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Petition I would like to Make Ethlyene Glycol illegal to use to stop animals suffering

Ethlyene Glycol is a chemical commonly used in antifreeze, it has a sweet taste which means animals are attracted to drink it. Once it has been ingested there is no return from its painful death. Once it reaches the kidneys, they go into kidney failure and nothing can be done to save them.

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Every year animals from every kind from cats, dogs and wildlife are in danger of drinking this chemical weather it's by accident or in many cases on purpose. I have heard of many people losing there beloved pet from them drinking this. I am one of them. my cat Burdock was only 18 months when he was given antifreeze on purpose. He had a painful death and for a animal lover like myself was heartbreaking to see. By adding propylene Glycol which is a safer option it would save many animals.

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