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Petition Independent inquiry into death of Poppi Worthington

Baby Poppi Worthington died in 2012. The police investigation was an abject failure as highlighted by Mr Justice Peter Jackson, who said a "wholly inaccurate" assessment of Poppi by Cumbria County Council led to a 10-month delay before care proceedings were issued over other children in the family.

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There have been well-documented failings in this case at every step. Evidence was not gathered at the scene of the assault. Some was thrown away as police officers stood by. It made the case hard to prosecute and therefore the Crown Prosecution Service could not sanction charges being brought.
We want an independent inquiry to find out what happened.

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House of Commons to debate the Police handling of the Poppi Worthington case.

Today (Thursday 11 February) MPs will debate the Police handling of the Poppi Worthington case. This adjournment debate will be led by John Woodcock MP.

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