This petition was submitted during the 2015–2017 Conservative government

Petition Exclude alkyl nitrates from the proposed Psychoactive Substances Bill

There is no evidence to suggest that in the vast majority of users poppers cause anything more than a short-lived head rush. Banning them will drive people to seek harmful alternatives. We call upon the government to exclude them from this Bill until hard medical evidence proves otherwise.

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Poppers have been used recreationally by clubbers for decades as a safer alternative to illegal drugs and “legal highs.” Any significant health risks would have become apparent by now. Furthermore, they are widely used by many gay men as an aid during sex to lessen discomfort. This is leading to a growing feeling of resentment among the gay community that they are being unfairly targeted by a flawed and rushed “law against fun” that seeks to address a perceived problem that does not exist.

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