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Petition Strengthen law to protect the UK's birds of Prey & not issue licences to cull.

Over 50 years ago a law was introduced to protect the UK's birds of prey. Friday 13th of November 2015 saw a High Court judge, Mr Justice Ouseley, open the doors for the possible culling of our native Buzzards that threaten the profits of Pheasant shoots. This can't be allowed to happen.

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This ruling will encourage more gamekeepers to submit more applications to kill buzzards ‘to protect’ their pheasants. It doesn’t mean that all licence applications will be successful, as each case will still have to be assessed on its individual circumstances and all tests will still have to be met (e.g. has the gamekeeper done everything else in his/her power to solve the perceived problem?).

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Let's make the law clear, No Killing, full stop.

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