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Petition Increase the bereavement compensation following a fatal accident

The price of a life in England & Wales is only worth £12,980.
The loss of a loved one, a WIFE, HUSBAND or CHILD (under 18 years of age) according to the law is worth a pitiful £12,980. We appreciate no amount of money can compensate for the loss, but the level of the award should be increased.

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In Scotland, the award is considered on a case by case basis. In a recent Scottish claim, for the loss of a child, the parents were awarded £100,000 yet in England & Wales they would have only received £12,980.
Another example of how unjust the process can be, if a celebrity suffers hurt feelings they can be awarded around £200,000.00 yet a wife who suffers the death of her husband will only receive £12,980.

Support us to change the law to make it fairer to grieving relatives.

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