This petition was submitted during the 2015–2017 Conservative government

Petition Review shortfalls in parental responsibility and child law for child maintenance

By law 16/17 year olds can leave home without consent, unable to rent. Any adult who takes them in can claim for child maintenance without being vetted. Parental responsibility means nothing - parents have no rights to stop them leaving or have them returned, but remain financially responsible.

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The law states a child must remain in education or an approved training scheme until they reach 18. They can still leave home without consent at 16. This opens the door for 16/17 year olds leaving home, staying with anyone of adult age and the potential is there for parents to be claimed against for child maintenance, even though they have no say over where the child lives or consent to it. The potential is there for child exploitation and the shortfalls in this law need to be addressed.

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