This petition was submitted during the 2015-2017 Conservative government

Rejected petition Remove the 'war zone' sounds of fireworks sold & used in the UK.

It cannot be 'right' that people, either ex-Forces/Services or Refugees from war zones are subjected to sound effects of bombing.
It cannot be 'right' that people cannot tell what is the sound of 'fun' & what is the sound of 'fight'.

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It cannot be 'right' that animal owners have to sedate their pets for weeks upon end, or put livestock into holding pens to avoid panic reactions, stampede, or death through stress; or wildlife to be subject to the same.
The pretty lights & displays are indeed 'pretty', and we would not deprive people of the beauty; but we DO ask that they NOT be accompanied by sounds that cannot be distinguished from bombs and missiles. Fireworks ARE 'explosions' but need not sound like ever noiser weapons.

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