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Rejected petition Replace Theresa May as Home Secretary a.a.a.p

We call upon the Prime Minister, David Cameron, to replace Theresa May as Home Secretary. We no longer have any faith in her ability to properly carry out the duties of her office and have absolutely no confidence in her ability to protect the population of England and Wales.

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She has presided over a succession of high profile failures. These include the implementation of the Winsor Reforms, introduced without a single Risk or Impact Assessment being carried out. She is pressing ahead with 'Reform' at a reckless pace. She has presided over cuts to the Police Service that leave many Chief Constables uncertain whether they can continue to carry out some core functions of Policing.

With International Terrorism at its highest for several years she is pushing through cuts which make our resilience to these threats weaker.

She is only the second Home Secretary in history to receive a conviction for Contempt of Court.

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