This petition was submitted during the 2015–2017 Conservative government

Petition Urgently review the Home Secretary's Policing Policies before it is too late

The Winsor Reviews were adopted without any Impact Assessment being carried out. The Home Secretary keeps repeating that crime is down, despite evidence to the contrary. Police Strength & resources are being slashed Terrorist threat is raised Public Safety is being put at risk by these policies

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The Crime Survey of England & Wales states that Recorded Crime is up by 3%
The National Audit Office claims that Home Office staff don't understand the effects of the deep cuts they are making.
Knife Crime is up yet Home Secretary is demanding curbs on Stop and Search
The Policing Minister has no idea whether the proposed further cuts are sustainable or not
Too much has been cut too quickly with scant regard for the consequences.
Core Policing functions are being put at risk by these policies.

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