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Rejected petition Ban the sale of fireworks to the public and hold ONLY controlled displays

The 5th of November has been and gone and we can all still see and hear fireworks going off here there and everywhere & they have been since about a week before Halloween! I also think it's fair to say they will probably carry on into the new year!

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The anxiety fireworks cause many people, including young children, geriatric adults and people with stress disorders is immense. Also, I know first hand pets and wild animals that have been/are effected by fireworks because they were in the wrong hands. It seems crazy that anyone deemed old enough can buy an explosive and let it off in any open space.

*This is not a petition to ruin people's fun but it is to allow EVERYONE to enjoy this time of year.*

Canada, South Africa and Australia have limitations or bans on private firework displays and the UK needs to follow suit.

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