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Petition Install CCTV cameras outside EVERY school in the country to improve road safety.

We are a large, outstanding primary school in Erith, in the London Borough of Bexley. Parking on zigzag lines is dangerous and compromises the safety of children travelling to and from school. Our aim is to make parking on zigzag lines carry a penalty of 3 points on driving licences and a fine.

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Fines for parking on zigzags already exist. Police and councils do not have the capacity to enforce them. It is therefore left to schools to ensure the safety of children & adults. This is unacceptable & unmanageable. A 2013 report showed 1,000 children a month were injured around schools. 37% of schools had at least one child road injury annually from 2006-11. There were 85,814 child injuries on roads within 500m of schools & 557,200 vehicle collisions; 6 collisions per school per year.

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MPs want to hear your views on road safety

On Tuesday 6 December at 4.30pm, MPs will debate road safety and traffic accident prevention. The debate will be led by Barry Sheerman MP.

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Share your thoughts, experiences and questions that you would like to be asked in the debate with Barry Sheerman MP on Twitter using the hashtag #RoadSafetyDebate on Monday 5 December from 3-4pm.

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