This petition was submitted during the 2015–2017 Conservative government

Petition The UK must regain control of the following issues before the EU referendum

The issues put by the UK to the EU for re-negotiation are of no value, e.g. Paris proves that UK control of immigration is a priority. The issues listed below must be returned to full UK control by Jan 2017 to make a suitably reformed EU or else the UK must leave forthwith without a referendum.

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a) Supremacy of Westminster laws and UK courts
b) Borders and immigration
c) Trade relationships
d) No contributions to the EU’s budget, CAP or VAT
e) No obligation to adopt the euro, EU army, navy or air force
f) No obligation to finance EU debts
g) Return of UK territorial waters and fishing rights
h) Right to veto any EU decisions involving the UK
i) No obligation to be involved in “ever closer union”.
j) Trade with the EU to continue as at present for at least 5 years .

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