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Petition Lower the wage requirement of British citizens with a non-EU spouse.

Current minimum earning guideline is £18,600. This is unfair to young people starting out, particularly ex-military people.There are many hard working British people with good employment prospects that are being kept from their families because of this hard-fast rule. We propose a level of £14,000.

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Consider that the government gives the guidelines as below:
Living wage is £7.20
Average annual working hours in the UK 1677* x 7.2 = £ 12,074.40
(* Source: 2014 OECD - Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development). £14,000 is a fairer amount.
What also should be considered in the decision are the spouse’s future employment capabilities, e.g. employment and educational background. Another consideration that should be made is the British citizen’s family backing within the UK.

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