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Petition Ensure RCOG & NICE Guidelines are followed after waters break early in pregnancy

In 2% of pregnancies,waters break early without labour commencing & can prolong from 12wks to 34wks. Medical term is PPROM & associated with 40% pre-term delivery.We are asking that going forward all medical staff to follow the RCOG & NICE Guidelines for Care of Women presenting with suspected PPROM

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In 2010, I lost my first child Sinead to PPROM. I was sent home without diagnosis & antibiotics which led to me going into premature labour. Sadly my daughter died and I became very ill. If guidelines on care for women presenting with PPROM had been followed the outcome could have been VERY different.
More information on PPROM (Preterm Prelabour (Premature) Rupture of Membranes can be found here:
Success stories with management care,!the-wall-of-our-pprom-miracle-babies/c3w4
In memory of all our babies that did not make it.

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