10.15 -teen sustains serious facial injury from a group of youths with fireworks in an Enfield park who go on to attack the public. 31.10.15 -youths fire fireworks at trick or treaters & a petrol station

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