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Rejected petition Create greater awareness of tinnitus; the risk, causes, effects, prevention.

1 in 10 UK adults suffer from tinnitus. Most commonly caused by exposure to loud noise (e.g. live music), tinnitus is a currently incurable condition causing a prolonged 'ringing' in the ears. Creating awareness via a TV ad. or similar would be a step in the right direction, but a lot can be done.

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Given that the constant ringing in the ears can, in many cases, never go away, tinnitus significantly changes the lives of sufferers, their friends and families. In present day, people are at an increased risk due to loud music at festivals, concerts, clubs etc. or even fireworks, and most people do not understand the extent of the condition until it affects them. Lots can be done to minimise the risk but currently, the government does very little. The creation of public awareness is essential.

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