This petition was submitted during the 2015–2017 Conservative government

Petition Create a fund to help sustain the official voluntary UK Search & Rescue teams

The UK's official Mountain and Lowland Rescue teams offer vital professional assistance to the Emergency Services in times of personal, local or national crisis. They are the unseen, unsung local heroes behind many headlines, but they receive no funding and several are struggling to exist.

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This petition asks the government to consider supporting the official UKSAR* volunteer-manned rescue teams with funds to cover their insurance, rent of premises, fuel or maintenance, which is the financial burden that teams find hardest to bear.

*UKSAR is an official group reporting to the government and in this case refers to member teams of the Association of Lowland Search & Rescue, and Mountain Rescue England and Wales, who work with the emergency services on a non-paid, non-funded basis.

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