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Petition Government to apply for the EU Solidarity fund for flooding in Northern England

The north of England has been hit by a series of devastating floods in December 2015. As a member of the EU the U.K. has the possibility to apply for aid from the EU for dealing with natural disasters. The national government can apply for aid up to 12 weeks after a disaster. Check links below.

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Lives should be put first.

Link from the EU about the fund:

Link to article from Reuters in 2014 when the EU was baffled that the UK didn't apply for it after floods:

Liberal Democrat MPs believe the region of Cumbria could be entitled to £12.5m:

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Other parliamentary business

Urgent question on seeking assistance from the EU Solidarity Fund for flood hit communities

Communities and Local Government Minister, James Wharton MP, answered an urgent question on Thursday 25 February about seeking assistance from the EU Solidarity Fund for flood hit communities.

You can watch the urgent question here:

You can read the transcript here:

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