This petition was submitted during the 2015–2017 Conservative government

Petition Stop the government scrapping Attendance Allowance (AA)

The government's Local Government Finance Settlement 2016/17 (published just before Christmas), suggested plans to abolish all new claims for Attendance Allowance in favour of handing the money over to local councils to pay for support for older people.

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AA is a non-means tested benefit for people over 65yrs needing help with personal care (i.e. washing, dressing and eating etc), because they are physically or mentally disabled.

It helps people to remain at home for longer and enables them to decide how, where and when their care is delivered; removing pressure on an already overstretched NHS.

Abolishing AA removes valuable financial support from people who may not meet the increasingly substantial criteria that Social Services use when deciding if a person is entitled to their support.

It will remove people’s choice, diminish their independence, and have a hugely negative impact on our elderly's health. AA can make all the difference between living and existing – without it people will suffer.

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