This petition was submitted during the 2015–2017 Conservative government

Petition Increase the penalty for failing to provide driver details under s172 RTA 1988

Failing to provide details of a driver involved in an offence is 6pts and £1000. This can be exploited where the offence alleged carries a higher penalty than that above (e.g. dangerous driving).
The penalty for failing to provide should match that of the offence allegedly committed by the driver.

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An example is this case: A driver deliberately hit a cyclist and drive off. There were two possible drivers and they simply refused to say who was driving. This is not uncommon but it is effectively
The penalty was 6pts and £150. If the s172 penalty matched the index offence then witholding driver details would cease to be an attractive option.
Alternatively, s172 could carry custody where it is wilfully committed.

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