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Petition Dementia disease patients have a primary care need and deserve full NHS funding

According to the NHS Act 1946 if a person has care needs that are more than simply social care then by default they have a health care need – and the NHS should provide funding. The 2014 care act as enacted in April 2015 strengthens this.
This law is being flouted in hundreds of cases by CCGs

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"If it isn't written down it didn't happen"
These are the CHC criteria and the nursing home or ward let down the patient by documenting little of the behaviour evidence required.
My husband has Vascular and LB dementia and on initial CHC assessment, in hospital, was refused full funding at the outset.
I got his nursing home to document his needs. At the second CHC assessment he received full funding.
Many dementia disease sufferers and their next of kin are paying heavily for inadequate care.

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